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Where to Stay in Camden Town

Camden Town is buzzing with activity, yet it’s calm and peaceful. Especially in the evenings, being situated adjacent to the eponymous Regent’s Park and the Regent’s Canal, the area is quite happening, yet quaint. One can take a stroll to their heart’s content and then rest at one of the serviced apartments in Camden Town. If one’s lucky, they may as well get the views of the park as well as the canal from their windows. That would really be something, especially with a morning cuppa. All these serviced apartments in Camden Town are situated within close proximity to the London underground and local amenities. Served by the Northern Line, Camden Town tube station is well connected to Central and South London. These are a few minutes’ walk. There are plenty of bus connections as well. 

Facts About Camden Town

There are very few boroughs in London that come close to what Camden Town has to offer. With its rich and eventful history, it’s also a melting pot of multiethnicity. Here you will find remnants of Greek, Irish and Italian cultures as well. This borough has been a residential area since the 18th century and turned into a bustling arm of London once the railway and canal were built around it. A few fun facts of the area are: 

  • Camden is home to many famous people including Amy Winehouse.
  • Some of the world-renowned writers like Charles Dickens, George Orwell, and Mary Shelley also lived here.
  • Camden saw Pink Floyd’s initial and Bob Dylan’s first UK performance
  • There are so many open-air markets in Camden Town, so much that you can easily get lost in the labyrinth

Weather in Camden Town

London has a notorious climate and it’s well known to all. The climate varies from season to season, however, spells of rain can occur anytime, uninvited. Similarly, Camden Town too sees bright sunshine to freezing temperatures to even snow. The best time to visit is between the months of June and September.