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Harringay is a reputed district in North London and it lies within the Haringey Borough of London. It is centered on the portion of Green Lanes that runs between the New River, crossing the Green Lanes by Finsbury Park. It also goes through Duckett’s Common in proximity to Turnpike Lane. Our serviced apartments Harringay are ideal choices for business and leisure travelers. They offer the utmost comfort and flexibility for relaxing trips to this quaint and pretty locality. 

Top Serviced Apartments in Harringay: 

  • Lodge Drive Apartments 

Our serviced apartments Harringay are the best picks if you want top-notch amenities like free Wi-Fi, comfortable beds and well-equipped kitchens with all necessary appliances.

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Where to Stay in Harringay

You can pick areas like Turnpike Lane, East Coast Main Lane, Fairfax Road and Sydney Road. There are other choices like Warwick Gardens and Duckett’s Common in addition to Finsbury Park nearby. 

Facts About Harringay

Harringay is well-known for Green Lanes, its key shopping street. It is a cosmopolitan and bustling thoroughfare with numerous older stores. There are several cafes, groceries, Turkish bakeries and restaurants. Some of the noted pubs include Salisbury, a Grade-II listed landmark. Movies like The Long Good Friday and Chaplin were filmed here. Here are some more facts: 

  • The Beaconsfield public house lies to the south of the area. The Arena Shopping Park is opposite to the same, containing numerous outlets, a supermarket by Sainsbury’s and one of the first drive-through restaurants by McDonald’s. 
  • Grand Parade is a major stretch on the Green Lanes’ eastern side, covering almost half a kilometre till St Ann’s Road. 
  • The streets towards Green Lanes west are called Harringay Ladder. The streets behind Grand Parade are called The Gardens
  • The man-made New River is the sole waterway above the ground. It was built in 1619 for the inflow of water from Hertfordshire into London. 
  • Harringay was reportedly nestled on the edge of a sizable glacial mass reaching till Muswell Hill in the Ice Age. 
  • The area was majorly a forest till the Middle Ages when it became agricultural land. Harringay grew between 1750 and 1880. 
  • Harringay became a major London suburb by 1900 and remained part of Middlesex till 1965. This saw it not remaining within the County of London’s jurisdiction until this duration. It was identified as a single unified urban zone, Harringay was split originally between the older Tottenham and Hornsey boroughs. 
  • The boroughs were unified in the year 1965 as the London Borough of Haringey. The older boundary between Hornsey and Tottenham is still visible on several West Harringay roads. 

Weather in Harringay 

The summers are short and comfortable in Harringay while they remain slightly cloudy as well. The winters are longer and chillier although they remain cloudy and windy at the same time. The best time to visit is between late June and early September for tourists. Temperatures vary between 39 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit on average.