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Serviced Apartments in Romford

With Neasden and Archway as two prominent neighboring sites, Romford offers plenty of amenities and leisure to its residents and the guests coming to live there. Romford is a town with great greenery and immersing culture. The place enjoys competitive popularity among travelers of business and leisure alike. Serviced abodes planted across Romford promise to provide the aura of freshness and greenery to the ones choosing to have a taste of what Romford town has to offer.

It also enjoys proximity from trendy restaurants like Bunno to local markets around. You get to be near activity hubs during the day and have a peaceful time amidst its quiet surroundings in the evenings. No doubt, a serviced apartment is the best option in this area to make the most of your time here.

Top Serviced Apartment in Romford

The entire portfolio of our exclusive Romford serviced apartments comes with all the facilities and amenities that a resident will require to enjoy a perfect and immersive stay here. Having a fully equipped kitchen where you get to test your home cooking skills and eat healthy, with free Wi-Fi to connect to the web and carry on your deadlines even away from work, a cozy bedroom to rest after a tiring touristy day, and a full-fledged homely vibe, each of our portfolio listing has got them all combined into a memorable living experience.

Where to Stay in Romford?

The area of Romford is quite compact but very accommodating for all kinds of travelers. Staying across Jutsums Park Ornamental Garden will be our most recommended choice. Our guests feel lucky when they get to see the magnificent park view from their windows not only for their morning coffee. Lake Rise sits beside Raphael Park and Black’s Canal is another fine choice. It is a tree-lined residential street, a 20 minutes’ walk from Romford town center. Don't miss Parkland Avenue and Pettits Lane there to explore and fall in love with.

Facts About Romford

The area of Romford has quite a few facts to excite you about picking your serviced apartments in Romford. As in any other area of London, Romford possesses some quite overwhelming and striking features that make it stand out as a popular area. Some of the historic facts of the area can be read right below:

  • The place was historically a market town in the county of Essex and has administrative centers on the liberty of Havering. 
  • Romford is formed in 1177 with the Old English “Rum” and “Ford” and refers greatly to “the wide or spacious ford.” 
  • The town was significantly developed in the Middle Ages on the main road to London and the regionally Romford Market was established in 1247.

  • Romford town is about 50 feet above sea level on a gravel terrace rising from the River Thames. Whereas, the north of the town has developed on London clay and is placed as much as 150 feet. 
  • Romford is the hub of the London Buses network with services to Canning Town, Stratford, Leytonstone and there are feeder services also from the large housing developments at Harold Hills. 
  • Romford had an airport for passenger flights in the early 1930s located at Maylands Golf Club on the A12. 

Weather in Romford

Maintaining consistency, London weather has no changing experience. It had the same pattern of changing from season to season and can go from bright and searing sunshine to cold winds and even snow.

The most preferred time to visit London Romford is during the summer months of July and August, to enjoy summertime. Winters are also exquisite and loving due to the beautiful snowfall, sites, and festivals. July is the driest month of the year, but London is famous for its random showers and rainfalls.

Having a serviced apartment at Romford to witness all of these is just a blessing in disguise for your London trip with friends, family, or colleagues. Book yours now and make the most of flying down to one of the most beautiful parts of London.

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