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There is no shadow of a doubt that moving to a new house is indeed quite enthralling. There are so many experiences to gather. So many things to adapt to; well, apart from so many things that are new, you cannot deny that costs are always an issue. Hence looking for Serviced Apartments Ilford will give you more options to settle down here before looking for permanent accommodation. 

If you are considering moving there and settling for a career or travelling, Ilford makes itself quite an amazing place. This is a place that comes with an abundance of natural resources and an array of choices when it comes to the matter of choosing the right career options. Moreover, not too far from London, Ilford is an amazing place that will help you stay connected to London while you can save on costs at the same time. 

Top Serviced Apartments in Ilford 

While you are considering travelling to London, it will be a wise idea to look for Serviced Apartments Ilford, and it will be a pocket-friendly choice. It will take care of your temporary accommodation needs and also for your leisure/business trips. A few of the serviced apartments that you can consider are mentioned below. 

  • Heathrow Central Apartment 
  • London City Apartment 
  • Farringdon Residence 
  • Blackfriars Apartment 
  • Waterloo apartment 

You need to know that each of these apartments is well equipped with all such amenities needed to support a decent life. You can get a fully equipped kitchen. You can expect clean bathrooms and comfortable bedrooms. There are spacious living rooms as well. The cupboard, where you can store your things, is an essential part of the serviced apartment.

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Where to stay in Ilford 

Irrespective of whether you are going for a road trip or a tour, you will certainly need to know a few viable places to stay at Ilford. You can browse a few serviced apartments that you can book without many hassles. If you consider making a trip to Ilford, you can plan your agenda around this welcoming, socially rich city. Individuals who travel to Ilford especially make their way to the cafés here. And if you think you can delve into a few neighbourhood attractions, you might need to add South Park, Fairlop Waters Golf Course and Hainault Forest Country Park to the list. The neighborhood is a great place to stay overall. 

A few facts about Ilford 

While planning for Ilford, you might need to know a few facts about that place. 

St Peters church in Aldeburgh Road North, Newbury Park, is a key landmark here. In its Christian graveyard is berried a Jewish American airline pilot who served to protect this county from the German bombers. He was shot down in the last world war. A Jew in a Christian grave is maybe the only one of its kind in the UK. Both Jews and Christians respect their loved ones here. Otherwise, Ilford is one of the biggest commercial and metropolitan centres within the London Plan. It has a retail centre which is frequented by tourists and locals alike. It is also the site where an interesting mammoth specimen was once found.