Serviced Apartments in Hyderabad

There has always been a high demand for serviced apartments in Hyderabad because the city has witnessed humongous growth in the IT & ITES sector, along with some of the major industries and other commercial activities. Even now this capital city of the State of Telangana, India is progressing as a major businessand tourism destination. There are numerous sites of historical interest and also tourist destinations in Hyderabad, it includes the Gokkonda Fort and the iconic Charminar built in the 16th Century is the landmark in the old city. 

As an IT hub, Hyderabad has numerous upscale shops and restaurants doing good business till up to the commencement of the pandemic owing to the COVID-19 situation. However, with the reduction in the cases of hospitalization due to COVID, the situation is improving and many employees in the IT Companies are returning to Hyderabad to continue to work from the office. Consequently, furnished apartments are once again in great demand.

Top 10 Furnished Apartments in Hyderabad for Short and Long Term Stay

  1. Banjara Hills Apartments

  2. Jubilee Hills Apartments-II

  3. Patrika Nagar Apartments

  4. Kondapur Apartments

  5. Madhapur Main Road Apartment

  6. Jubilee Hills Apartments-II

  7. Hitech City Apartment-II

  8. Gachibowli Apartment

  9. Hitech City Apartment

  10. Jubilee Hills Apartments

The designs of these furnished apartments in Hyderabad are planned to meet the needs of both short stay and extended stay visitors. These serviced apartments are located in Hyderabad’s prime locations and upscale neighbourhoods. The expansive living rooms have sofas and coffee tables, along with satellite televisions. 

The kitchen is equipped with all the essential appliances and facilities for independent living. The bedrooms have single or double beds depending on the number of occupants and bathroomshave featuresof modern baths and toilets. Furthermore, each of these apartments have Wi-Fi. These serviced apartments offer housekeeping services, thus offering a practical and convenient facility for an extended stay in Hyderabad.  

Benefits of Serviced Apartments in Hyderabad

Serviced apartments are rapidly achieving greater acceptance amongst visitors of all categories to Hyderabad, be it the working IT professionals, Business travellers or seasonal tourists. Serviced apartments are superioroptionswhen compared to conventional rental accommodation. Serviced apartments in Hyderabad are combinations ofconvenience and comfort,offering contemporary facilities amenitieswith all necessary furnishings, fixtures & fittings and accessories to the inhabitants. Moreover, all legal and contractual aspects are covered in the agreement between the providers and the tenants in an unambiguous manner, including maintenance charges, rental deposits, payment ofanycharges/fees and issuance of bills.

Serviced apartments are typically located in close vicinity to main transport links such as train stations, metro stations, Bus terminuses and key thoroughfares. So, it is easier for those staying in serviced apartments to commute to major corporate establishments and commercial hubs. The connectivity to most places of tourist interests is also taken care of by the network of transportation. 

Some apartments provide additional conveniences like gymnasiums and swimming pools depending on the complex where the apartments are built. 

We are experts in providing serviced accommodations in most parts of the world and therefore, we the needs and requirements of our guests. We provide a place that our guests can call home away from home in Hyderabad. The safety and comfort of our guests in these serviced apartments are of prime importance to us. Apart from providing plush interiors and the finest facilities,we also offer assistance round the clock.

Corporate Housing in Hyderabad 

Corporate housing in Hyderabad is always a deal for large business housesin Hyderabad. The need to host their corporate guests or their employees from outside the city or state is solved. These apartments are perfectplaces to meet this requirement of the corporates. The apartments can be converted to a transit camp for employees and corporate guests to Hyderabad. They can find these apartments as a place for relaxing after ahectic day. 

Plush furnishings and expansive living areas are what the travellers look forward to in our apartments. They can relaxon comfortable beds; enjoy their favourite TV programmes on flat-screen televisions, remain connected to their base office and home through high-speed Wi-Fi.Moreover, these apartments being located near prime business destinations and transportation facilities ensureless commute time for the corporate guests staying here.

Short Term Rentals Apartments in Hyderabad 

For travellers to Hyderabad in search of comfortable and conveniently located accommodation for a week, a few days or slightly longer duration,short term rental apartment in Hyderabad is the perfect solution as compared to the conventional hotel accommodation or for that matter the regular rental accommodation.

The furnished rentals in Hyderabad has to offer makes practical sense when compared to the facilities and amenities provided here, viz-a-viz as that of the former two types of accommodations. The short term rentals are a boon to the tourists or the patient party accompanying those patients from outside the state, who visit the renowned multispecialty hospitals in Hyderabad. 

Holiday Apartments in Hyderabad

There are numerous holiday apartments in Hyderabad offering practical, spacious and convenient accommodation to the lone leisure travellers of groups, including families on tour to the city. These holiday apartments have the advantage of having excellent connectivity to most main tourist locations.

Besides, the availability of facilities for availing public transport make these holiday apartments the ideal choice among the tourists who visit the city on holidays.These holiday apartments have various categories of accommodations from single, double rooms to large-sized rooms that can accommodate a group of six persons of a family or friends. 

Where to Stay in Hyderabad

Depending on the purpose of your visit and the duration of your stay in the city choose your place of stay. If you are a corporate employee who has come to the city to earn your living it is advisable to stay in a location that is not too expensive in terms of lodging & boarding and is neither too far off from your workplace. Look for a rent apartment in Hyderabad or those serviced apartments in Hyderabad that are near the Kharitabad Train Station, Hi-Tech City Station, Madhapur Metro Station, Raidurg Metro Station, Bharatnagar Train Station or Begumpet Railway Station. This will reduce your commute time to your office. 

Tourists and persons on a leisure trip to the city can stay at holiday apartments or  short term rentals in Hyderabad.


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Things to know before booking serviced apartments in Hyderabad

There are over 21 serviced apartments in Hyderabad with more being added every day. In total, has over 250,000 apartments across the globe that are waiting to be booked. Book Now .

Prices start from £49 per night and increase from there. Bear in mind that the type of apartment and number of guest will affect the overall price. Book Now .

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Some of the apartment buildings in Hyderabad will offer bed and breakfast or gym membership, whereas others may provide them with an extra charge. The apartment listing will make that clear. Other services include airport pick-up, meet and greet and so much more. Book your stay here for the full experience.

That depends on the policy of the apartment/building management. You may have to enquire first when making your booking in Hyderabad serviced apartments.

Serviced apartmentsHyderabad have all the features of home, are centrally located and have other astounding attributes that make them better than hotels, as covered here .

More about Hyderabad

Facts about Hyderabad

  • The tallest colossal Buddha statue, carved of a single piece of rock, is erected in the centre of Hussain Sagar Lake.

  • Known as Biryani paradise for the delicious Hyderabadi Biryani.

  • Ramoji Film City, the world’s largest Film Studio islocated here. 

  • Originally theKoh-i-Noor, the most precious diamond of the world was mined from Golconda diamond mines. It now is in the museum in London.

  • The Nizam of Hyderabad was the richest person in India and the sixth-richest in the world. 

  • Hyderabad was a princely state, under the rule of the Nizam even after India got its independence and was annexed only a few months after 1947. 

  • Charminar was built as an appeal to god to free the people of Plague.

Cost of Living in Hyderabad

The average meal for a couple at restaurants cost anywhere between Rs. 800 to Rs.1000. While monthly bus pass for the public bus would be around Rs. 1000 – Rs. 1200. The house rent would be anywhere between Rs. 8,500/- to Rs. 15,000/- for a 1 BHK and a 2BHK accommodation would be somewhere in the range of Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 29,000/, depending on the location.

The basic monthly utility bill would be up to a sum of Rs.2300/-approximately. 

Tips for Visiting Hyderabad

If you plan to visit Hyderabad please keep these tips in mind: 

  • Make sure you carry loose cotton clothing, and Raincoat or Umbrella during your visit here, any time from July to October in Hyderabad. A light jacket for the occasional cooler climate during December and January would suffice. 

  • The finestperiod to visit Hyderabad is between the months of March to June or better still from November till February. 

  • Try out the famous Hyderabadi Biryani and if you aren't embarrassed try eating it the Indian way, with your hand. 

  • While visiting places of tourist interests in Hyderabad travel in groups, usually availing bus service for tourists. It’s cheaper and safe that way.

  • Hyderabad, a growing and developing city is witnessing civil construction for various projects. Expect slight inconvenience of the road due to these activities. 

Things to Do in Hyderabad 

Hyderabad offers scope for many fun activities. Please read ahead to know more about them. 

Q1. What are the popular activities to indulge in while in Hyderabad? 

Hyderabad has many fun activities ranging from Adventure& Games for adults, games and entertainment for kids, Cinema in multiplexes and many more to explore. 

Q2. What are the free things one can do in Hyderabad? 

You can visit religious places like temples of historic importance, see the iconic Charminar, or go window shopping to the numerous shopping malls. 

Q3. What are unusual things to do in Hyderabad? 

Apart from visiting tourist destinations and Cinemas or Shopping Malls, you can go on a gastronomic spree at the local street market places.

Places to Visit in Hyderabad 

Of the numerous spots, some of the top places you must visit during your stay at Hyderabad, are the following: 

  • Ramoji Film City: This place is a famous, attractive tourist destination in Hyderabad. Most of the movies for Bollywood are shot here. Re-experience those moments of the film shoots.If lucky, there are chances that you may witness some movie being shot.

  • Salar Jung Museum: The museum has a remarkable collection of 9000 manuscripts, 43000 art objects and 47000 printed books; it is known to be one of the largestprivate collections in the world.

  • Charminar: A monument located at the Old Hyderabad, was built by Sultan Mohammed Ali Qutb Shah. It is 56m tall with four minarets, each 47.8 m tall. It was built in the year 1591. 

  • Golconda Fort:Located at a distance of 11km from the city it’s a place worth visiting for its architectural grandeur and the sound and light show.

  • Hussain Sagar Lake:It is the largest man-made lake in Asia. A visit to the place is a must to understand its sheer size.

  • Birla Mandir:Located on a hillock this religious temple provides for a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery.

Places to Eat in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is famous for its exclusive cuisine and delicacies going back to the times of the Nizams. Some of the top restaurants worth checking out include Ulavacharu, Flechazo Madhapur, Bidri, Barbeque Nation, Tatva, Little Italy, Paradise Biryani and many others. 

Street Food in Hyderabad

Some of the top street food joints in Hyderabad include the Cyber Street Food Court, New York Street Food, and many others. The top options worth trying include the delicious Hyderabadi Haleem, Hyderabadi Biryani, Iranian Chai and Biscuits, Boti Kebab, Qubani ka Meetha, Andhra Dosa and Falooda among many others. 

Shopping in Hyderabad 

Hyderabad is also a great destination for those who love shopping. You can check out Begum Bazaar, Perfume Market, Nampally Market, Abids Street and many other shopping streets for a wide variety of products at great prices. There are many shopping malls in Hyderabad as well, including the Forum Sujana Mall, Hyderabad Central Mall, and the Inorbit Mall. 

Transportation in Hyderabad

Like many developed and developing cities, Hyderabad also has a multimodal transportation system. Buses connect different areas of the city. However, now the Hyderabad Metro Railoffers a convenient transportation mode.The local trains also termed as Multi-Modal Transport System (MMTS) is very popular among travellers. Besides, there are Auto-rickshaws and cabs as well.

Weather in Hyderabad

During the summer season the temperature sores upwards, more than 30o Celsius. Between the months of July and October, the weather is humid with the spell of incessant rainfall during July and August. It has an occasional cooler climate during December and January.