Places to Visit in Wan Chai

Pak Tai Temple:

This local temple is packed with authentic culture, making it one of the top attractions in Wan Chai for locals and visitors alike. Despite its unpretentious façade, Pak Tai Temple is actually the largest temple on Hong Kong Island, and is filled with history, culture and even a little mystery. Rumours suggest that a visit to the temple can help to prevent natural disasters – but visiting for yourself is the only way to find out.

The Blue House:

The Blue House is one of the most historic buildings in Hong Kong, and it is filled with culture from the inside out. Hosting the Hong Kong House of Stories, the Blue House has become the official destination for exhibitions and local community classes that teach residents to become tour guides. To get to know some of Wan Chai’s oldest history, it is well worth visiting The Blue House.

Wan Chai Ferry:

Many Wan Chai locals use the ferry as a way to commute to work or school, but for tourists, it is the perfect way to capture perfect views of the city. Travelling across Victoria Harbour, the Wan Chai Ferry offers a slightly different perspective of the city than many of the more central routes. One of the top attractions in Hong Kong, taking the Wan Chai Ferry is the perfect opportunity to capture some amazing photographs of Hong Kong, and to explore a new destination upon your arrival.

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