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Corporate Accommodation in Crawley

Crawley holds much that business travellers need; good connections to London and top-notch access to Gatwick Airport. Business requires connections to the world and the city of London in order to get transactions done. Thankfully, Crawley enables business gurus to do what they need to do best.

But then there are the corporate accommodation options. These living spaces have been finely attuned and furnished to put all corporate requirements at bay. They function both as places to relax and to work from remotely if needs be. In short, every businessman can have what they need from a corporate apartment; an area for their entertainment and hard work. The amenities provide them with a place that can feel like home. And the local transport connections are only a short distance away, due to Crawley serviced apartments always being centrally located.

Holiday Accommodation in Crawley

Crawley is an ideal destination for travellers that want to relax and get away from city life. The area alone has enough areas of interest to keep solo travellers, families and couples entertained throughout their short or long term stay. When it comes to serviced apartments in Crawley, these too add to the leisure experience in the town. With every last serviced apartment fully furnished for comfort and convenience, leisure travellers can have the ideal holiday in Crawley and relax with ease knowing that they have a serviced living space for themselves, partner and family.

Kids can use the flat screen TV and Wi-Fi at their leisure to pass the time, while parents, or couples, can utilise the fully equipped kitchen for healthy living and cook something romantic to go with the candles or sunset.

Where to Stay in Crawley

The town of Crawley has much to offer, and it's the same when it comes to areas to stay. So let’s get the obvious ones over with first. Staying in the County Oak or Lowfield Heath will put travellers in easy access of Gatwick Airport; more than ideal for those who need a quick escape to another land. For those travellers that are looking to experience Crawley for leisure and want to be more centrally located, it is recommended that they stay in Northgate, Southgate and Tilgate. Our portfolio can allocate all guests the perfect serviced apartment in Crawley, even in the above spots.

Facts About Crawley

Like any old town in Britain, it is no surprise that there are a fair few facts about Crawley that go far into the past and play a significant role in its current status. Plus, with Gatwick Airport not far away, it’s not a shock to find that Crawley’s history is tied to it. Facts can help travellers of all kinds know more about their chosen destination and understand its culture before they arrive. To understand Crawley before entering the serviced apartment’s interior, here are a few facts about the town:

  • Gatwick Airport and the surrounding businesses employ 21,000 people - contributing £2 billion to the local economy.
  • Gatwick was named a 'new town' after WW2.
  • Gatwick Airport used to be a top racecourse, holding the Grand Nationals of 1916, 1917 and 1918.
  • Crawley was found in the 470s.
  • WW2 shelters can still be found in the town.
  • Crawley used to be a centre for the iron industry.
  • Believe it or not, Sweeny Todd may have learnt his butchering skills in a shop in Crawley.
  • Crawley is home of the World Marble Championships.

Cost of Living in Crawley

Although Crawley certainly isn’t London when it comes to costs of living, it isn’t cheap either. Prices for a weekly shop can vary but again, it depends on whether it is being conducted close to the airport, where costs will be slightly higher. But property prices (and rent controls) can be a good indication of the cost of living in any area. For example, the rent costs below show that the area can be similar to London in some of its rent costs:

  • 1 bedroom apartment in Crawley centre = £887.50
  • 1 bedroom apartment outside Crawley centre = £812.50
  • 3 bedroom apartment in Crawley centre = £1,562.50
  • 3 bedroom apartment outside Crawley centre = £1,250.00

While rent prices might be one thing, the cost of buying an apartment outright can be a lot more expensive, as the price below demonstrate:

  • Price per square metre to buy an apartment in Crawley centre = £3,652.50 
  • Price per square metre to buy an apartment outside of Crawley centre = £3,168.00 

Tips for Visiting Crawley

For new travellers, heading to a new destination can be tough and daunting. But that’s where tips can come in handy. They abridge any uncertainties and can prove to be fruitful nuggets of information that can reward travellers of all kinds. While Crawley isn’t the confusing space that London or NYC can be, it’s still good for guests to have a few tips that can help out. These tips can be found below:

  • Gatwick Airport is 12 minutes away by car, and 5 minutes away by train.
  • When all of the town’s, and surrounding areas, attractions have been harvested, London is always a good shout.
  • Attractions for day outs include Wings Museum and Wakehurst.
  • The locals are the beholders of local knowledge - use them well.
  • Planes will be taking off frequently, so it’s best to get used to the noise.
  • Tickets from Crawley to Gatwick Airport cost £3-£4.

Things to Do in Crawley

Although serviced apartments are the best option for travel accommodation in Crawley, guests don’t want to be cooped up all day long, even if all the amenities they need are there. That’s why every great destination has great attractions and things to do to keep guests entertained.

Q. What are the most popular things to do in Crawley?

Below are some of the top areas of interest and things to do in the area of Crawley:

  • Go to Tilgate Park 
  • Enjoy Buchan Country Park
  • Head to Wakehurst, the  16th century mansion 
  • Visit the Wings Museum
  • Explore St Leonards Forest 
  • Have an adventure at Crawley Museum

Q. What are some free things to do near Crawley?

When budgets are tight, these are the free attractions to go to:

  • Go to the local parks like Tilgate Park, Buchan Country Park, National Trust (Nymans), Ifield Mill Pond, St Leonards Forest.
  • Observe the Ouse Valley Viaduct

Q. What are the most family-friendly things to do near Crawley?

Families will enjoy going to the likes of the Wings Museum, Wakehurst, Crawley Museum and St Leonards Forest. Kids will also like the planes taking off, so plane spotting is advised.

Places to Visit in Crawley

Travelling is all about exploring the area. Otherwise, what’s the point in travelling to begin with? Crawley has its own plethora of attractions and places to visit that will enlighten and entertain families, couples and solo guests at their leisure. So when the guests are ready to venture out of their Crawley serviced apartment, they can head to the following sights to pass some of the time:


  • Tilgate Park - A wooded area with a lake, woodland and nature centre, kids will certainly enjoy this.


  • Buchan Country Park - An expansive parkland with gardens and woods, nature can be seen and felt with every step.
  • National Trust (Nymans) - Set among ruin, the beautiful garden is a wonder to behold, especially for those that love their plantlife.
  • Wakehurst - A large 16th century mansion estate, with botanic gardens, this is a sleek trip back in time.
  • Wings Museum - This aviation museum is great for those that love their planes and fighter jets.
  • Ifield Mill Pond - A tranquil space, this is the best spot to go to when guests need to unwind and contemplate.
  • St Leonards Forest - Guests can wander around the forest, take in nature there and have a break from their schedule.
  • Ouse Valley Viaduct - This architectural marvel is more than worth a snap and selfie.
  • Crawley Museum - Delve into the history of the town, from the Stone Age to its ironworks trading.

Places to Eat in Crawley

Food is one one of the many joys of going to a new destination. While Crawley may not be as exotic as Singapore, it does deliver wholesome foods from across the globe. From the traditional British foods to the sharp twangs of Asian cuisine to the heart of continental Europe, foodies can really treat themselves in the town and have a meal that fills the heart and soul. Some of Crawley’s best restaurants include:

  • Sage
  • The Parson's Pig
  • Royal Thai Taste
  • Lemongrass Thai Cuisine
  • Fatboys Joint
  • Leo's Tapas
  • Taormina
  • Wildwood Restaurant
  • La Brasserie at the Sofitel London Gatwick
  • Xenia Latin Lounge

Street Food in Crawley

As a town, Crawley doesn’t quite offer the extensive street markets that cover London, NYC and San Francisco. However, it does have Crawley Market, which takes place around Haslett Avenue West and The Broadway. Some of the foodie options there, although limited, are tasty and scrumptious as well as being fairly priced.

Shopping in Crawley

We all love a good shop when we go on holiday; finding bespoke and memorable products. Other times, it’s simply to do a weekly shop to find all the foods and meals throughout the short or long term stay. Crawley, even though it’s a New Town, has plenty of places to shop, from independent shops on the street to malls and shopping centres that can deliver a daily shopping experience filled with wonder. Some of the best places to shop in Crawley include:

  • County Mall 
  • Acorn Retail Park
  • County Oak Retail Park
  • Queens Square 
  • Shire Parade 

Transportation in Crawley

Getting from A to B is simple enough in Crawley, with transportation options that include the bus, train and plane. Given the close proximity of Gatwick Airport, the final option isn’t a surprise. Whether a guest chooses to come into Crawley by car, bus or plan, they will have no issue getting to their serviced apartment, or visiting nearby attractions on daily trips, when they’re in Crawley. Notable transportation networks include:

  • Crawley train station
  • Ifield train station
  • Three Bridges train station
  • Gatwick Airport train station
  • Fastway 
  • Gatwick Airport

Naturally, tickets for public transport can vary depending on the journey, and plane tickets will be costly due to international travel. The Oyster card and contactless systems were extended to Crawley and Gatwick Airport in 2016, so this is another method for travellers to pay to get to the airport and Central London.

Weather in Crawley

Britain is renowned for its wet climate. And it’s fair to say that Crawley also falls within this category. The autumn and winter months (September-February) naturally have plenty of rain, and some snow, to round off the seasons. Meanwhile, the spring and summer months (March-August) will show various hot temperatures that can reach 30 degrees when needs be (or certainly high temperature). But beware that rain and storms can still happen.