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Discover unmatched comfort and convenience at's serviced apartments in Lucerne. With years of expertise, we offer top-notch accommodation, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable stay. Book now for a premium experience!


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Things to know before booking serviced apartments in Lucerne

There are over 1 serviced apartments in Lucerne with more being added every day. In total, has over 250,000 apartments across the globe that are waiting to be booked. Book Now .

The best 5 and 4 star serviced apartments in Lucerne are Neustadtstrasse Vision Serviced Apartment, Lucerne. Stutzstrasse Service Apartment.

Prices start from £49 per night and increase from there. Bear in mind that the type of apartment and number of guest will affect the overall price. Book Now .

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Some of the apartment buildings in Lucerne will offer bed and breakfast or gym membership, whereas others may provide them with an extra charge. The apartment listing will make that clear. Other services include airport pick-up, meet and greet and so much more. Book your stay here for the full experience.

That depends on the policy of the apartment/building management. You may have to enquire first when making your booking in Lucerne serviced apartments.

Serviced apartmentsLucerne have all the features of home, are centrally located and have other astounding attributes that make them better than hotels, as covered here .

Short Term Rentals Lucerne


The spectacular beauty of Switzerland is a source of enhancement for trippers worldwide. And Lucerne, with all its medieval glory and snowcapped scenes, is an inevitable halt. This gem of a place also has amazing accommodations. But it is the serviced apartments in Lucerne that do maximum justice to the aura of the city. They are a visitor’s delight with a convenient array of modern and traditional amenities. A complete package that also comes with customizable booking options. Meaning, you can bend your stay the way you want it to be. Keep the days cozy with soul food made from the welcome grocery pack items in the equipped kitchen. Go full-on tourist mode using the chauffeur-driven car services. Or get your office duties done from home with the help of work desks and free Wi-Fi. 

Some of the Best Short Term Rentals in Lucerne Include: has the best serviced apartments in Lucerne, nestled at the bosom of the Alpine beauty. They are mostly studio apartments, which makes them compact yet very impactful. Much like Lucerne itself. These apartments are loaded with necessary everyday ingredients. From glass stoves, microwaves, kitchen utensils, and coffee machines to dining sets. Some of them also occupy the top floors and give a bird's-eye view of the stunning ranges of mountains. Including the forever favorite Mount Pilatus.

Cozy bedrooms and furnished bathrooms are the other USPs of these apartments. We also prioritize guest security with frequently upgraded features. Spyholes, sprinklers, emergency lights, CO detectors, smoke alarms, first-aid kits, and many more. Moreover, there’s also a 24*7 help desk available for constant assistance. On top of these, the apartments are made environment-friendly. They are EPC-certified and A-G-rated. They also contain energy-efficient appliances and insulation in their cavity walls. 

Benefits of Booking Serviced Apartments in Lucerne

A trip to the scenic town of Lucerne is incomplete without a proper appreciation of its beauty. But that is something not just limited to taking in the natural charm of the place. It also incorporates being a part of the diverse aspects of the city. The short term rentals in Lucerne play a great role in this regard. To begin with, the staff feeds you important local information upon arrival. Something that helps you blend in with the new surroundings better. And accordingly, plan the course of days from the get-go. 

Due to the prime spots of these apartments, you also get to stay in well-connected localities. This gives you easy access to a lot of places. Not to forget the good mix of eateries serving local cuisines close by. Allowing you to savor the native food specialties without traveling far. Another feature that makes the serviced apartments in Lucerne stand out is their flexibility. You can extend your stay if something comes up at the last minute or simply to satisfy your heart’s desire. At the same time, leave early during emergencies. In fact, these rentals also have a relocation facility. They can arrange timely travel and ease your hassles and worries. 

Corporate Housing in Lucerne

While Lucerne is raved as one of the top tourist spots for all, it also attracts a lot of corporate visitors. So, if you are visiting this beautiful city primarily for business, you are not alone. But that does not stop you from enjoying relaxing days amidst the scenic ambiance. And with serviced apartments in Lucerne, planning a perfect business trip is easy. These properties are based around major companies. So, there is a chance to stay close to your workstation and save a lot of your daily commute time. 

Besides Switzerland being quite costly, many guests look for shared apartments. The short term rentals in Lucerne are apt for that too. They offer transferable leases for groups or teams. This saves you the trouble of finding multiple hotel rooms. Moreover, despite being studio apartments, these are more spacious than many average hotels. So, you can enjoy some privacy even with your colleague in the same room. The rentals even allow you to choose extra beds, linens, blankets, and pillows at a nominal fee. There’s also a one-point consolidated booking option for complete transparency.