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Brockley is a thriving, community-oriented neighborhood in South East London. Young professionals and families flock to this area noted for its social vibe and artsy ambiance. Professionals value the great transportation links here as Brockley is served by National Rail trains and the Overground metros. Guests appreciate the green areas, attractive Victorian residences, our affordable serviced abodes here, and superb local amenities ranging from cafes to pubs.

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 Our extensive listings on the website come bearing endless comforts that range from location advantages to on-site amenities like luxury bathrooms with showers and toiletries, concierge desk, gym, and pool access, coupons to nearby businesses, maid services, lavish bedrooms with space, style, and privacy among a lot of other features. TheSqua.re has earned its reputation for a reason. Brockley as a neighborhood and our buildings both offer secure locations with an average crime rate. Parking at Brockley is not challenging in comparison to the rest of London as our homes come with free parking for your rental cars.

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More about Brockley, London

Where to Stay in Brockley

Today Brockley is one of the most most loved and happening places in all of London which is filled with amazing restaurants, tourist attractions, bars, and lots of unique experiences that guests adore from around the world. The entire area gives a very artistic feel which is why we have chosen the most central locations for our portfolio of serviced apartments in Brockley. Ladywell, Hilly Fields, Blythe Hill, Horniman are some of the best areas to stay here as each of these parts offers you the unfiltered vibe of Brockley at its best.

Facts About Brockley

Brockley is one of the most preserved as well as coherent Victorian suburbs in the inner region of London. If you still aren’t sure about our serviced apartments in Brockley, here are some interesting facts about Brockley that will surely change your mind:

  • Brockley is known for its very strong, friendly community which is fueled with multi-cultural artistic characters.
  • In the last few years, the number of private traders in Brockley has gone up, which has led to the emergence of new coffee shops, restaurants, and even entertainment activities.
  • It is situated centrally, which means there is easy transportation and connectivity from the area making it a star London spot. 
  • Some of the very finest graffiti of London can be seen in Brockley. 

Weather in Brockley

The best time to visit Brockley is sometime between May and September because in the rest of the months the temperature gets very extreme. It is generally 20 degrees in July and goes as low as 7 degrees in January. If you pack accordingly and have the itinerary sorted, the city and our serviced apartments in Brockley will be very welcoming.