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Benefits of Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to hotels for short term accommodation, as well as being a valid option for those planning an extended stay in a given city or region. Part of the appeal is in the flexibility such properties provide - guests are not beholden to hotel check-in times or required to find a restaurant every time they want to eat. Staying in a serviced apartment means having a private, home-from-home environment that promises guests the most comfortable and convenient experience possible for the duration of their stay.

Serviced apartments in Camden also offer all the additional benefits usually associated with a traditional hotel or guesthouse - such as room cleaning, concierge and reception. What’s more, TheSqua.re’s expert customer service team can also advise on the availability of additional amenities, such as secure entry, disabled access and off-street parking. This means that guests have the opportunity to tailor their stay in Camden to their own exacting requirements. 

Finally, these properties are usually located close to the local amenities and transport links, making them perfect for those needing to travel in and out of the City on business or for sightseeing excursions into central London. 

Corporate Accommodation in Camden

Camden’s increasing popularity with startups and companies in the creative industries mean it welcomes a large volume of business travellers every month. It is also a favourite location for city workers looking to enjoy their evenings and weekends outside of the usual commercial haunts. Serviced apartments are ideal for corporate accommodation as they offer a private space in which guests can both work and relax, along with essential mod-cons such as high-speed Wi-Fi and a flatscreen TV. What’s more, as each property is located within easy reach of local public transport hubs, serviced apartments are ideal for those needing to travel in and out of central London during their stay. 

Holiday Accommodation in Camden

Camden is also one of London’s top locations for tourists seeking to explore London beyond the classic landmarks of Westminster and the West End. These travellers tend to seek a more authentic experience of Camden life, so are increasingly turning to serviced apartments for their accommodation needs. The reason private lets make the ideal holiday accommodation in Camden is that they offer a genuine home-from-home environment, a self-enclosed space in which guests can enjoy their time in Camden as a local would. What’s more, the inclusion of kitchen facilities means that they also have the option to self-cater - which not only means the chance to try their hand at cooking some of the local market produce, but also offers significant savings over longer stays. 

Where to Stay in Camden

Camden is a borough famed for its diversity and this is reflected in the different neighbourhoods in the area. Those planning a stay in Camden can choose from the vibrant atmosphere of the eponymous town itself, or take a step back and relax in one of the leafy suburbs. For the former, anywhere around Camden Lockside is highly desirable, particularly on the quieter side around St Martin’s Gardens. For something a little quieter, but still within easy reach of the main station, the area across the canal, along Kentish Town Road provides the ideal balance. Alternatively, the affluent area of Primrose Hill provides a more residential experience, with picturesque period terraces its own sprawling park. 

Facts About Camden

Camden’s reputation as a bohemian enclave developed fairly recently, thanks to a group of prominent artists who chose the area for a base in the 1960s. Before then, the area was a former manor estate that was gradually developed into a sprawling residential area following the construction of Regent’s Canal. This unlikely history is perhaps what gives Camden its unique appeal and ongoing image as a vibrant, forward-thinking borough. Below are a few more fascinating facts about Camden.

  • Camden’s famous market started in 1973 as a small collection of craft stalls.
  • Today, the market welcomes some 250,000 visitors every week.
  • In 1862, Charles Goodall & Sons, of Royal College St, Camden, became the first company to mass-produce Christmas cards.
  • The movies Withnail & I, The Ladykillers, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Eyes Wide Shut, and Venus all featured scenes shot in Camden.
  • Literary giants who have lived in Camden include Karl Marx (also buried at nearby Highgate Cemetery), Friedrich Engels, poet Dylan Thomas, Virginia Woolf and other members of the Bloomsbury Group, George Orwell and Agatha Christie.
  • Camden is home to the largest population of students in London, with more than 24,000 higher education students, and more higher education institutions than any other local authority.
  • Camden has the largest listed building in England - the Alexandra and Ainsworth Estate.
  • The British Library, situated in Camden, has 625km of shelves which hold 150 million books.

Cost of Living in Camden

Despite its reputation as an artists paradise, prices in Camden have steadily risen in recent years, as is often the case with the most fashionable boroughs. The average rent in Camden is over £3,000 per month - however, this number varies widely depending on the size and location of a property. For example, one-bedroom apartments can be found for £1300 per month, whilst larger housing can cost upwards of £4500. 

Whilst rent can be expensive in Camden, it should be noted that this is by far the biggest expenditure. The other main cost usually associated with staying in London - namely food - can be significantly lower in the area thanks to the abundance of excellent quality street food. Whereas the average cost of a moderately- priced meal for two persons in central London comes in at around £80, an equivalent can be found in one of Camden’s numerous vendors for as little as £10. What’s more, staying in a serviced apartment in Camden also means having the option to self-cater, which in itself can yield huge savings. 

Tips for Visiting Camden

First-time visitors to Camden can often find it a little overwhelming - especially if they happen to arrive on the weekend where the town is a bustling hive of activity. Whilst many will simply head straight to the market, even this can be a confusing experience for the uninitiated. Therefore, what follows are a few tips for visiting Camden.

  • If you are actually planning to do some shopping (as opposed to sightseeing) avoid the markets at peak times - specifically weekend afternoons. 
  • Don’t be afraid to try the food stalls - the quality is very good and the price is very low!
  • It’s impossible to avoid crowds.
  • Camden tube station gets incredibly busy - so much so that it actually closes during peak weekend hours!
  • The Regent’s Canal towpath actually gets quite picturesque once you travel away from Camden Lock - it’s also a great way to explore London on foot.
  • Get lost in the crowds - it can be quite enjoyable.
  • Walking around the outside of London Zoo is a great way to see some animals whilst avoiding the entry fee.

Things to Do in Camden

Camden is one of London’s most diverse and exciting boroughs, offering everything from fashionable social hangouts, hip nightspots and clubs to historic landmarks, beautiful parks and stunning architecture. What’s more, Camden Town itself is just a stone’s throw away from many of London’s top attractions, meaning visitors to the area will never be found wanting when it comes to things to do.

Q.What are the most popular things to do in Camden?

Camden is pretty much a blank canvass when it comes to things to do, boasting so many options. Below are a few of the most popular:

  • Shop for bargains at Camden Lock market.
  • Take a stroll along the canal.
  • Eat at one of the incredible restaurants.
  • Spend an evening in one of the famous rock bars.
  • Pay a visit to London Zoo.
  • Explore some of the borough’s lesser-known museums.
  • Admire the incredible views offered from Primrose Hill.

Q.What are some free things to do in Camden?

London is often thought of as an expensive city, but there are actually plenty of free things to do in Camden and its surrounding area:

  • See some contemporary art at the Camden Arts Centre.
  • Explore Camden Market.
  • Go blue plaque hunting.
  • Visit the Jewish museum.
  • Enjoy a little people watching.

Q.What are the most family-friendly things to do in Camden?

Contrary to some opinions, Camden can actually be a fantastic place for families to enjoy. One of London’s biggest attractions - London Zoo - is primarily aimed at families and is found in the borough. There are also several large parks and play areas around the town. Finally, many of the pubs and cafes in the area are kid-friendly and great places to enjoy a family meal.

Q.What are the more unusual things to do in Camden?

Camden as a whole is anything but ordinary and visitors will find they soon start to come across the more quirky side of the district. The market can be a great place to start, with its unusual and often striking niche fashion stalls. There are also more unusual attractions, such as the Vagina Museum or the famous Cereal Killer Bar. 

Places to Visit in Camden

Camden Town is a fantastic location in its own right, with plenty of landmarks and attractions to visit. However, it is also an ideal location from which to explore wider London, as many of the capital’s iconic landmarks are either a short walk or tube ride away. Below are a few suggestions for places to visit in Camden.

  • Camden Lock Market - Camden’s iconic market, selling everything from quirky fashions to handmade crafts.
  • The British Museum - arguably the UK’s best museum, just a short tube hop from Camden.
  • London Zoo - the capital’s eponymous zoo and conservation centre - a fantastic day out for all the family. 
  • Covent Garden - just a short journey from Camden is another of London’s most fabled locations - a great place for lunch or enjoying a show.
  • Lords Cricket Ground - the home of cricket and one of the world’s most iconic sports grounds, with guided tours and an onsite museum.
  • Madame Tussauds- the famous waxwork museum is now found in several cities worldwide, but the London branch is the original! 
  • Regents Park - a beautiful royal park with plenty of ornate gardens, nature trails and recreation areas 
  • Primrose Hill - actually part of Regents Park, but this area is famous for its spectacular views of the city, particularly during the summer. 

Places to Eat in Camden

Camden is a food-lovers paradise with plenty of prestigious fine dining restaurants, traditional pubs and delicious international cuisine. In fact, many describe the north London borough as the city’s most diverse location for dining out.

Some of the best places to eat in Camden include: 

  • Mildreds Camden. 
  • Daphne.
  • La Patagonia.
  • Hook.
  • Namaste Kitchen.
  • Ma Petite Jamaica.
  • Jamon Jamon.
  • Goodfare.
  • Karavas.
  • The Woody Grill.

Street Food in Camden

Camden may have a fantastic array of restaurants and cafes, but above all else, it is famous across the UK for its excellent street food. Camden Lock Market has an entire area dedicated to real street food, with every imaginable cuisine on offer. Some highlights include:

  • Fest Camden
  • Dingwalls
  • Harvest Garden
  • Pino’s Warung
  • Yorkshire Burrito
  • Rudy’s Dirty Vegan Diner
  • Brace
  • Petare

Shopping in Camden

Being home to what is arguably London’s most famous market, Camden is inevitably a popular location to shoppers. However, the area isn’t all about negotiating bargains on market stalls. There are also numerous bespoke fashion shops, such as Dark Wear, Modfather, and Mad Hatters as well as long-established boutique jewellers, like Camden Spinners, E&E and Haremlique. However, those seeking a more mainstream shopping experience also have the option of heading to one of the many nearby shopping malls and plazas, such as:

  • Camden Mall.
  • The Brunswick Centre.
  • Angel Central.
  • The O2 Centre.
  • One New Change.

Transportation in Camden

Like most London boroughs, Camden benefits from extensive public transport services. The London Underground offers the simplest way of making journeys around central London, especially as the Northern Line - which serves Camden - runs all night. The tube provides regular direct services to several key destinations, including:

  • Kings Cross St Pancras.
  • London Bridge.
  • Tottenham Court Road.
  • Waterloo.
  • Leicester Square.
  • Embankment

There are also regular bus services running throughout Camden, offering links to both London city centre and out towards areas such as Hampstead Heath, Clapham, and Wood Green. In addition to this, there are eight night services, which operate through all the key London areas when the day services stop running. Both bus and tube services are covered by Travelcards which cost around £18.20 per day, as well as the Oyster contactless payment system, which charges just £2.90 per journey. 

Weather in Camden

London weather varies according to season and ranges from brilliant sunshine in the summer to snowfall in the colder months of winter. The most popular time to visit the city is in the summer months of July and August, when the weather often hovers pleasantly in the high twenties. However, the winter months are also notable as London has plenty of cosy pubs and festive attractions throughout December and January. Whilst July is usually the driest month of the year, London is notorious for its random showers and visitors are advised to pack for rainfall at any time of year.