Places to see in Luton

River Lea

Running through the town on its way to London, the River Lea provides visitors with a luscious view to take in. It is perfectly ideal for strolling around and cycling along the path to catch some air or to find a relaxing retreat. For a mini, tranquil adventure, this is surely the spot.

Dunstable Downs

Outside Luton, you’ll be able to take a stroll around the highest point in Bedfordshire, the Dunstable Downs. It delivers exceptional views of the surrounding area and is an exquisite day out after a long week of meetings, stress and all the other weekly trials. Take a good long walk around here on your trip to truly clear your head.

Stockwood Discovery Centre

Offering an extensive local collection and ever-changing exhibitions, you’ll find plenty to explore when you spend a day out here. Along with free admission you’ll also get to enjoy the award-winning display of carriages and fascinating history of the region. Suitable for enthusiasts and casual goers, you’ll find the added amenities like the cafe and gardens make for an incredible day out.

Library Theatre

With over 250 seats and featuring amateur and professional performances, the Library Theatre hosts plenty of attractions that will keep your spare time more than occupied. Prices vary depending on events but they are more than modest and worth it. If you like classical music performances or comedy showcases as well, you’ll feel right at home with what’s on offer.

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