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Things to know before booking serviced apartments in London

There are over 38 serviced apartments in Tower-Hill London with more being added every day. In total, has over 250,000 apartments across the globe that are waiting to be booked. Book Now .

Prices start from £49 per night and increase from there. Bear in mind that the type of apartment and number of guest will affect the overall price. Book Now .

To see a selection of Tower-Hill London offers, please visit our offers and coupon page .

Choose a part of Tower-Hill London you want to visit and search for the perfect stay for you using our easy search tool. Begin your search here .

Some of the apartment buildings in Tower-Hill London will offer bed and breakfast or gym membership, whereas others may provide them with an extra charge. The apartment listing will make that clear. Other services include airport pick-up, meet and greet and so much more. Book your stay here for the full experience.

That depends on the policy of the apartment/building management. You may have to enquire first when making your booking in Tower-Hill London.

Serviced apartments in Tower-Hill London have all the features of home, are centrally located and have other astounding attributes that make them better than hotels, as covered here.

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Top Serviced Apartments in Tower Hill

Located in the heart of London,  Tower Hill is an ideal location for those looking to stay in the heart of the city with great connections to some of London’s most iconic landmarks. With stylish interiors, lots of space, a fully equipped kitchen and a comfortable bedroom, serviced apartments are ideal for extended stays and are a perfect alternative to hotels. Packed with monuments and world-famous landmarks, London’s Tower Hill is one of the UK’s most popular destinations. The area is named after the notorious Tower of London and welcomes millions of visitors every year - all of whom of course need somewhere to stay. For this reason, the area is noted for its abundance of hotels, hostels and guesthouses. However, whilst these may offer perfectly adequate accommodation, more and more people are opting for the more luxurious and personal experience offered by serviced apartments in Tower Hill. These properties are available in a range of sizes and styles and provide guests with their own private space from which to explore the surrounding attractions. 

Some of the best serviced apartments near Tower Hill include:’s serviced apartments have been specifically chosen for their high standard of decor, their range of mod-cons and the convenience of their location. Each offers guests the chance to enjoy Tower Hill in a home-from-home environment, including a fully equipped kitchen - making them particularly suitable for those who prefer to self-cater. 

Contact our reservations team to find out more, or click here to book your serviced apartment in Tower Hill.

About Town Hill

Corporate Accommodation in Tower Hill

Aside from its plethora of famous landmarks, London is also one of the world’s leading economic powers and Tower Hill is just a short distance from the City of London - the capital’s financial district. Naturally, this means that a huge amount of travellers come to the area on business, both on long and short term stays. Thankfully, corporate accommodation in Tower Hill is specifically set up to cater to the exacting needs of a discerning business clientele. Each apartment or studio offers all the facilities necessary for a working trip - flat-screen TV, high-speed broadband and recreational space. Furthermore, the properties offered by are close to local transport links and amenities, ensuring maximum convenience. The provision of kitchen facilities also means guests needn't spend time looking around for a restaurant or cafe when it comes to mealtimes - which in itself is hugely beneficial to those with limited free time. 

Holiday Accommodation in Tower Hill

Being close to so many world-famous attractions, it will come of little surprise that Tower Hill is a popular place to stay for tourists visiting London. Thanks to the area’s central location, it is also the ideal base from which to explore the wider city, such as the sophisticated west end, the south bank and the hipster capitals of north London. Naturally, this means there is an abundance of holiday accommodation in Tower Hill - ranging from chain hotels to luxurious private apartments. The latter, in particular, has become increasingly popular in recent years, as travellers strive for a more authentic experience of England’s much-fabled capital. Serviced apartments offer a genuine home environment - a private living space replete with mod-cons such as high-speed wifi, home entertainment and air conditioning. Instead of having to pass through a crowded hotel lobby, guests simply use dedicated secure access to their own apartment. Each property also has the benefit of kitchen facilities, meaning guests have the option to dine in if they prefer. 

Where to Stay in Tower Hill

Tower Hill encompasses a small area to the north of the eponymous landmark. In terms of where to stay in Tower Hill, any location will be easily walkable from the next and just as close to the public transport hubs. As such, choosing a location will mostly come down to personal taste. In general, many visitors prefer to be slightly away from the Tower itself, as it inevitably draws huge crowds throughout the day. With this in mind, popular locations include the intersection between Pepys Street and Cooper’s Row - which puts visitors close to all the local amenities as well as being equidistant between overground and underground railway stations - and the area immediately surrounding American Square, which is particularly notable for its vibrant nightlife. 

Facts About Tower Hill

Tower Hill is instantly recognisable due to its being home to one of London’s most iconic landmarks. Of course, the Tower of London has a long and often gruesome history, and being one of the oldest parts of the city, there are numerous fascinating facts associated with Tower Hill: 

  • Approximately two million people visit the Tower of London each year
  • The Tower was founded by William the Conqueror towards the end of 1066.
  • Several ghosts are said to be residents at the Tower of London including Henry VI, Catherine (the fifth wife of King Henry VIII), Dame Sybil who was the nurse of Prince Edward and even a grizzly bear that once lived in the tower.
  • The Tower, or Bloody Tower as it is known, has been host to many famous executions and imprisonments, including those of Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard, Lady Jane Grey and Sir Walter Raleigh.
  • The City of London is the centre of global foreign exchange dealing. Over 40% of all the world’s foreign exchange transactions are made in the City.
  •  The full name of the Tower is actually: Her Majesty’s Royal Palace And Fortress, The Tower of London.
  • The estimated value of the crown jewels is said to be in excess of £20bn ($32bn)
  • Prisoners often arrived at the Tower via the notorious ‘Traitors Gate’.

Cost of Living in Tower Hill

Tower Hill is an extremely popular part of London, so visitors will find that prices here can often be higher than places further from the centre. The cost of living in general will, of course, depend largely on lifestyle. However, when budgeting for a trip there are a few key expenses to consider. Rent will be the biggest expenditure, with the average price of an apartment in Tower Hill ranging from £1500 to approximately £4,000 per month, depending on the size of the property. This cost may seem high, but it’s worth remembering that Tower Hill really is premium city-centre real estate. Furthermore, visitors to the area may find they boost cost-efficiency by booking into serviced accommodation - which can often work out cheaper than the standard rental market, especially for longer-term stays. 

Travel is another cost to consider, but thankfully is something that can easily be budgeted for: a weekly Zone 1 - 2 travel card for use on buses, trains and tube will offer unlimited transport and costs around £36. Finally, socialising and leisure activities will also add significantly to outgoing costs during a stay in Tower Hill. This can be harder to cost accurately, as spending will vary hugely according to lifestyle. However, as a general guide, a meal for two in the area is likely to cost between £40 and £200 depending on the restaurant. Meanwhile, the average pint of beer or a glass of wine served in a bar or pub will cost upwards of £6. 

London can seem like an expensive city, but there are plenty of ways to save money. For example, a city pass offers discounted entry to many attractions and several restaurants offer two-for-one dining on certain days of the week. Researching such offers prior to travel can greatly reduce the everyday cost of living in Tower Hill. 

Tips for Visiting Tower Hill

Tower Hill is a busy area and the sheer amount of attractions and landmarks nearby can almost seem overwhelming. Similarly, whist London’s public transport is extremely user-friendly, it can seem complicated to the uninitiated. To help visitors get off to the best start for their trip to London, below are a few tips for visiting Tower Hill:

  • Buying a London Explorer Pass will save money on multiple attractions.
  • Visit the Tower of London on a weekday in the late afternoon to avoid the crowds.
  • Use an Oyster or Contactless card for getting around on the Underground.
  • Be aware that a trip to the local pubs and bars can cost substantially more than anywhere else in the UK - quite often double the cost.
  • The Victoria, Central, Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly Lines operate for 24hrs on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Walking is a great way to see many of the local historic sights.
  • The best views of the cityscape can be had from Tower Bridge.
  • Heading north from Tower Hill will take you into some of London’s most famously hipster areas.

Things to Do in Tower Hill

There is certainly no shortage of things to do in Tower Hill - not only is the area home to one of London’s most famous landmarks, but it is also just a short walk away from several other iconic locations. As such, anyone staying locally will find they are somewhat spoilt for choice when it comes to potential activities.

Q. What are the most popular things to do in Tower Hill?

Tower Hill is the ideal location from which to learn about London’s incredible history and discover what makes England’s capitals one of the most visited cities in the world. 

  • Go and see the Crown Jewels.
  • Enjoy the spectacular views from Tower Bridge.
  • Get a snap of St Paul’s Cathedral.
  • Walk in the footsteps of Jack the Ripper in nearby Whitechapel
  • Enjoy the sunshine in the Sky Garden.
  • Enjoy a meal with a view at The Shard.

Q. What are some free things to do in Tower Hill?

The great thing about London is that many of its world-class attractions are completely free.

  • British Museum.
  • National Gallery.
  • The Museum of London.
  • The Imperial War Museum.
  • Natural History Museum.

Q. What are the most family-friendly things to do in Tower Hill?

Tower Hill is the ideal destination for families as it is home to plenty of exciting landmarks and attractions that both children and adults will enjoy. The Tower itself features plenty of hands-on exhibits as well as the opportunity to learn more about London’s history. Similarly, Tower Bridge no only offers spectacular views but also details the architecture and mechanics involved in operating the iconic structure. The area around Tower Hill also has plenty of family-friendly restaurants and cafes.

Q. What are the more unusual things to do in Tower Hill?

Many travellers to London enjoy visiting landmarks from the darker aspects of the city’s history. These may include following in the footsteps of Jack the Ripper, wandering the site of the notorious Clink prison or enjoying a coffee in a genuine subterranean crypt. 

Places to Visit in Tower Hill

Tower Hill is right in the heart of London and most of the city’s major attractions are within easy reach. From historic monuments to cultural hotspots, there are numerous places to visit in Tower Hill and its surrounding area. Whilst guests will find untold options when it comes to places to visits, a few top suggestions include:

  • The Tower of London - a true London icon, Tower Bridge is just a short walk from Aldgate.
  • Tower Bridge - iconic drawbridge with skywalk and museum dedicated to the structure’s history and construction. 
  • Covent Garden - the heart of London’s theatre and entertainment area, with a host of bars and eateries.
  • Westminster and the Houses of Parliament - the seat of the UK government and one of the world’s most iconic buildings, and the infamous Big Ben. 
  • Buckingham Palace- the London residence of Queen Elizabeth and a stunning example of 18th-century architecture.
  • Sky Garden - London's highest public garden offering breathtaking views across the city. Within easy walking distance of Aldgate station. 
  • The Royal London Hospital Museum - located in neighbouring Whitechapel, the museum explores medicines history in the area as well as showcasing material related to famous cases - including the Elephant Man. 
  • London Wall - ancient remains of London’s fortress wall, dating back to the 3rd century AD and revealing how Aldgate got its name. 
  • Whitechapel Galleries - art gallery showcasing local and international talent, with frequent exhibits throughout the year. 

Places to Eat in Tower Hill

London is famous for its superb restaurants, ranging from world-class fine dining to local favourites. When it comes to finding places to eat in Tower Hill, visitors will find they can choose from more or less any cuisine imaginable.

Some of the best places to eat inTower Hill include: 

  • Brasserie Blanc - Tower of London.
  • Watch House Tower Bridge.
  • Bodean's Tower.
  • The Ivy Tower Bridge.
  • Gunpowder.
  • Tom Simmons.
  • Bravas Tapas.
  • Byward Kitchen and Bar.
  • Natural Kitchen.

Street Food in Tower Hill

Aside from its upscale eateries and fashionable international cuisine, Tower Hill and its surrounding area also offers a great selection of street food, ranging from long-established riverfront vendors to pop-up takeaways. 

Some top places for street food in Tower Hill include:

  • Maltby Street Market.
  • Portena.
  • Speckmobile.
  • Street Kitchen.
  • Kerb Food.
  • Katsu Wraps.

Shopping in Tower Hill

London is famous across the world for its shopping, boasting the numerous high-end shopping malls, historic markets and, of course, the city’s most famous shopping thoroughfare: Oxford Street. Whilst Tower Hill is more famous for its monuments than anything else, those staying locally will find they don’t have to travel far to enjoy some top shopping destinations.

Some of the top shopping locations within easy reach of Tower Hill include:

  • Broadgate Circle.
  • Hays Galleria.
  • Surrey Quays Shopping Centre.
  • The Royal Exchange.
  • One New Change.

Transportation in Tower Hill

Tower Hill is, of course, part of London’s extensive public transport system, meaning visitors will have no trouble in reaching any part of the city as well as travelling to other parts of the UK. The main modes of transport for getting around the city centre are likely to be buses and the London Underground. Tower Hill tube station is served by the Circle and District lines, which offer quick access to several key locations including:

Underground prices vary depending on the time and distance of travel, however, a day Travelcard for zones 1 - 6 will cover the entire network and currently costs around £20. Travelcards and the Oyster payment system can also be used to pay for journeys by bus Tower Hill Gateway is the main bus stop, with four main routes offering access to all the major areas of the city. There is also a night bus - N551 - which operates from midnight until around 5 am. 

Another option for transport is the famous London taxis - however, it should be noted that rush hour traffic can make these impractical and it is often faster to use public transport. 

Weather in Tower Hill

London weather is famously unpredictable, although its reputation as a foggy city is somewhat underserved in recent times. Typically, the city experiences the same fours seasons as anywhere else in western Europe, rarely seeing extreme weather conditions. The summer months of July and August are a popular time to visit. Temperatures usually hover pleasantly in the high twenties and rain is unlikely. September is also a popular time as many of the city’s famous landmarks are less crowded due to it being school term time. 

Whilst the winter months of December and January can see temperatures drop to freezing, many visitors flock to London at this time of year for its many festive attractions, such as ice skating, street markets and the famous Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. All in all, London is a city for all seasons and visitors can expect plenty to see and do - whatever the weather.

Cost To Stay In Serviced Apartments In Tower Hill

With the tourist magnet Tower of London based here, Tower Hill may not be a residential area in its truest sense. But if you prefer staying close to your workplace, this area will be ideal for you. The cost of living is fairly high with decent hotels ranging from £100 to £130 per night on average. You will also find much cheaper alternatives around £50 per night. But they may not have the complimentary breakfast or free cancellation facilities you get at high-budget hotels. For a luxurious personal experience, vacation rentals are a better choice. The cost to stay in serviced apartments in Tower Hill is around £150 per night. The rates differ as per the exact location, the number of bedrooms, and the amenities offered. Aldgate, a popular area for Tower Hill goers has many serviced apartments at £160 per night.