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The enigmatic city of Kathmandu is Nepal’s most populous city and the settlement dates back to ancient times. With a population of around 1.5 million, it is a bustling centre of trade, tourism and culture, with a unique character that will not be found anywhere else in the world.

The city has historically been an important trade route and today handcrafts from the region are one of its major exports, which also means there is a thriving arts scene in the city. Tourism is an import and source of income for Kathmandu, so there are many restaurants and bars that are catered to western visitors.

Religion is also a major part of the city’s identity, with hindu and buddhist temples, festivals such as the  Ghode Jatra, Indra Jatra, or Durga Puja, attracting visitors from all over the world.

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More about Kathmandu

Whilst Nepal has many luxury hotels and tourist amenities, it must be remembered that it is still a developing country and therefore accommodation can vary massively. It is therefore strongly advised that you book through a trusted provider who can provide information on the area, and advise where the best neighbourhoods to stay are.

Our serviced apartments in Kathmandu are arguably the best way to experience the city. We only source the finest properties, in safe and sought after areas, meaning you have peace of mind that you will enjoy a comfortable stay. All of our properties feature modern and highly maintained interiors, with all the amenities you need to feel at home - including WiFi and air conditioning. Furthermore, booking a serviced apartment means you have the freedom to try your hand at cooking with some of the local produce!

Culture & shopping in Kathmandu

Kathmandu has a unique cultural heritage which is still strongly present across the whole city and visitors to the city will not have to venture far to find unforgettable experiences. Durbar Square is one of the must see places for first time visitors, filled with medieval religious and royal buildings, street vendors and religious preachers it provides a snapshot of Nepal’s ancient heritage. There are also numerous temples in the region, which are unlikely to admit access to tourists, but can be admired from outside for their architecture.  Those looking for some more formal education on the area can visit the Patan museum, which is home to plenty of artefacts and exhibits, as well as being located in what was once an independent kingdom.

Visitors looking to shop are advised to head to Thamel, thought don’t expect to find streets lined with your favourite high street brands. Instead what you will find is a large selection of retailers and markets offering local goods and produce. There are of course regular convenience stores, clothes stores and suchlike. Due to the city being on the route to Everest, there are also several trekking stores for adventurous tourists to pick up last minute supplies.

Getting around in Kathmandu

There are a few options for travelling around Kathmandu, with taxis, buses and rickshaws being the most popular. Government run green buses known as Sajha Bus are comfortable and reasonably reliable, running across the main roads of the region, but for travel between the city’s neighbourhoods then rickshaws are often the fastest and most convenient means of transport. They are fairly ubiquitous on the streets and can be hailed in the same way as a taxi. For those looking to save money, its also possible to hire bicycles reasonably cheaply, but it must be considered that the streets can be very busy and traffic systems somewhat inconsistent.  More adventurous travellers may even be able to hitch a ride on a pony or bullock cart.