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Top Serviced Apartments in Highbury East

Highbury East is a part of the well-known and charming Highbury district in North London. It is a pivotal component of the Islington Borough of London and was previously owned by the Ranulf brother of Ilger, including all areas towards the east and north of the Holloway and Canonbury Roads. Demand is naturally high for serviced apartments Highbury East since people prefer staying near London in this pretty and serene neighbourhood. The neighbourhood also has its own history and landmarks over the years. 

Top Serviced Apartments in Highbury East: 

  • Calabria Boho
  • The Euston Square Escape
  • Academy Court Apartment
  • Calabria Park 

Our serviced apartments Highbury East offer serene and tranquil living to guests along with the best amenities and facilities like free Wi-Fi, comfortable and cozy beds and also well-equipped kitchens with all necessary appliances.

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Where to Stay in Highbury East

People prefer several areas including St Paul’s Road, Corsica Street, Highbury Park, Drayton Park and numerous others. 

Facts About Highbury East

Highbury East had the manor house located beside the current eastern side of Hornsey Road in proximity to the Seven Sisters Road Junction. Here are some interesting facts about Highbury East: 

  • The new manor house was constructed after the decay of the original. 
  • It was nestled on a hill and named Highbury and was clearly differentiated from the original structure. This is where the area derives its name from. 
  • A Roman garrison possibly used the site for this manor as their own summer camp. A new Highbury House was built in 1781 and tiles were found that may have dated back to Norman or Roman times. 
  • Highbury ownership ultimately passed to Alicia de Barrow who handed it to the Priory of St John of Jerusalem in 1271. Lord Prior built Highway manor as a sizable country estate with its bar and grange. 
  • A mob was led in 1381 during the Peasant Revolution by Jack Straw and they destroyed this manor house. The Lord Prior of the time, Robert Hales, was ultimately beheaded on Tower Hill. 
  • The destroyed manor became known as Jack Straw’s Castle for the next 500 years since he initially used it as a temporary headquarters with some followers. 
  • Henry VIII confiscated this manor in 1540 and the land was crown property till the 17th century. It was acquired by stockbroker John Dawes and he constructed Highbury House in 1781. The house was extended by owners over the next three decades. Lush gardens and a massive observatory were included as a result. 
  • The grounds were sold off from 1794 onwards and by 1894, the building and remaining area turned into a school. In 1938, the property was ultimately demolished. It houses Eton House flats today and these were built in the year 1939. 

Weather in Highbury East

Highbury East has comfortable and shorter summers along with chillier and longer winters. Travelers should visit between late June and early September.