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What’s on in Jeddah

The port city of Jeddah is an important economic hub for Saudi Arabia, as well as a gateway for pilgrimages to the Islamic holy cities Mecca and Medina. Often seen as the most laid back city in the Kingdom, Jeddah is also a hugely popular location for a city break. The old town offers visitors a chance to step back in time, with its narrow streets and historic buildings, whilst North Jeddah has seen massive investment in recent years to turn it into a modern and thriving location, upscale department stores and a huge selection of international cuisine and fine dining.

Where to stay in Jeddah

Jeddah has plenty of options when it comes to accommodation, however, these can vary hugely in quality, so it’s always a good idea to book through a trusted advisor. Anyone planning an extended stay in the city, perhaps for work, might find they are best suited to serviced apartments - which provide all the benefits of a traditional hotel, such as room cleaning and reception, whilst also offering the added convenience of full kitchen facilities, as well as providing a private space for those who may need to work. present a range of such properties in Jeddah, ranging from city-centre studios to luxury corporate housing close to the commercial zones. Whatever your reason for visiting Jeddah, we can match you with the right accommodation to ensure you get the most out of your trip.

What to do in Jeddah

Many first-time visitors will probably find themselves drawn to the Al Balad district, which is the heart of the old city and offers a glimpse into a bygone era, amid stunning architecture and an authentic atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else. Of course, there are also the famous souks to explore, selling everything from vibrantly coloured spices to hand-crafted leather goods.

However, the city also has plenty of modern attractions - especially in the northern districts, where there are numerous large scale malls, cinema complexes and various entertainments. Whether you enjoy strolling through modern art galleries, indoor skiing or enjoying some people watching at one a fashionable cafe, you’ll find Jeddah offers it all.

The city is also a port town - meaning there are plenty of marine activities and attractions to enjoy. Tour operators offer boating excursions along the coast and the area has long been a popular destination for those looking to try their hand at a spot of scuba diving. When it comes to attractions and things to do, few cities can boast such a diverse offering as Jeddah.

Tips for staying in Jeddah

Places to eat

Jeddah has a surprisingly diverse offering of fantastic places to eat, including both local specialities and international cuisine. Ginger Leaf, Aromi Restaurant, Le Traiteur Restaurant and Il Gabbiano are all popular places serving a range of European dishes, whilst those seeking more local flavours can head to Shababik Restaurant, Amara or Chennai Darbar Restaurant Aziziyah.


Like many cities across Arabia, Jeddah is particularly noteworthy for its great selection of modern shopping complexes. At the north end of the city, there’s the Mall of Arabia and the Red Sea Mall - both containing around 250,000 sq metres of retail space. Alternatively, towards the south, there’s Flamingo Mall, Al Salaam Mall and Jeddah Commercial Center - which contains both retailers and eateries. Alternatively, those seeking a bargain can head to Mega Mart.


Jeddah has a huge range of attractions, both historical and modern and all within easy reach of the city centre. King Fahad's Fountain is one of the city’s icons, with its 200m jet visible across the city it’s an absolute must see. The Floating Mosque and Khadija Baghlaf Mosque are also popular attractions, as is Nassif House Museum. Alternatively, for something a little more modern, there’s Al Shallal Theme Park.


Unfortunately, Jeddah lacks any kind of integrated public transport system, so those wishing to travel across the city’s major hotspots are limited to either walking or private vehicle hire. Whilst public buses are available, these are mostly servicing commercial districts. There are also dedicated shuttle services to the airport, as well as plenty of taxi firms operating in the city, which offer a convenient and reasonably priced way of getting around.

Local business

Jeddah is a port city and important trading hub for the region. Whatsmore, its industrial district is the fourth largest in Saudi Arabia. Telecommunications are an important part of the city’s output, with  Saudi Telecom Co and Integrated Telecom Co. being major employers. Of course, fossil fuels are also a major industry, represented by major firms such as Saudi Basic Industries Corporation and Saudi Arabian Mining.

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