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As "Africa's richest square mile," Sandton has risen with a bombardment of skyscrapers in the Manhattan style that serve as landmarks in Johannesburg, notably Sandton City's rooftop pyramid. There is naturally high demand for serviced apartments in Sandton amongst both leisure and business travellers. With around 7% of the population being millionaires, it is a wealthy neighborhood in the heart of Johannesburg. In less than 30 years, Sandton has become without a doubt the most significant business and financial center in South Africa and maybe all of sub-Saharan Africa.

The high influx of visitors and work opportunities make getting a furnished apartment in Sandton a rather challenging affair. With prices of rent soaring, the most feasible option is to rent a self catering accommodation. This reduces your cost of living and with a fully fitted kitchen within the home, it makes it ideal for extended stays at an affordable cost in the heart of Johannesburg. 

Top 10 Serviced Apartments in Sandton for Tourists and Travellers

  1. Empire Place Serviced Apartment
  2. Katherine Street Apartments
  3. Rivonia Road Serviced Apartments
  4. Westbrooke Drive Residences
  5. West Road Apartment
  6. Benmore Street Apartments
  7. Cross Avenue Residences
  8. Hurlingham Road Apartment
  9. Muswell Street Apartments
  10. Kengies Apartments

Why choose to live in Self-catering Accommodation in Sandton?

Well within the boundaries of the Johannesburg Municipality sits the wealthy neighborhood of Sandton. Sandown and Bryanston, two of its suburbs, are combined to form the name. It serves as a commercial entry point into Africa for many global organizations and draws thousands of aspirational people looking to make it big. Founded in the Witwatersrand Gold Rush of 1886, this is the wealthiest zone in Africa. This makes buying real estate in the area a greatly challenging ordeal. While Sandton sees high demand for housing, the cost of living in the area is high and it is only a mere dream for many. 

To address this challenge, our curated list of self catering accommodations in Sandton is there to help you. The highlight of these apartments is their kitchen facility, which is a perfect accompaniment for any traveler who needs an affordable place for extended stays in the city. You can whip up your own meals wherever you want, which in turn reduces your living expenses if you compare it to eating out every day during your stay in Sandton. Moreover, our furnished apartment  comes fully furnished with all the required equipment and amenities for a comfortable stay in Johannesburg. Moreover, a serviced flat would be far less expensive than the alternative, especially for longer stays. Typically, serviced apartments cost less than conventional hotels. This makes them an ideal choice for working professions seeking an affordable stay in Sandton, Johannesburg.

What are the Benefits of Self-catering Accommodation in Sandton Over Conventional Hotels?

In comparison to hotels, self-catering accommodations in Sandton provide larger living areas with a living room, dining area, kitchen, and associated bathroom. In these more spacious and fashionable lodgings, visitors may effectively avoid being homesick and feel at home away from home. Moreover, all these come at a fraction of the price of what you might have to pay in a hotel with similar amenities. 

Considering that Sandton serviced apartments are abundantly available, there are many short-term and long-term renting options to fit your budget. All of them are situated in prime neighbourhoods and come with diverse amenities as well. 

What are the Facilities in Our Furnished Apartments in Sandton?

We work hard to provide you access to the greatest residential districts in the city with a choice of recreational activities with our furnished apartment in Sandton. We also provide apartments that are ideal for office workers or persons looking for accommodation for business purposes, complete with all the conveniences you'll need to work remotely, like a work table, unlimited access to Wi-Fi, charging outlets, and more. The self catering accommodation offers amenities like centralized air conditioning, fully equipped gyms, rooftop patios, and rooftop gardens in some cases. 

While staying in the serviced apartments, the flat-screen television, kitchen, bathroom, and bed are all available to offer you a comfortable feeling at home. At our locations in the south, a variety of additional amenities are also provided, including on-demand vehicle rentals, cleaning services, and concierge services. Many of our high-end apartments also include sizable parking spaces and concierge services. The apartments also offer cutting-edge security and other facilities along with all necessary contemporary appliances and other necessary equipment too.


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Wheelchair Accessible
Onsite Restaurant
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Top Furnished Apartments in Sandton, Johannesburg