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Serviced apartments in Ealing are perfect for short and long stays in London. Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, our apartments include all the amenities to make you feel at home. Just eight miles from Charing Cross, Ealing is a bustling urban district that offers its own unique atmosphere whilst still being very much a part of London. Ealing is known as something of a retreat for those who wish to enjoy small-town life whilst still being less than thirteen minutes away from London Bridge by train. This short commute, combined with Ealing’s own excellent range of services and amenities, has led to the area becoming extremely popular with business travellers. Whilst there is an abundance of hotels and guest houses available for those looking to stay in Ealing, corporate travellers often find these are less than ideal for their needs. Instead, more and more are turning to serviced apartments - private lets that offer a private space in which guests can both work and relax. 

Examples of some of the top serviced apartments near Ealing include:

These properties offer everything the business traveller could require - including high-speed Wi-Fi and a flat-screen TV. However, they are also perfectly suitable for tourists who enjoy having their own space. The inclusion of a fully equipped kitchen also means they are a great option for those who prefer to self-cater. 

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More about Ealing, London

Benefits of Serviced Apartments

More and more people are discovering the benefits of serviced apartments - from tourists looking for a long weekend away, to corporate travellers expecting to spend several weeks in a given location. Each private property offers a much higher level of comfort and convenience than can be expected from the average hotel chain, offering a comfortable living space, with luxurious soft furnishings and tasteful decor. Aside from offering a more home-like environment, serviced apartments also offer additional services that are often associated with traditional paid accommodation, such as room cleaning, reception and even on-site leisure facilities where available. Finally,’s range of serviced apartments in Ealing are selected according to the desirability of their location - meaning guests are never far from key amenities and transport links. 

Corporate Accommodation in Ealing

Being so close to London and boasting such a comprehensive range of options when it comes to transport links, Ealing has inevitably become a popular place to stay for those making business trips to the capital. With this in mind, has selected a range of corporate accommodation in Ealing with features and conveniences which are specifically intended to support business activities of the corporate traveller. Each property is not only close to all the major stations and transport links, but also offers the perfect base of operations - with a study/recreation area, high-speed Wi-Fi and flat-screen TV. They also offer a much greater degree of privacy than a hotel or guest house, making them perfect for relaxing after a hard day in the City. 

Holiday Accommodation in Ealing

Ealing is not only a popular spot with business travellers. The district is part of London, but its position to the northeast of the city also makes it perfect for travellers looking to explore other UK cities such as Oxford or Winchester, as well as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty such as the Chiltern Hills or North Wessex Downs. Luckily, serviced apartments also make the perfect holiday accommodation in Ealing - especially for those visiting with families or small groups. Having a private space with additional living area offers a much more pleasant experience than being limited to a single hotel room and the addition of kitchen facilities also means that guests have more options when it comes to dining. 

Where to Stay in Ealing

Although the district only covers a small area, there are a number of things to consider when choosing where to stay in Ealing. Anyone looking to make regular journeys into London are advised to seek out accommodation close to Gunnersbury station - as this offers both overground and underground services into London. Wellesley Road and its surrounding area is a particularly popular location within the district. Being located on the western side of the area also offers easy access to the many attractions of Kew and Gunnersbury. Alternatively, the more central locations along Ealing High Road offers visitors easy access to the local shops and amenities. 

Facts About Ealing

Ealing has grown exponentially in modern times. It was once a famous stop off for horse-drawn vehicles travelling in and out of London, before itself flourishing into a large residential area with its own town centre and bustling high street. Today, Ealing still bears many signs of its Victorian expansion but it has developed into a modern and thriving community that offers the best aspects of small-town living whilst being just ten minutes away from London city centre. Below are a few interesting facts about Ealing:

  • Ealing Studios is the world’s oldest film studios still in production, dating back to 1902.
  • Ealing appears in many Doctor Who episodes, including the famous 1970 scene when the mannequin Autons break out of the shop and go on a killing rampage, which was filmed at the John Sanders department store (now Marks & Spencer).
  • Ealing started life as an Anglo-Saxon village.
  • Ealing’s prevalence as a point of respite for horse-drawn vehicles in the 18th century also made it a favourite target for infamous highwaymen. 
  • Ealing has a population of around 90,000. 
  • The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger and Keith Richards first met Brian Jones at the Ealing Jazz Club in 1962, and the Brand New Heavies formed in Ealing in 1985.
  • Ealing is home to the biggest Sikh community in London and one of the biggest Polish communities in the capital.

Cost of Living in Ealing

Another advantage of Ealing is that the cost of living is generally a little cheaper than other London districts. Whereas rent in central London can exceed £3,000 per month, a one-bedroom apartment can be found in Ealing for £1,500 - £2,000. An advantage of serviced apartments in Ealing is that they offer more cost efficiency the longer a guest stays - not to mention they also offer additional services, including room cleaning, which in itself can save both time and money. 

Whilst rent is the biggest expenditure, there are of course other costs to consider. When it comes to socialising, bars and restaurants are generally cheaper in Ealing then elsewhere in London, with the price of a meal for two being around £50 - £60 at a mid-range restaurant. For the health-conscious, a gym membership will cost approximately £45 per month. The other cost to consider is travel - which will, of course, vary dramatically on the distance and number of journeys taken. Ealing falls under London fare zone three and a travel card for the city can be purchased for £13.50 per day, or £42.40 for the week.

Tips for Visiting Ealing

Staying outside of London city centre offers many benefits, but whilst many people will be savvy regarding life hacks in the capital, some will be less sure of what it’s like to live in one of the boroughs. With this in mind, what follows are a few tips for visiting Ealing, to help first-timers get the most out of their stay.

  • Spend time discovering Ealing’s many art galleries and creative venues - they aren’t as visible as some of London’s more famous institutions but offer fantastic displays of local and international talent.
  • If the weather is good, be sure to spend time in Ealing’s picturesque parks.
  • The north-east side of Ealing tends to be cheaper than the side closer to London.
  • Enjoy a beverage in one of the historic inns.
  • Be sure to make the odd excursion to other nearby UK cities.
  • Research transport options - unlike many places in central London, hiring a car in Ealing can be eminently practical.
  • Ealing town is the best place for shopping generally, whilst West Ealing is better for grocery shopping.

Things to Do in Ealing

Ealing’s location on the outskirts of Greater London means it offers an incredibly diverse range of options when it comes to finding things to do. Those staying in the borough can make a short journey enjoy both urban and rural attractions, or explore the myriad entertainment and leisure facilities in Ealing town itself.

  1. What are the most popular things to do in Ealing?

Ealing has all the attractions and facilities one would expect to find in a vibrant and successful town, from world-class leisure facilities to a range of exciting social hubs. A few of the top things to do locally are:

  • Catch some air time at the trampoline park.
  • Explore a stately home and gardens at Osterley Park.
  • Head across the river to visit Kew Gardens.
  • Enjoy a drink or two in one of the historic inns.
  1. What are some outdoor activities in Ealing?

Ealing is known across London for its abundance of parks and outdoor spaces - making it the perfect location for those who enjoy being outdoors. There are several large parks in the vicinity, as well as smaller gardens and nature reserves. Some popular spots include:

  • Walpole Park.
  • Ealing Common.
  • Lammas Park.
  • Gunnersbury Park.
  1. Are there many excursions to be had from Ealing?

Ealing is the perfect location from which to enjoy a few day trips. Of course, London, with its wealth of iconic attractions, is just a few minutes away by tube. However, it is also possible to make trips to both Winchester and Oxford - both of which offer a very different but equally rewarding city experience. 

  1. What are some free things to do in Ealing?

Ealing has a few options when it comes to free activities. When the weather is good, there are plenty of parks and gardens to explore - most of which are free to enter. The Open Ealing arts centre also holds several free events throughout the year - though visitors are advised to check the calendar online to be sure of prices. Finally, the Questors Theatre also has several shows a year when attendance is based on a voluntary donation. 

Places to Visit in Ealing

Many visitors to Ealing will be surprised by just how much there is to do in the surrounding vicinity - without the need to head into London proper. Thanks to its location, anyone staying in Ealing can enjoy the sights of the city as well as those hidden away in the suburbs. A few suggestions are:

  • Hanwell Zoo - a fun day out for the family, Hanwell Zoo features wildlife from all over the world.
  • Osterley Park - stunning 16th-century estate with mansion and gardens.
  • Hogarth House - a museum set in the former country home of the 18th-century English artist William Hogarth.
  • St Michael and All Angels Church - a unique and stunning Victorian-era church.
  • Fullers Brewery - visit the home of the iconic brewery and learn about the brewing and bottling process, as well as indulge in a little tasting. 
  • Syon House - one of London’s last great houses, Syon House and its surrounding 200-acre park has been in the same family for over 400 years and attract visitors from all over the country.
  • Kew Gardens- the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew showcase stunning flora from around the world in a sprawling 326-acre landscape. 
  • London Museum of Water & Steam - a quirky museum with plenty of interactive exhibits dedicated to steam engineering. Perfect for family-friendly sightseeing.

Places to Eat in Ealing

Ealing may not be known as a haven of gastronomy, but visitors will be pleasantly surprised to find that the borough is something of a hidden gem when it comes to dining out. Just about every flavour imaginable is represented: from classic European dishes to avant-garde oriental cuisine. Below are a few of the most popular places to eat in Ealing:

  • L'oro di Napoli Ealing.
  • Haweli.
  • Pho Saigon.
  • Coda di Volpe Pizzeria.
  • Sidi Bou London.
  • LimeYard.
  • Boof Restaurant.
  • Galicja Restaurant West Ealing.
  • Piccola Italia Ealing.

Shopping in Ealing

Ealing town centre has an excellent high street with plenty of famous brands and services on offer. In fact, the Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre is one of the best shopping plazas outside of London city centre and boasts over 80 retailers. There’s also an excellent selection of larger stores, including supermarkets and outlet stores, in West Ealing. However, another great thing about shopping in Ealing is that there are several other large-scale shopping centres within easy reach. These include:

  • The Oaks Shopping Centre.
  • The Blenheim Arcade.
  • Wembley Central.
  • Kew Retail Park.
  • Westfield London.

Transportation in Ealing

The zone 3 borough of Ealing is extremely well connected when it comes to public transport, meaning anyone staying in the area has plenty of options when it comes to getting around. For travelling around Greater London, away from the city centre, many people opt to take the bus. Ealing has some 47 routes operating locally, several of which operate at night. For journeys in the city centre, the London Underground is usually considered the most convenient means of transport - especially as Ealing has some 14 different tube stations. Some stops of note are:

  • Ealing Broadway.
  • Ealing West.
  • West Acton.
  • Hanwell.
  • Drayton Green.

Journey’s via public transport can be paid for with the Oyster card, which offers lower rates than traditional payment methods, with single Zone 1 journeys being just £2.70. The cards can be purchased online, in newsagents and at most Transport for London stations. 

Finally, whilst driving in London city centre is not advised due to congestion, Ealing has less traffic on its roads and hiring a car is a good idea for anyone looking to travel beyond the boundaries of Greater London. 

Weather in Ealing

Ealing shares the same weather as the rest of London - namely four distinct seasons that see the weather change from bright sunshine to short days with the possibility of snow. Summertime lasts from June until September and is traditionally the most popular time to visit the city, with temperatures usually hovering around the high twenties throughout July and August. However, the capital is notorious for its unpredictable rainfall - even in summer - so it's important to pack accordingly. Whilst winters are significantly colder, with temperatures often dropping below freezing overnight in the colder months of December and January, Ealing’s cosy pubs and festive activities make this an equally popular time amongst tourists.