Serviced Apartments Jardim Da Burra, Lisbon

Serviced Apartments Jardim Da Burra

The hilly coastal capital of Portugal has several neighborhoods with convenient lifestyles. And the setting of the serviced apartments in Jardim Da Burra is considered one of them. The heart of Lisbon, Baixa remains the tourist favorite. Along with the other famous districts - Bairro Alto, Príncipe Real, Rossio, and Azul. But it's hard to ignore the vibrancy and the eco-friendly air of Jardim Da Burra. Something that has added to its international appeal over the years. The locality is also well-connected despite being away from the maddening crowds. 

Top Serviced Apartments in Jardim Da Burra

Like all our abodes, the serviced apartments in Jardim Da Burra are also intimate. They are luxurious and cozy which makes you feel at ease from the very first minute. There are several complimentary boons too. Free Wi-Fi, central heating, TV, work desks, and timely maid services to kickstart a new life.

The interior designs are exquisite with well-positioned furniture for easy access. Some apartments also celebrate the Arabic spirit in their architectural decor. The patterns are more geometric while terracotta colors dominate the overall palette. As for the bath and kitchen areas, they are sleek and modern with an equipped setup. Perfect for guests who are considering moving here on a long-term basis. Also, with pet-friendly policies in some abodes, you are free to bring your furry companions. 

Cost of Living in Jardim Da Burra

The elegant and trendy areas of Santo Antónia, Avenidas Novas, and Santa Maria Maio are the wealthiest parts of Lisbon. Compared to them, Jardim Da Burra is an affordable locality. Making it an excellent pick for those looking for reasonable costs. 

The rates however vary on different factors. Amenities, the apartment type, and the number of guests to name a few.’s furnished serviced apartments in Jardim Da Burra are lavish mansions. They cost around $5080 and require a minimum of a 30-day stay. We have options available at proximity on a short-stay basis too. They usually come in the range of $98 to $196 per night depending on the features. 

Where to Stay in Jardim Da Burra?

Jardim Da Burra offers a thriving green environment for its residents. It has great transport facilities connecting the area to other adjacent places. For instance, there is Tram 28. It crosses the touristy places of Baixa, Gracia, and Alfama. The journey in this quaint yellow tram is in itself very classic. That’s because many of the trams hold onto the 1930s features. Including the brass dials and wooden interiors. 

You can also consider living close to Santos. It is a historically-preserved place that displays a traditional charm. With National Art and Oriente museums, Santos is perfect for art lovers too. Not to forget, the abundance of authentic Portuguese delicacies available in the area. 

Facts About Jardim Da Burra

Jardim Da Burra offers a beautiful combination of freshness and religious aura. Here are some facts about this pretty place. 

  • Jardim Da Burra is a gorgeous park & a neighbour. It is based in Praça da Estrela in Greater Lisbon. 
  • The area comes laden with waterfalls and play spots for children.
  • Jardim Da Burra also has a bronze statue of Portuguese sculptor Costa Motta (uncle) in the center.
  • The park also goes by the name Jardim 5 de Outubro (October 5th Garden). 
  • Estrela Basilica, one of the most adorned churches in Lisbon is an immediate neighbor of the park. The latter came to life to put the remaining land of the church to good use. 

Weather in Jardim Da Burra

With a Subtropical Mediterranean climate, Lisbon makes the list of one of the warmest places in Europe. Averaging 48°F- 60°F, the temperatures are mild in the winter months. While the summer sees warmer days with 80°F as the average high. But thanks to the cool breezes from the Atlantic and less rain, summer is great for sightseeing. Thereby, attracting tourists to Lisbon streets from all around the globe. 

If you want to avoid crowds we suggest targeting March-May or September-October. Moreover, due to less rush, the rates are also cheaper. Who knows you may be able to crack a great deal at one of our best serviced apartments in Jardim Da Burra.


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Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Wheelchair Accessible
Onsite Restaurant
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Serviced Apartments Jardim Da Burra