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Los Angeles or the 'City of Angels', bordering the Pacific Ocean, is a basin in South California that is spread in a massive area of 502.7 sq. miles. With nearly 4 million people staying here, it is the 2nd most populated city in the U.S.A and the first in California. This huge city has over 125 premium furnished apartments, exclusively curated by us, TheSqua.re. 

Each serviced apartment in Los Angeles is carefully designed to cater to every single need of every visitor. From magnificent views to affordable prices, highly secure localities to luxurious interiors, the eclectic selection has several features to offer. This setup eliminates the hassle of security deposits, agency fees, endless hours of research, and every possible inconvenience.

We, with our highly experienced team and a celebrated reputation that we have built over a decade, ensure a happy stay in a home away from home in our furnished apartments in Los Angeles.

Some of the Best Furnished Apartments in Los Angeles include:

Why are Los Angeles Serviced Apartments So Popular?

L.A. is quite evidently transforming into a city of apartments and that too with well-furnished Apartments in Los Angeles. The rapid shift from individual dwellings to apartments speaks for the immense benefits that the furnished apartments offer here. From airport pick-ups to gym memberships and customized breakfasts, the highly customized, and sophisticatedly decorated serviced apartments in Los Angeles offer endless benefits. 

What makes the concept of furnished Apartments in Los Angeles so popular here is the convenience factor that it comes with. Considering the huge area of the city, an apartment nearest to the target areas saves a lot of travelling time and money. It also saves the hassle of choosing the right location as we have already done the ground research and are ready with the top city locations.

The best part is that the place of work for a traveller can change every week (or month), and that makes it a highly feasible option for a comfortable stay in Los Angeles.

Corporate Housing in Los Angeles

Housing and transportation expenses in California are over 120% and 30% higher than the rest of the nation. When visiting for a corporate trip, comforting serviced apartments in Los Angeles that are strategically placed near transportation become the finest short-term investment.

The economy of California attracts millions of professionals every year with the ever-expanding tech, art, and entertainment industry, L.A.'s corporate world is quite fascinating in itself. This makes its affordable corporate housing in Los Angeles a big hit as well. 

One must expect a complete package of entertainment, comfort, convenience, and bits of touristy features in a consciously curated apartment selection by TheSqa.re.

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Short Term Stay in Los Angeles

Owing to the many tourist attractions that the city has to offer, the short term rentals in Los Angeles, have grown over the period. Of late, short-term homes have gained popularity because of economic reasons as against conventional rented accommodations.

Holiday Accommodation in Los Angeles

With over 49 million annual visitors, it wouldn't be wrong to call L.A. the world's 'entertainment capital'. From bachelors to families, honeymooners to solo travellers, L.A. offers holiday accommodation for all. With the ultimate vacation vibe of L.A. with clubs, beaches and so much more, the food habits, workout schedules, and night cycles get majorly hit. That is exactly what we take care of with our eclectic range of holiday rentals in LA

With top-quality organic food, homely yet stylish decor, gym memberships, and a highly customized experience, the furnished apartments in Los Angeles promise a comfortable homely living experience. With kids, one can choose an apartment near a park or a beach while a bachelor can choose one near a club. When the city takes good care of the days, our homes ensure perfectly cosy nights and vice-versa.

Where to Stay in Los Angeles

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Frequently asked questions

Things to know before booking serviced apartments in Los angeles

More about Los angeles

Facts About Los Angeles

Los Angeles has many distinguishing features.

  • It is the entertainment city of the world. The metropolitan area of Los Angeles is the foremost artistic center in the nation.

  • It can be termed as a cultural mecca that has many world-class museums, and tourist attraction, the Walk of Fame.

  • It offers career opportunities in the tech industry

  • Los Angeles is the only North American city that hosted the Summer Olympics two times and will again host it in the year 2028.

  • Outside of Washington, D.C., the Downtown L.A. is the major government center.

  • Los Angeles has the last of the remaining wooden lighthouses.

  • It boasts of the biggest historical theater district situated downtown on Broadway, which is recorded on the National Register of Historic Places.

Cost of Living in Los Angeles

The average cost for a family with four members staying on rent would be around 287,131$.

  • Two meals in a relatively cheaper restaurant will cost $20 Whereas a three-course meal in a mid-range restaurant will cost around $85.

  • Local Transport - One-way ticket would cost $1.75. Cost of a regular monthly pass is around $ 100.00. Normal tariff for a taxi starts at $3.00.

  • Monthly Utilities bills for heating, cooling, electricity, garbage, water and internet charges would be anywhere from $215  to $220

  • Monthly rent would be anywhere from $2,302.41 to $3,249.12, depending on the area and size.

Tips for Visiting Los Angeles

  • Make sure to carry an umbrella if you are visiting L.A. in January or February as there could be spells of rainfall during the period.

  • When in Los Angeles, for obvious reasons, get yourself a local prepaid SIM Card. The SIM Cards have a validity from 10 days to 30 days. Decide for yourself how long you plan to stay and check for all the validities and offers on these SIM Cards.

  • Being cautious while on a tour to Los Angeles.Watch out for pickpockets and guard your belongings. 

  • Carry minimal cash, use credit cards instead as they are accepted everywhere.

  • Avoid interacting with imposters on the street, since these phonies use the trick of scamming people on the pretext of casting in cinemas.

  • It is advised to hire a car for going around the city, from the rental agencies in and around Los Angeles and head out early morning and get back late in the evening to avoid traffic.

Things to Do in Los Angeles

The ‘City of Angels’ has plenty of fun activities for those visiting the city or staying there. A few of the things to do are listed below:

Q. What are popular things to do in Los Angeles? 

 Of the many popular things to do in L. A., you could visit the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts, the Huntington Library, Art Museum that is the cultural center; having a garden and art galleries. A visit to the Soap Plant/ Wacko; manufacturing shops in funky shapes would be worth-while to pick up some to be gifted to your loved ones. You could choose to spend time at the Descanso Gardens; a botanical garden with a Café.

Q. What are some free things to do in Los Angeles? 

There the following free things to do in L. A. and more:

  • You could take a stroll along the Venice Canals 
  • Or stare into infinity at the Broad 
  • If you like to spend time outdoors, go for Hiking or a picnic at the Hollywood Bowl or the Getty Center
  • You can hit the dirt hiking trail at the Runyon Canyon for a striking view of the city
  • Observethe city and the clear sky from the Griffith Observatory.

Q. Does Los Angeles have many romantic attractions?

Memories of night visits to the following romantic places in the L. A.,  like, the Dockweiler State Beach, Griffith Observatory, Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Observation Deck at City Hall, Cicada Club, and the Last Bookstore will remain with you for years to come.

Q. What are family-friendly things to do in Los Angeles? 

 Among the many family-friendly things to do in the L.A. are the ones that children will enjoy. They can go hiking to the Hollywood sign, go for the Hollywood Walk of Fame and see the Chinese Theater. Use the walkway to take you from Santa Monica Pier to Venice Beach. While at the Santa Monica Pier the children will love the Ferris’s wheel and ice cream parlors there.

Q. What are unusual things to do in Los Angeles? 

While in the L. A. don’t miss visiting the following places that are most unusual-  the Dolby Theatre, the place that holds the Oscar Award ceremony. Experience the wild and wet fun of Raging Waters at the Water Park, the largest water park in L.A., or click a selfie with the wax statues of celebrities at Madame Tussauds'. If you are in for adventure, then the slide at OUE Skyspace LA; the fully-transparent; 45-foot-long; one-of-a-kind Skyslide; will provide a lifetime experience.

Places to Visit in Los Angeles

Some of the best places to visit in Los Angeles are:

  • The Getty Center: It is located off the San Diego freeway, above Brentwood, in the Santa Monica Mountains and houses museums and has the world’s most striking architectural masterpieces. The center has a seven level deep underground parking for 1200 vehicles. Two trams transport visitors from the parking at the bottom of the hill to the Center on the hilltop.

  • Universal Studios Hollywood: Get the ultimate Hollywood experience at this place. With the thrilling theme park rides and shows to a real working movie studio, it has Los Angeles’ best restaurants, shops, and cinemas at the City Walk. It is a place for fun for the whole family. 

  • Petersen Automotive MuseumIt is the world’s number one automotive museum dedicated to automobiles and its influence on Global culture and life. The museum  has 25 galleries having more than 350 vehicles  displayed

  • Battleship USS Iowa Museum: This historic U.S. Navy ship is an iconic landmark of L. A. and is considered one of the best outdoor museums in L.A. for families. See for yourself behind-the-scenes areas off-limits to the public. You and your family will carry memories of your visit to this museum. 

  • Walt Disney Concert HallHome to the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra., This concert hall is so designed that it has one of the most sophisticated acoustics in the world.

Places to Eat in Los Angeles

The top restaurants in Los Angeles serve a variety of cuisine, from the Japanese Sushi at the n/naka to seafood at Providence. If you want to taste American recipes, opt for the Magic Castle and the Craft Los Angeles. For local cuisine go to Musso& Frank Grill, Steakhouse, Toast Bakery Cafe, Nickel Diner, or the Front Yard

Street Food in Los Angeles

For street food there are plenty of options to choose from. You can have Carnitas and Chorizo Tacos at Logan Street near the stadium. Try out the top-quality caffeinated brews or the Nocturnal Latte with caramel and dripping mocha. Or have a Horchata coffee with churro cheesecake or an avocado toast at the Mystyx Cafe at the Boyle Heights. For those who love shrimps, the crispy-fresh shell shrimp taco at the Mariscos Jalisco is a delicacy.

Shopping in Los Angeles

Some of the famous shopping destinations in the L. A. are The Grove, Rodeo Drive at the Beverly Hills, Robertson Boulevard, The Santee Alley for best cheap shopping in Los Angeles, Melrose Avenue in the Beverly Hills or the Los Angeles Airport Shopping Mall if you are looking for designer handbags, apparel, perfumes, and swanky watches.

Transportation in Los Angeles

Even though a hired car for local tour is ideal for seeing L.A., there are many options available, including: door-to-door shuttle vans, airport buses, light rail, local buses, and taxicabs. A connecting free shuttle bus service from LAX to the Metro Rail Green Line light rail is available, 

Weather in Los Angeles

Summers in Los Angeles are warm, and L. A. has an arid climate during these months with a clear sky. L. A. experiences long, wet,cool and partly cloudy winters. Most parts of the year the temperature ranges from 48°F to 85°F and rarely plunges below 42°F or rises above 93°F. The best time to visit L.A. is from late May to mid-October when the weather is warm.