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Top Short Term Lets in Liverpool

Liverpool is famous for The Beatles, renowned football clubs, and its historic elegance. It is so widely visited that the short term rentals in Liverpool are always in demand. The city does have other accommodations. But, these apartments are more favored by tourists than the rest options available. Wondering why? Well, they fulfill the requirements of the majority of Liverpool travelers. They have the perfect combination of traditional and contemporary features. So, whether it is a vacation trip or a business one, you will get the comfort needed to please your tired body and soul.

Our Best Short Term Rentals in Liverpool

TheSqua.re is a well-known serviced apartment provider in the world. Our superior service and updated technology help us stand out from the competitors. Even during the tough pandemic period, we have never let our quality go down. The short term accommodations in Liverpool are a great reflection of our dedication.

Each apartment has its distinctive personality. But they are all luxurious spaces designed to give you the royal treatment. Comfort and privacy are the basic complimentary gifts you receive from us. This makes all our apartments the preferred pick for most modern tourists. And that too regardless of their locations. But, to reap the maximum benefits from them, do consider the part of the city you are visiting.

Some of our most liked short term rentals in Liverpool include:

  1. Sweeting Street Apartments in Liverpool City
  2. The Walton
  3. Quest Apartments in Liverpool City Centre
  4. Fairclough Street Apartments in Liverpool City
  5. Hatton Garden Apartments in Liverpool City

1 Month Accommodations in Liverpool

If you are traveling for a month, the short term lets in Liverpool may be the most convenient choice for you. One of the major reasons behind that is these apartments are furnished. So, you do not have to prepare yourself to start a life here from scratch. There is already a homely environment awaiting you. Plus, these apartments are mostly centrally located. Hence, most everyday necessities are available within walking distance. And even if you need to visit someplace daily, transportation won’t be a cause of concern for you.

Why Should You Book Short Term Rentals apartments in Liverpool?

Most travelers demand a basic standard of living during their trips. This helps them get adjusted to the new surrounding quickly without much struggle. The short term accommodations in Liverpool provide premium-level luxury, not just the basics. Besides the cozy factor, they also come with several boons.

For instance, you do not have to rent or buy appliances and furniture after relocation. There’s also no complicated lease structure. You can move in or out as per your wishes. This way you can utilize the time to search for accommodations for long-term purposes. Of course, some apartments require a minimum day stay. But that’s mostly applicable if you want a few extra facilities.

Facilities In Our Short Term Accommodations in Liverpool

We have some of the best short term lets in Liverpool. They have comfy bedrooms with relaxing beds to lie on. The bathrooms are well-planned and have the finest accessories. The living room TV is there for you to watch your favorite shows. The kitchen is well-organized. It also comes equipped with the most frequently used appliances. We also keep a wholesome welcome grocery pack. This helps you avoid unhealthy outside food from the get-go.

Our short term accommodations in Liverpool cater to the needs of all generations. The apartments have lift access. There are also separate wheelchair-accessible apartments. If you are a fitness freak, our gyms will help you stay in shape throughout. We can also arrange for private yoga classes if you want.

The help desk is available round the clock with very professional and hospitable staff. They can assist you at every step. You just have to inform them and they will do the needful as per their capability. Our services also include pre-arrival guest calls, timely airport pickup, and meet and greet upon arrival.

We are looking forward to meeting you at our short term rentals in Liverpool soon.

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