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Best 3 Bedroom Serviced Apartments in Madrid

The huge city of Madrid with endless possibilities never fails to attract tourists. When it comes to accommodations the 3 bedroom apartments in Madrid do justice to the place. They take the whole experience of the trip to a premium level. You get to enjoy fun activities during the day. And then recharge your batteries in the blissful calmness to get ready for the next lot. No matter how crowded the city gets during peak times, they never let you compromise your privacy. This also benefits business travelers. They can get their office work done without any distractions. The packages also come customized so that you can transform the spaces to your liking. They let you live your days on your own terms. This is quite a contrast to many other humble lodgings with limited facilities.

Our Best 3 Bedroom Apartments for Rent in Madrid

The team at TheSqua.re always intends to gift you a pleasing and familiar ambiance for you to relax. We believe this is of utmost importance to get adjusted to a new city. Therefore all our apartments are planned like regular homes. You have every essential facility arranged conveniently for easy access. The three bedroom apartments in Madrid are no different. They are ultra luxurious with top-quality accessories in all the rooms. The styles are also kept varied with unique furnishings to suit the diverse requirements of the visitors. You will also get 3 bedroom apartments for rent in Madrid at every prime corner of the city. Nuevos Ministerios, Recoletos, Sol, and Gran Via to name a few. This helps make the selection based on the area of Madrid you are visiting. But we do have our favorites. So, if you want our suggestions, here are a few apartments you can consider:

Facilities in Our Three Bedroom Apartments in Madrid

The 3 bedroom apartments in Madrid are designed keeping the benefits of the guests in mind. The bedrooms are comfortable with pleasant lighting. The bathrooms are skid-proof with aromatic toiletries. The flat-screen TV has great picture quality. This makes your favorite shows more enjoyable to watch. Kitchens have daily necessities like stoves, ovens, refrigerators and other utensils smartly organized. You also get a free high-speed W–Fi connection to stay updated with the rest of the world. Our apartments also have free parking and lift access facilities. The three bedroom apartments in Madrid also have other perks available. This includes concierge services, private chefs, private yogis, rooftop decks, and many more. You just have to pay a reasonable fee for them. Gyms are accessible for 30+ day stays. The security features are also very tight at our complexes. From sprinklers and alarms to emergency fire exits, these amenities operate at all hours. The helpdesk is also available 24*7 to assist you in every way possible. When it comes to welcoming you, we go a step further. Our staff stays in contact with you before your arrival through calls. Then upon reaching the airport, they remain in the right spot at the right time to pick you up.


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