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Where to Stay in East Dulwich

Some of the best serviced apartments East Dulwich may be found at locations like Tooley Street and Lordship Lane which is the high-street zone with numerous stores. Other choices include North Cross Road, Crawthew Grove and Crystal Palace Road. 

Facts About East Dulwich

East Dulwich’s earliest historical records go back to 967 when Dilwihs was granted by Edgar the Peaceful to Earl Aelfheah, a thane. Dilwihs stood for meadow where the dill grew. East Dulwich was then only a small hamlet or a group of smaller farms centered on modern-day Goose Green. Here are some more interesting facts about East Dulwich that you should know: 

  • Dulwich was owned by the Norman Dynasty led by King William I. Many new roads were built in the Middle Ages including what is called Lordship Lane today. William Mabuhs ultimately sold Est Dilewissh to John Leverich. 
  • With the Church of England coming up in 1538, Dulwich was eventually granted by Henry VIII for £609 in 1544 to Thomas Calton, a goldsmith. It then became private property. Nearby, a huge forest called the Great North Wood was cut down for shipbuilding and other activities. 
  • In the Stuart era, a fresh water spring was discovered at Dulwich Wood. A Public House was built by Francis Cox in 1705 along with a new road. 
  • East Dulwich Chapel came up in 1826 while the London, Chatham and Dover Railway was constructed in 1863. St John’s Church was built in 1865 while East Dulwich railway station finally opened in 1868. 
  • The Lordship Lane station was built in 1871. The first hospital opened in 1887 while the Dulwich Grove Congregational Church first opened in 1890. 
  • Enid Blyton was born in 1897 at Lordship Lane. 

Weather in East Dulwich

East Dulwich witnesses long and cold winters which are windy and cloudy as well. Summers here are more comfortable and on the shorter side. The best time to visit is between late June and early in September. Temperatures usually hover between 39 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year.