Places to Visit in Tsuen Wan

Sam Tung Uk Museum:

Translated to ‘three rows of dwelling’ in Chinese, this museum is less of a single destination, and more of a village in itself. The 200-year-old restored village has been opened as a museum in order to inform and educate its visitors on Tsuen Wan’s rich cultural history – from before it became the bustling urban destination it is today. Visit the Sam Tung Uk Museum to discover the story of the village’s last remaining residents being relocated in order to make way for the construction of the MTR network – for a taste of the neighbourhood’s history, the Sam Tung Uk Museum is one of the best attractions in Tsuen Wan.

Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail:

This Level 3-4 trail is not for beginner hikers – however, for the more experienced outdoor adventurers, this is one of the top attractions in Hong Kong. Leading from Tsuen Wan to Yuen Long, the trail is the perfect opportunity to be at one with nature and to explore a different side to Hong Kong. With an exceptionally rewarding view of the Tsing Ma Bridge, this trail provides plenty of opportunity for taking photographs or quiet contemplation.

Western Monastery:

With intricate designs, beautifully landscaped nature and tranquil water features, the Western Monastery is a peaceful and fascinating destination in Tsuen Wan. Close to the Yuen Yuen Institute but with an entirely different atmosphere, the Western Monastery is home to classic Chinese architecture, and beautiful flora. To find some peace and tranquility in busy Hong Kong, the Western Monastery in Tsuen Wan is one of the best temple destinations.

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