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Staying in Leeds is all about immersing in Yorkshire's glorious past. Juggling jet lags and itineraries in a city or a country you barely know is a challenge. A Leeds serviced apartment in the heart of a cosmopolitan city can make a vast difference. We at TheSqua.re go to lengths to curate a travel accommodation experience. A memorable stay for you and your family visiting Leeds. We offer a whole range of studios & many bedroom abodes. Groups get access to a home-like experience amidst the best landmarks of the city. Each apartment comes fully furnished with a modernly furnished ready-to-cook kitchen. One can whip their healthy breakfasts right in the morning as per their diets even when they travel. Each bedroom comes with a lot of space. Store your luggage and everyday items along with those shopping bags. Living rooms are all about a welcoming vibe, a great view, and lots of comforts. At the end of the day, it is us trying to make you feel a sense of familiarity even in a city that you have never been to before. It is a holistic approach that makes guests choose our short term rentals in Leeds.

Some of the best furnished apartments in Leeds include:

Above are a hand-picked range of luxury Leeds serviced apartments. Our guests adore how each home is curated so well from the posh hotels. Families on a budget often find our variety for all travel budgets very appealing. Bringing luxuries off the pedestal and available to all is what sets TheSqua.re apart. This thoughtful approach to pain points gives us an edge over our competitors.

Abodes come in with an extra set of luxury amenities. Private parking, 24x7 online availability, personal maid services, and more. The grocery packs and a full set of ingredients right in the kitchen make all the difference. It enhances the way travelers feel the change. It is a whole new way of looking at travel accommodations. A holistic sense of security of neighborhoods in fine locations picked by our team.

Benefits of Booking Furnished Apartments in Leeds

What are some of the parameters that make a travel accommodation perfect in Leeds? It ranges from strategic central locations in the city to the least set of formalities. In-house facilities, & a variety in outlook and prices as well. Our furnished apartments in Leeds are quickly becoming the most chosen stay option. It is also so because it checks all these parameters in a lot of ways.

Booking our abodes is a negligible task. Thanks to our seamless process of skimming to paying. One doesn't have to get into dense legal formalities. This saves costs, securities, and contracts which otherwise get hectic.

With the internal facilities & comforts, an equipped living experience tops luxury hotels too. Each apartment feels like a luxury home. A home that comes with a lot of personalizations to comfort you. Our guests get full-fledged kitchen access in our abodes. Groceries, ingredients, and even electric hobs come in handy. Enjoy from reheating a leftover pizza in the microwave to whipping a coffee right in the morning. Not only food, one gets a resort-like bathroom experience as well. Bathing facilities like a bathtub bridge a gap between travel wants and needs.

Each home sits at a very short distance from major transport hubs in Leeds. Leeds serviced apartments are all about saving guests' time. It also keeps their travel expenses and time as low as possible. Hop on to local transport in a few steps from your doorstep or get to a popular attraction in no time. It is a wholesome experience that we at our furnished apartments in Leeds thrive to cater to all our guests.

Corporate Housing in Leeds

A welcoming corporate abode that comforts you like family in a sea of unknown faces. Work trips are always more hectic and deserve an added layer of comfort. There are a handful of things that work professionals crave on work trips. Some of them include healthy hygienic home food, a 24x7 hot water supply, and a soothing balcony view to look at while having an evening drink. It could be a soothing morning with yoga with a view. Getting your own coffee and self-made omelet starts the day in a new city. That is where our corporate housing in Leeds in some of the most elegant Yorkshire spots hop in.

Another major advantage of our abodes is the availability of studios of every kind. The first preference for most guests is either a studio apartments or one bedroom apartments. For larger groups, we also have bigger apartments available. Our Leeds catalog has many selections with added privacy, space, & comfort. Each abode offers high-speed free Wi-Fi and a peaceful work area. This combo works wonders to coordinate work meetings from home too. TheSqua.re ensures that professionals with all budgets enjoy our curated experience.

Yorkshire gets people excited about River Aire, Leeds Kirkgate Market, and Calle Lane. Picking a luxury hotel suite in the heart of Leeds can get very expensive. Guests and groups generally prefer going for a low-budget trip. This holds true more so when the duration is shorter. That's when our short term rentals in Leeds rescue your quick holiday getaway.

Find our functional rentals at the most convenient distances. Guests enjoy proximity to the famed live music venues here. Popular bars and transportation spots are right around the corner. Enjoy a plethora of experiences from the doorstep of these homes. Guests adore these living experiences with us. This cuts down on long research hours before visiting an unknown city. They also get to cut short their transportation budgets. Most of our abodes sit near airports and local stations for travel. A sense of security in an elegant Leeds neighborhood is what excites families coming to stay with us. The in-house dishwashers and maid services are exciting options for families with kids. Every portfolio listing is an ideal rental for short-term travel enthusiasts visiting here.

Holiday Apartments in Leeds

Guests traveling for a lifetime often get surprised at this new travel stay concept. Completely equipped and functional serviced apartments. Buying a holiday home in a welcoming river-side city like Leeds is a dream of many families. Living in our serviced abodes offers belongingness that makes groups feel at home. One doesn't have to run around to buy groceries or utensils even for a long-term stay. Everything is already where it should be and will be there for as long as you want it. With our in-house coffeemaker, no waiting around for coffee shops to open for an early morning coffee. Everyone feels right at home with fluffy but chic couches in the living room. Huge windows looking out at the best parts of Leeds make all the difference too.

It is a fine mix of feeling at home and still surrounded by the luxuries of a high-end hotel. This together makes our holiday apartments in Leeds special for you and your family. Guests often wish to explore the city and make the most of the location. The central locations of each abode make it very convenient for families to move around. With so much to do inside and outside, experience Leeds in all its authenticity with us here in Leeds.

Where to Stay in Leeds

Leeds as the most populated county brushes with a lot of landmarks. One can find a whole range of neighboring towns right around which add to the whole experience. As home to one of the two major railway stations in the North of England, it has a lot to offer for variety.

Leeds City West is a great pick to stay closer to the nightlife and exotic local bars that the city is known for. Trinity Shopping Centre, Victoria Arcade, and John Lewis are a few things that you get to stay the closest to. Waterloo Court is another central spot with a station within 10 minutes of walking.

Guests particularly adore picking TheSqua.re short term rentals in Leeds on and around the famous East Street. This location offers closer access to transportation. This strategic spot also offers direct access to various shopping arcades here. Briggate and the exciting Corn Exchange are the two major ones that one can reach in a short walk. Out of all, Headingley has budget-friendly listings of serviced apartments in Leeds.

To get a bird's eye view, all the locations are carefully picked by our team. We test and pass these abodes on the very strict grounds of safety and comfort. We ensure that each building and neighborhood welcomes you here like your own even on a short trip. Each location comes with its own set of advantages from location to facilities. The luxuries and the sense of belongingness remain the same across the portfolio.

Our team awaits to welcome you to our Leeds serviced apartments. We wish for you to experience this whole new concept of travel accommodation. We hope you feel at ease and get all the instances to make memories in one of the most popular parts of the UK.

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More about Leeds

Serviced apartments in Leeds

There are no shortage of great places to stay in Leeds, ranging from low-cost hostels to expensive hotels. The city is popular with tourists all year round and accommodation is as abundant as would be expected. However, if you are planning a longer visit, then the most practical and cost-effective way of arranging a place to stay might be a serviced apartment.

Choosing to book one of our luxury apartments means you have the peace of mind that you will be staying in a property that meets our exacting standards. All of our venues are decorated to the highest standard and feature all the elements required for discerning guests. With fully equipped kitchens and all the mod cons to ensure a delightful self-catered experience.

Culture & shopping in Leeds

Leeds is a modern city that simultaneously celebrates its rich history. The Royal Armouries Museum and Thackray Medical Museum are great opportunities to explore the city’s contribution to those respective industries, whilst Roundhay mansion is an important heritage site open to the public. For those who are looking for something a little more active, Leeds also has some of the best sporting and leisure facilities in the UK and the surrounding areas offer stunning countryside.

The Leeds Corn Exchange, named for its former function, is the fashionable shopping hub that showcases independent fashions and crafts in the city, whilst Crown Point shopping park and Trinity Leeds are home to the more mainstream stores, including supermarkets and sports outlets.

Getting around in Leeds

Getting around in Leeds is a simple affair, as the city is served by a comprehensive bus system, covering each neighbourhood with regular and reliable routes. Day tickets can be purchased for around £4 and provide unlimited travel around the centre and suburbs. There are also regular serviced to Manchester, Bradford and Sheffield. For those spending longer in the city,

MCards give virtually unlimited travel on buses and trains and are usually the best value for multiple journeys.

As a major city, Leeds is also well served by mainline railway services, with regular routes into Manchester, Doncaster, Sheffield and Bradford, as well as direct fast services into central London - a journey time of as little as two and a half hours.

The city also has numerous taxi firms licensed by the city authorities, which provide a convenient way of making shorter trips, if taking the bus is not practical.