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1 Bedroom Serviced Apartments in London

When travelling solo, finding an ideal apartment that is secure, comforting, and affordable all at the same time looks like quite a challenge. That challenge becomes thrice its size when one has to find such an apartment in a huge city like London. This is mostly the case with business travellers looking forward to a short business stay in London. Whether it is the proximity to transportation, utmost comfort, and ambience productive enough to work, or even interiors that please the heart, we have got your back. Our 1 bedroom serviced apartments in London have been curated right from scratch to make this entire process of choosing accommodation here less daunting. A fully furnished apartment worthy of being a temporary home in London, away from home, is not very far from you.

Our Best 1 Bedroom Apartments in London

One hesitation that hops along with 1 bedroom apartments in London is the added pressure of not having enough variety. Finding the right vibe in a single room set makes this choice very tricky. That's exactly the pain point we wish to resolve. Our bespoke serviced apartments in London have been elegantly designed to provide modern accommodation which keeps comfort as its top priority. Whether a traveller has a sleek minimal preference in mind or it is the vibrant homely vibe one is hunting for, either way, our eclectic portfolio of 1 bedroom apartments in London has a lot to offer.

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Why Should You Book a 1 Bedroom Serviced Apartment in London?

Our 1 bedroom apartments in London are cautiously designed for both business and couple travellers. All the required amenities and comforts have been thoroughly researched and then incorporated into each serviced apartment. When travelling to a vast city like London, even the experience of researching accommodations can be overwhelming. When staying in an expensive city like this, every detail and decision right from the distance of the apartment from the tube to choosing more rooms than required make a big difference. This is the part where our 1 bedroom serviced apartments in London become a necessity.

All our serviced apartments in London have been chosen in localities which allow us to hop to the nearest tube in a matter of minutes. The areas are particularly safe and offer proximity to nearby landmarks and local markets. Even the interiors have been well taken care of. Expect a grocery pack, a ready-to-cook kitchen just like home, elegant decor, and a lot of comforts in our carefully curated accommodations. Such are the tiny things that make all the difference in making a trip to a foreign land convenient and memorable.

Facilities in Our 1 Bedroom Serviced Apartments in London

Our eclectic range of 1 bedroom serviced apartments cater to as selective preferences as one can have. From interiors to the ambience, comfort to convenience, we aim to provide all of it right under one roof. With star additions like Google Chromecast and luxurious bathrooms, even something as basic as self-care has been carefully thought of. Our travellers are all sorted for a long warm bath after a hectic day at work or travel and for the entertainment dose as well. 

Free high-speed Wi-Fi ensures Netflix and chill even after long Zoom meetings. Smart TV and fully-equipped kitchen have got things sorted for an in-house movie night with cosy homemade dinner or even popcorn out of the microwave. Yet if our travellers feel the need to get a better idea of the pros that our 1 bedroom serviced apartments come with, some of the star amenities varying from apartment to apartment (both paid and unpaid) are listed below:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Flat screen TV
  • Lift access
  • Fully-equipped kitchen
  • Balcony
  • Business centre

Where Can You Find Our 1 Bedroom Serviced Apartments in London?

London is a huge metropolis, that’s a fact. Choosing a neighbourhood to stay from a plethora of options available can be a mammoth of a task. While there are several parts of the city that stand out, there are a few which are not that great to spend an entire month in. Being an outsider, that thought can be daunting, and we understand that. Our eclectic portfolio of 1 bedroom serviced apartments in London will ease you out of this position as each of our accommodation has been strategically curated in highly selective areas of London. Whether it is a 7-day stay or a long term one that might stretch over months together, below are some of the finest neighbourhoods to choose from:

  • Canary Wharf - One of the most popular among the 5 crucial Financial Districts of London, with a noteworthy cluster of business and finance. A perfect neighbourhood option for business travellers. 
  • Heathrow - One of the cleanest and the most peaceful neighbourhoods in London. It is ideal, especially for family stays. Its proximity to the airport is also what makes it popular.
  • Shoreditch - Hoxton’s artsy neighbourhood known for its trendy outlook and crazy fashion. Old Street is a very popular place to stay and explore here. 
  • Angel - A lively neighbourhood with entertainment, shopping, and a lot of vibrant cultures. Its street art and vintage markets make it a really exciting place to stay in. 
  • Fitzrovia - A quaint residential neighbourhood with an 18th-century vibe. Charlotte Street is quite a lively part of Fitzrovia to explore.
  • Camden - With an entire range of lively pubs and hip vibe, Camden is one of the cultural centres of London. The trendy Camden Market is a must-visit here. It can easily be in the top 5 of London’s most favourite neighbourhoods.
  • Chelsea - One of the most expensive and also the stylish neighbourhood, Chelsea has a classy charm of its own which deserved to be closely explored.
  • Aldgate - A hub of history, entertainment, and business, Aldgate is a fine neighbourhood to live in. It is a vibrant mix of nightlife and business.

London Attractions Near Our 1 Bedroom Apartments

Our 1 bedroom serviced apartments allow you to get the most iconic taste of the historic capital. With innumerable attractions to explore in the city, our prime locations make travelling across most of them as convenient as possible. From royal buildings to quaint treat for couples, London is a gem for both the tourist and explorer in you. Here are some exclusive picks just for you:

  • Primrose Hill - Bask in the lush greenery of this part of the city. A hilltop park ideal for a family picnic or romantic stroll in the blissful London weather. 
  • Buckingham Palace - Get the taste of royalty at this regal residence in the heart of London. Don't miss the legendary Change of Guard ceremony and the 4.5-hour long tour here. 
  • Tower of London - Peep closely at the royal chamber and Crown jewels at this 900-year old heritage site. With a majestic vibe from the past, experience this ancient royal palace, an execution site, zoo, and prison which is one of the most popular buildings of the world.
  • Hyde Park - Feel the literary connection straight out of a Victorian novel while boating with the swans or enjoying a cosy picnic in this iconic park.
  • Hampstead Heath - Spread in a sprawling 790 acres is this massive park which is one of the highest points in the city. Ideal for families and couples. 
  • Big Ben - A political and historical landmark of London is the chiming Big Ben on the Elizabeth Tower of Westminster. History buffs and Instagram lovers might love to seal the memory with a photograph.
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral - Marvel the panoramic views from up the spiral staircase of this world-renowned dome. The intricate mosaics and ancient 17th-century architecture make it one of the most significant tourist sites even today.
  • The British Museum - This world-renowned museum has everything from Egyptian mummies to Elgin Marbles to make the trip more fascinating with over 13 million exquisite artefacts which are some of the finest in the world.

Best London Restaurants Near Our 1 Bedroom Apartments

Being a global city, London comes with a wide range of cuisines to treat travellers from around the globe. Our range of 1 bedroom apartments in London offers ample range to try nearby. From jazz-blues to beer towers and even elaborate 3-course meals, there is something for all at walking distances. For the last-minute selection, below are some of our top picks from around the prime neighbourhoods:

  • Alexander the Great - Enjoy the authentic Greek cuisine in the heart of Camden. Indoor vines and grill meze add a distinct vibe to the restaurant. 
  • The Golden Chippy - Snuggled in a sweet corner in red is this hub of fish and chips. Chat with the chef while enjoying fresh crisp fish, which is quite a rare experience to enjoy in London. 
  • The Victoria - Head to this 19th-century pub in Paddington for comfort food and a great vibe. It does complete justice to the historic feels of London.
  • Andy's Greek Taverna - A rustic Greek restaurant with locals backing it up as one of their top favourites. Its outlook is quite soothing in the overall frame of London streets. 
  • The Prince of Greenwich - A traditional and very cosy English pub with comfort Italian delicacies and wooded interiors. The British vibe says it all. 
  • Trapeze - An unusual combo of London’s finest DJ and circus glamour is this one-of-a-kind cocktail bar in Hackney. Even if one has to go an extra mile, it is worth it. 
  • Smoking Goat Shoreditch - Enjoy the Bangkok vibe in the heart of Shoreditch with a quirky menu and laid-back decor. Go here for quite a different experience in London. 
  • Blacklock Shoreditch - Award-winning steakhouse set in a renovated furniture factory. The classic interiors and fine British menu are heartwarming. This deserves to be on the list of top 10 must-try things in London as well.

Cost of 1 Bedroom Accommodation in London

When making the ideal choice for 1 bedroom serviced apartments in London, the cost makes quite a difference. While the price brackets vary from district to district and season to season, the traveller has to make sure that the booking site is trusted. One great part about TheSqua.re is that we pass our share of rates. Even though the city of London is visited all year long, we still pass on the price differences that off seasons bring along. The prices are transparent and quite affordable, considering the prime locations and proximity to transportation that our 1 bedroom serviced apartments in London come with. Even otherwise, we aim to cater to all budgets alike. With the most affordable ranges to the most luxurious options, something for all moods and pockets can be sought at TheSqua.re.

1 Bedroom Corporate Accommodation in London

Our 1 bedroom serviced apartments are quite particular in their setup to ensure a healthy living and working environment for business travellers. After a presentation or a client meeting around the Financial Districts, an evening spent partying out even from the comfiest 1 bedroom serviced apartments in London is mandatory. The locations have been precisely picked to provide a collective of ideal spots for sky-high cocktails and post-work drinks in the heart of London. From food fantasies to beer towers, a corporate accommodation conveniently picked from such an exclusive range of 1 bedroom serviced apartments in London, offering all of it in one place is every solo business traveller’s dream stay.

1 Bedroom Accommodation in London for Families

For families which are planning to make the most of the trip in full vacation mode and choose the most comfortable accommodation from our 1 bedroom serviced apartments to come back to, we will make just the right team. While our listed neighbourhoods have been carefully chosen to allow a piece of London’s beauty, one can enjoy everything from a romantic stroll in Hyde Park to the eclectic Camden Market for group shopping, and so much more. Amid all that travel that might get more tiring than one might plan for, our serviced apartments in London ensure just the right level of comfort to get you charged for the next day.

Centrally Located 1 Bedroom Apartments in London

All of our 1 bedroom apartments strategically sit at carefully chosen localities which promise authentic London experience. However, a true experience of the capital won't be possible without convenient travel. Proximity to the Underground stations, railway stations, and also bus stations has been prioritized because of the same. With most of the stations available at a walking distance, the bustle of the area, and the vibe of each chosen neighbourhood add volumes to the convenience of short-term living in London. 

Some of the nearest Underground stations near our apartments include:

  • Shoreditch High Street
  • Goodge Street
  • Angel
  • Canary Wharf
  • Hounslow Central Station
  • South Quay Dlr
  • Aldgate East
  • Chancery Lane 
  • Hoxton
  • Vauxhall