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Best known for the airport, Heathrow has many serviced apartments that are ideal for business and leisure stays - both long and short term. With stylish interiors, all our serviced apartments in Heathrow are a perfect alternative to hotels due to their ample space, fully equipped kitchens and comfortable living area. As one of the UK’s busiest transport hubs, it is unsurprising that Heathrow features an abundance of on-site and off-site accommodation, catering to everyone from frequent business travellers to holiday-goers awaiting an early morning flight. Of course, different visitors will have different criteria when it comes to suitable accommodation, but the general consensus is that serviced apartments in Heathrow offer the ultimate balance of convenience, comfort and privacy.’s range of accommodation near Heathrow airport are specially selected according to the highest of standards. Each offers visitors an unparalleled level of comfort, in a tastefully furnished private space replete with modern conveniences. The properties have also been specifically selected due to their highly desirable locations - ensuring that guests are never far from key landmarks and public transport hubs.

Some of the best serviced apartments in Heathrow include:

  1. Serviced Apartments in Heathrow
  2. Central Serviced Apartments in Hounslow
  3. Staycity London Heathrow
  4. Staybridge Suite Bath Road Heathrow
  5. Elthorne Luxury Apartments
  6. Royal Apartments

Offering additional amenities including full kitchen facilities, private access, room cleaning and concierge where available, these serviced apartments and apart-hotels in Heathrow offer the most comfortable and practical solution for anyone looking to stay in Heathrow.

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More about Heathrow, London

Where to Stay in Heathrow

London Heathrow Airport covers a huge area - with four terminals (T2, T3, T4 and T5) and a network of related infrastructure. Despite being a London airport, the actual location is some fifteen miles outside of the city, on the outskirts of Greater London. Visitors looking for somewhere to stay therefore have several options. London city centre is an option, as there are fast train links to the airport, but seeing as there is an abundance of excellent accommodation surrounding the airport itself, there is little point in adding the added stress of further travel into the mix. Bath Road features dozens of hotels and guest houses and the nearby villages of Feltham, West Drayton and Harlington also offer plenty of options. 

Prices closer to the airport tend to be slightly higher, but there are plenty of reasonable rates available and most places accommodate both business and leisure travellers. Nor are properties limited to the typical airport hotel either - the surrounding areas of Heathrow feature several picturesque rural locations that are perfect for unwinding either before or after the hustle and bustle of the airport. Ultimately, the needs of the individual traveller will determine the most suitable location, but the City of London, the airport vicinity and the surrounding towns and villages are all viable options to consider. 

Facts about Heathrow

Heathrow or Heath Row started out as a tiny airfield near a small hamlet in the parish of Harmondsworth, Middlesex. As the site grew, nearby buildings were knocked down and in 1944 the construction of London Heathrow Airport began. The airport now serves as the UK’s main international transport hub, with the most popular flights being New York, Dubai and Hong Kong. It is also the main base for the UK’s carrier - British Airways.

Some facts about Heathrow Airport:

  • Heathrow sees around 80m passengers a year pass through its terminals
  • The airport also delivers 1.70 million metric tonnes in cargo across the world annually.
  • The site of Heathrow covers 1,227 hectares
  • A bottle of Chanel no. 5 is sold in the airport duty-free every five minutes.

With an average of over 1,300 flights per day and employing some 76,500 people, Heathrow is one of the world’s busiest airports and an important part of the UK economy. There is also much speculation over the potential to expand the airport even further - with the addition of a third runway. 

Things to Do in Heathrow

Given the airport’s size and traffic levels, it may come of little surprise that there are plenty of amenities onsite to keep travellers entertained. The airport is open 24 hours and there are several places to relax, grab a bite to eat or catch up on some work with the free Wi-Fi. However, it is worth noting that facilities will vary at each terminal and naturally the first-class ticket holders will have access to enhanced facilities. Of course, there is always the option of venturing outside of the airport complex and enjoying what the surrounding areas have to offer. 

  1. Is there anything to do in the airport itself?

Heathrow offers plenty of shops and places to eat, which can help to pass the time whilst waiting for a flight or onward travel. There are also several entertainment zones, offering arcade machines and various casino games - however, these are not available in every terminal. Some tickets will also include lounge access, where there are movies and entertainments depending on the provider. 

  1. What are the interesting things to do nearby?

Heathrow benefits from superb transport links into London, so those staying nearby have all the attractions of the capital within easy reach. Alternatively, there are also plenty of great parks and nature trails in the vicinity of the airport itself, as well as historic towns which offer plenty of amenities.

  1. How easy is it to reach the attractions of London from Heathrow?

Heathrow has several direct rail links to London, as well as coach services that are fast and reliable. Depending on the mode of transport, the centre of London is as little as twenty minutes away. Routes are available to most London terminals, meaning those planning an excursion will find themselves amongst the city’s famous landmarks as soon as they step off the train. 

  1. Are there any things to do outdoors near the airport?

Heathrow has a surprising amount of outdoor activities either nearby or within easy reach thanks to its transport links. Two of the UK’s best theme parks are located nearby and there are also plenty of gardens and heritage estates that are open to the public. 

  1. Are there any active things to do near Heathrow?

Those who enjoy more active pursuits will find plenty of picturesque yet challenging walking routes in the surrounding countryside. Alternatively, there are also plenty of health and fitness facilities nearby - including several leisure centres and yoga studios. 

Places to Visit in Heathrow

Heathrow airport itself has plenty of amenities to keep travellers entertained as they await an outgoing or connecting flight. However, those that find they are on a layover of more than a few hours will find that there are several other options available to them. The list below includes sights and attractions that can be visited from the airport for day trips or for excursions of a few hours or more. 

  • Thorpe Park - one of the UK’s most popular theme parks is less than seven miles from the airport
  • Osterley Park and House - National Trust estate with stately home and picturesque gardens. Within walking distance of the airport.
  • Airport Bowl Heathrow - bowling and entertainments within the airport complex
  • Stanwell Moor - picturesque rural landscape with plenty of parks and reservoirs - ideal for those who enjoy a relaxing stroll.
  • Virginia Water- charming Surrey town with plenty to see and do - including its own resident Roman ruins. 
  • Colne Valley Regional Park - sprawling 27,500 acre parkland with plenty of green spaces, woodland, canals and reservoirs. 
  • Windsor Castle - less than ten miles away is one of England’s most famous landmarks - the royal residence of Windsor Castle, which is open to the public all year round. 
  • Twickenham Stadium - iconic sports stadium, known as the home of English rugby, surrounded by sports bars and amenities. 
  • Kew Gardens- the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew showcase stunning flora from around the world in a sprawling 326-acre landscape. 

Places to Eat in Heathrow

If there is one thing Heathrow is not short of, it iss places to eat. Of course, the airport itself has an abundance of places to eat - ranging from simple bar snacks to familiar high street chain restaurants, such as Carluccios, EAT., Wagamama and Yo! Sushi. However, being more or less surrounded by hotels, there are also plenty of opportunities to dine out in the vicinity of the airport. Some of the more popular hotel restaurants include Kaniz restaurant, which serves a range of contemporary Indian cuisine, The Pheasant Inn, which offers a typical gastro-pub style menu, and Fogg’s Kitchen and Bar, a contemporary restaurant serving a mix of traditional British and European dishes. 

Shopping in Heathrow

Heathrow is a great place to do a little shopping. Of course, the airport features an extensive Duty-Free shop for those travelling overseas, which offers everything from luxury brands to high-end liquours and cigars. However, there are also plenty of other retail opportunities within the airport’s terminals. The shops within each terminal will differ, with T2/3 and T5 having the largest retail selections. The airport shops are particularly notable for designer goods, with brand boutiques including:

  • Rolex
  • Chanel
  • Louis Vitton
  • Ted Baker 
  • Kurt Geiger

Alternatively, those who are able to leave the vicinity of the airport will find nearby Staines offers the Elmsleigh shopping centre, with around 60 retailers across 2 floors, or there’s the Royal Shopping Centre in Slough.

Transportation in Heathrow

There are several ways to access Heathrow Airport - including train, bus car and coach. 

Those who plan to drive themselves will need to arrange parking - which can be booked in advance or paid for when departing the airport. By road, all terminals are reachable from the M25. Alternatively, National Express coaches run shuttle routes from several UK locations - including London Victoria coach station. Services generally start early in the morning and run until after midnight. Bus services link Heathrow with the national rail network at Feltham, Reading, Woking and Watford Junction and there are also several dedicated train services running directly to the airport - The Heathrow Express being just a 15 minutes journey from London Paddington.

Once inside the airport, there is a shuttle service between the terminals and those who have issues with mobility will find there is also a service offering electric transport between the airport gates. 

Weather in Heathrow

Heathrow generally experiences the same weather as London. The winter months - particularly December and January can be cold, with temperatures often hovering around freezing or just above. Spring is known to be raining, whilst the summer months see temperatures rise to average highs of 24 degrees, with August generally being the hottest month of the year. The month of September is often a good time to visit, as the temperature is usually still warm, whilst being a little cooler than August in the evenings, making for a more comfortable stay. The good news is that, whilst the weather may be slightly unpredictable at times, it is extremely rare for adverse weather conditions to interfere with flight schedules.