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Known for its historic Silk industry since the 17th century and present aesthetics is this popular district in the East End of London. With proximity to Brick Lane and Commercial Street, Spitalfields is a tasteful neighbourhood to stay in and get the authentic taste of London. Being one of the most demanded neighbourhoods for residential purposes, the iconic markets all around combined with a distinct vibe, Spitalfields offers a tasteful London experience which has something for all travellers alike. As far as serviced apartments in Spitalfields are concerned, the neighbourhood is a popular East London choice among both business and holiday travellers. The proximity to the iconic markets here is what makes accommodation so desirable here.

Some of the best serviced apartments near Spitalfields include:

To ease the process of picking ideal serviced apartments in Spitalfields, an exclusive list has been especially curated. The experienced team at TheSqua.re has made sure to offer a living experience which has complete London flavour and still feels nothing less than home. Enjoy a premium stay with free Wi-Fi, soothing interiors, a well-maintained kitchen, comforting ambience, and a lot more. 

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More about Spitalfields, London

Corporate Accommodation in Spitalfields

One thing that most business travellers struggle with is finding the ideal accommodation which allows them to have a good time post-work, without travelling afar post a tiring day at work. Corporate Accommodation in Spitalfields offers that and so much more. Whether it is the affordable dining options, iconic touristy visits, or the last-minute souvenir hunting before heading back, this neighbourhood takes care of it all. As far as the quality of the stay is concerned, the availability of Smart T.V., free Wi-Fi, even speakers in some apartments, the post-work comfort and leisure is well taken care of. With groceries coming right at your doorstep, the kitchen is fully stocked, quick breakfasts away from home would never have been easier. Overall, a great option to feel comforted in the heart of London.

Holiday Accommodation in Spitalfields

When it comes to hunting for holiday accommodations, particularly in a massive and expensive city like London, connectivity comes as the biggest challenge. Getting a place near a metro station, with proximity to several tourist attractions, and that too on a budget often looks like an ambitious checklist. The exclusive bunch of serviced apartments in Spitalfields, specially compiled by TheSqua.re local experts offers all of it in one place. The need for kitchen at odd hours or any other immediate service is quite understandable when travelling with family, especially kids. This is the reason why serviced apartments are being preferred more than ever before as they come with a ready-to-cook kitchen, cleaning services, grocery delivery, and 24x7 online availability for all the other needs. All this in a neighbourhood like Spitalfields is a perfect combo!

Where to Stay in Spitalfields

With proximity to Liverpool Street, the City of London is the ideal neighbourhood to opt for. One can always be more specific about which exact part of Spitalfields is more convenient, based on respective preferences. For a more local experience, go for Old Spitalfields. Choosing an accommodation near the Spitalfield Market or a particular tube station is also quite possible with such a diverse range of serviced apartments in Spitalfields made available to you by TheSqua.re.

Facts About Spitalfields

With the establishment of the place dating back to as long as the 14th century, Spitalfields has a lot of interesting facts and figures to intrigue travellers looking forward to staying here. Especially the ones looking for serviced apartments in Spitalfields must skim through this excited about the list of facts written right below:

  • The legendary Spitalfields Market was established as early as 1638. 
  • 1889 marks the year when Spitalfields became a part of London County and has been a thriving part of it ever since. It was a Civil Parish before.
  • An ancient name for Spitalfields was ‘Lolsworth’.
  • The killing of the prostitutes by the serial killer Jack that became the biggest murder mystery in 1888 came to be known as the Whitechapel Murders. 
  • A mortuary chapel has been uncovered and preserved from a cemetery and hospital which was the largest in mediaeval England. It is now open to public viewing.
  • The name of the present neighbourhood is derived from St Mary Spital, who owned the land back then.
  • The iconic Christ Church in Spitalfields was built during the reign of Queen Anne. 

Cost of Living in Spitalfields

While the city of London falls in the expensive category, serviced apartments in Spitalfields offers a range of roughly between £ 115 to £ 195. With so many services and utmost comfort offered, while the rent seems justified, it is the other expenses that one can balance. While you can find a lot of mid-range options available here, with a fully-stocked kitchen at your disposal, not relying on restaurants for each meal will save a lot of daily costs. 

As far as shopping and other expenses are concerned, one can bag quite some great deals on the weekend vintage markets in Old Spitalfields Market and Brick Lane Market. However, apparels are something that Spitalfields has enough variety for all budgets to offer.

Tips for Visiting Spitalfields

While TheSqua.re gets you covered for all the amenities and comforts in the serviced apartments in Spitalfields, exploring the neighbourhood might require some additional tips and tricks. Here are some insider tips to ease the experiencing of visiting Spitalfields and making the most of it:

  • Spitalfields and Shoreditch are quite nearby so, while exploring places and experiences for your trip, do consider Shoreditch as well.
  • Thursday is the Antique Market day in the Old Spitalfields Market so, plan accordingly. 
  • The East London Walking Tour spread for 2-hours is roughly the cheapest tour in Spitalfields.
  • Head to TripAdvisor to make the most of the local streets, restaurants, and experiences here.
  • Get used to the crowd. The markets here are especially very crowded, particularly on weekends.
  • Brick Lane Market can be enjoyed best on Sundays. 

Things to Do in Spitalfields

Being a historic landmark with its own set of history, Spitalfields has an eclectic selection of attractions and experiences to offer. Some of the prime ones are right here:

Q. What are the most popular things to do in Spitalfields?

Here are some of the most iconic activities to check out here:

  • Take the most popular Jack the Ripper Tour here and attempt to solve London's biggest murder mystery which dates back to 1888.
  • Get around the famous Christ Church here with elaborate tours and refurbishments of the 17th-century building are particularly noticeable.
  • Made of dark shining glass is this iconic Bullet-shaped office skyscraper with a bar for the general public inside. Also known as The Gherkin, clicking pictures here is a popular thing to do. 
  • One must go for a shopping spree at the vintage Old Spitalfields Market and the Brick Lane Market. 

Q. What are some free things to do near Spitalfields?

When London is getting hard on the pocket, here are some fun things that can be enjoyed for free nearby:

  • The Hackney Museum is a small but fascinating museum in Shoreditch nearby which can be enjoyed for free.
  • Play with the farmyard animals and get educated with a free course on farm life in Hackney City Farm. 
  • Rivington Place is a unique array of eclectic visual artworks by some exclusively chosen photographers, artists, and photojournalists. 

Q. What are the most family-friendly things to do in Spitalfields?

Enjoy a day out with kids in a child-friendly neighbourhood of Spitalfields with some of the exciting activities listed below:

  • Skating classes at the Broadgate Ice Rink is one trustable experience for kids with their seal-shaped ice skates. 
  • Take the Alternative London Tour here to get step-by-step insights and stories behind the beautiful murals and culture here.
  • Nomadic Community Garden with its vibrant graffiti collection is quite a fun activity area with kids. 
  • Spitalfields City Farm is a local farm experience which is a great option to introduce humble countryside to the kids. 

Places to Visit in Spitalfields

This neighbourhood within its boundaries gives a wholesome experience of authentic London. To get familiar with the true London vibe, just getting around Spitalfields alone will be quite satisfactory on a short trip. Below are some of the landmarks here that one must check out:

  • Old Spitalfields Market - One landmark that is representative of not only this Neighbourhood but the entire city is this vibrant market. One can expect handcrafted items, foods, and even high-end fashion items in this 4 centuries-old market.
  • Broadgate Ice Rink - Enjoy ice-skating from November to February on this iconic rink which boasts of being the longest in London. Kids love the penguin skates available here.
  • Dennis Severs’ House - A great site for history buffs as this unique home has rooms which have been particularly decorated as homes of iconic Huguenot silk weavers of different periods in Spitalfields. A great experience to get a glimpse of 17-18th century lifestyle. 
  • Brick Lane Market - Get a taste of the multicultural society that Spitalfields boasts of with this hub of the Bangladeshi community in the heart of London. The Sunday UpMarket is particularly recommended.
  • The Crazy Golf Club - Enjoy this unusual experience at The Swings which is a combo of a bar and a golf club. Play two courses of golf right inside this concept-based bar with a cocktail in hand. 
  • Old Truman Brewery - Even though ales aren't brewed here anymore, one can still stop by several artisan shops and weekly pop up stores with a local flavour of food and fashion. 

Places to Eat in Spitalfields

Taking complete advantage of the multi-cuisines that the multicultural London cuisine offers, there is a complete palette of colours, taste, variety, and even budgets in Spitalfields. Doing complete justice to the variety that the capital offers, here are some of the local favourites that one most definitely should try in this wonderful neighbourhood:

  • Abby's Kitchen
  • Wahaca Liverpool Street
  • Rosa’s Thai Cafe
  • La Chapelle
  • Itsu
  • Genesis
  • Patri Hammersmith
  • Vegan Yes

Street Food in Spitalfields

One wonderful thing about food in Spitalfields is that even the street food looks lavish. Travellers often get surprised to find Instagram-worthy presentations and taste-buds’ approved delicacies even on a street stall for snacks or meals. Spitalfields lives up to that benchmark with its aesthetic street stalls and tiny coffee houses by the roads. 

Here are some of the top picks to try in Spitalfields:

  • The Real Greek
  • Dumpling Shack
  • Rainbo
  • Smokoloko Smokestation 
  • Tifinbox
  • Honest Burgers
  • The Duck Truck
  • Bema
  • Charred

Shopping in Spitalfields

Some of the most iconic London markets and shopping spots call Spitalfields their home. With a vintage vibe to pretty souvenir collection, farm vegetables to a bite from the past, the renowned shopping places here rarely let people not visit again. Hand-picked by first-hand local experience and a lot of research, an exciting bunch of shopping places in Spitalfields has been shared below:

  • Spitalfields Market
  • Borough Market
  • The Truman Brewery Market
  • Smithfield Market
  • London Liverpool Street Market
  • Wentworth Street Market
  • Leadenhall Market
  • Columbia Road Flower Market
  • Broadway Market 

Transportation in Spitalfields

With Underground stations of what is commonly called as ‘The Tube’ at a walking distance with most serviced apartments In Spitalfields, it can be confidently said that metro is the most convenient and quickest mode of transportation in this neighbourhood. However, red buses and black cabs are always available for different needs and experience. 

Some of the closest London Underground stations to Spitalfields are:

  • Liverpool Street Underground Station
  • Shoreditch High Street
  • Aldgate East
  • Old Street

Despite being so efficient and comfortable mode of travel already, the experience of Underground travel can still be improved by simply issuing an Oyster card. Almost every travel blog on London suggests it and yet it's benefits cannot be reiterated enough. A single adult journey from any Underground station in London is for £4.90 in cash, and Spitalfields is no different. Interestingly, with the contactless Oyster Card, that same far reduces to almost 50% as it comes down to £2.40. This sums the ultimate way of travelling like a local in London.

Weather in Spitalfields

London has pleasant weather as per every changing season and Spitalfields is no different. The summers are hot but breezy, the winters are cold but still likeable, and the monsoon pretty much stretches all year long. It does sound like an exaggeration but one might end up saying this after visiting London as the unpredictability of rainfall here confirms it all. January marks off-season here due to heavy winters while months around September are most preferred for its summer vibe.

Overall, Spitalfields deserves to serve you on your next trip to London with all its hidden local gems of historic association and entertainment potential.