Places to Eat in Belgravia

There are things to do for everyone in Belgravia as well as places to eat: from charming gastro-pubs, to chic cafes to fine dining experiences. In addition, Belgravia is the host of countless gorgeous artisan food shops and delis to visit. 

Belgravia is the location of some of the most exquisite dining experiences in the world. In practically every direction that you look, your eyes will be greeted by Michelin Star restaurants owned by some of the most experienced and famous chefs in the world. Marcus, One-O-One and Dinner, owned by the notoriously eccentric television chef Heston Blumenthal, are some of the Michelin star restaurants within the area.

The Punchbowl on Farm Street, owned by renowned director Guy Ritchie, is a quaint getaway from the perpetual hustle and bustle of the city. Although the pub is congruous with the surrounding area, it hasn’t lost its fun-loving charm and provides a different experience to many of the pubs and restaurants in the surrounding area.

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