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When staying in proximity to the City of London, people often prefer serviced apartments Edgware for several reasons. This is one of the foremost suburban towns within northern Greater London and majorly within the Barnet London Borough. A smaller portion of the area is also included within the Harrow borough of London. Edgware is situated approximately 9.5 miles northwards or towards the north-west from Charing Cross. It has its own dedicated commercial hub/centre as well. The rural-urban mixture makes it one of the most delightful places to stay for business or leisure travelers alike. 

Top Serviced Apartments in Edgware: 

  • Beaufort Park in Colindale
  • Gloucester Palace
  • The Hyde
  • Stanmore Apartments
  • The Soho Studio 

Our serviced apartments Edgware are known for offering the best amenities and facilities. These include well-equipped kitchens, free Wi-Fi and comfortable beds for ensuring better relaxation and connectivity alike. 

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More about Edgware, London

Where to Stay in Edgware

Edgware has no dearth of places to stay for modern travelers. These include Colindale and Edgware Road which runs till central London. The areas of The Hale, Burnt Oak, Canons Park and some portions of Queensbury are popular places to stay. 

Facts About Edgware

Edgware was once an ancient parish within Middlesex County and directly eastwards from the former Watling Street. It lends its name to the current Edgware Road which goes towards the town from the central London area. Here are some more interesting facts for you to consider: 

  • The community is home to elevated woodlands on a higher ridge and this marks the sand and gravel border of Hertfordshire. 
  • This covers the areas of The Hale, Burnt Oak, Canons Park, some portions of Queensbury and Edgwarebury. 
  • Edgware is primarily a residential cum shopping zone that was identified as one of the 35 major centres within the London Plan and a terminal in the Northern Line. It comprises of the Broadwalk shopping centre, Edgware Community Hospital and a library along with the Deans Brook and Edgware Brook. 
  • The name comes from Ecgi’s weir in Saxon. The weir means a pond where the people of Ecgi caught their fish. 
  • The Edgware town centre is situated 60 metres above sea level and a majority of the area is steep, mostly around Edgwarebury Park (A Nature Conservation Interest Site) and also Broadfields Estate. 
  • The Deans, Edgwarebury and Edgware brooks all flow in this zone while the A41 and M1 pass through it. 
  • Charing Cross is 10 miles away while Stanmore is 1.8 miles away from the locality. It is 3.5 miles away from Harrow and 4.1 miles away from Chipping Barnet. 

Weather in Edgware

Edgware has short and comfortable summers which remain semi-cloudy as well. The winters remain windy, cold and majorly cloudy. Throughout the year, temperatures usually range between 39 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit. The best time to visit Edgware is between late June and early in September. This is the best time for enjoying outdoor activities.