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What’s on in Maitland

Maitland is famous for its scenic beauty and historic architecture. The different villages of the city each offer their own distinctive atmosphere, making Maitland an intriguing destination that offers a great deal of diversity from one street to the next. Built on the banks of the Hunter River, which brought trade to the early city, the city is one of the oldest heritage rich regional centres in Australia. Combined with a thriving commercial centre, it has gone from strength to strength in recent years, emerging as a major economic player in its own right. Whatsmore, at just 130 km from Sydney, Maitland is also a great place from which to explore some of Australia’s most famous landmarks.

Where to stay in Maitland

Whilst Maitland isn’t known as a major tourist hotspot, its proximity to Sydney, as well as some of the region’s natural attractions, means there are plenty of great places to stay in the area. One of the best options for anyone making an extended stay in the city is to check into a serviced apartment. These properties are ideal as they combine many of the amenities associated with traditional accommodation, such as room cleaning, along with additional features such as kitchen facilities and secure access. This means you can enjoy a kind of home-from-home environment - not to mention being able to self-cater your trip without sacrificing on dining options.

What to do in Maitland

Maitland presents a wealth of opportunity when it comes to things to see and do. The town itself has plenty of amenities to enjoy, such as a theatre, cinema and sporting facilities, and

there are also numerous artisan cafes, bistros and restaurants, which offer a great means to soak up the local atmosphere and taste some of the region’s unique flavours.

The city’s location between several national parks, nature reserves and watercourses also make it the ideal place to explore some of New South Wales’s diverse wildlife and natural scenery - whether you are looking to explore rolling green hills of Yengo Park or make the short journey to the coast to spend some time relaxing on its endless sandy beaches.

Maitland is also well connected to the nearby cities of Newcastle and Sydney - both of which can be visited on a day trip via train. This means visitors can also explore some of the world-famous attractions that New South Wales has to offer, from Sydney’s world-famous opera house to Newcastle’s secluded beaches and historic architecture.

Tips for staying in Maitland

Places to eat

Maitland is a great destination for food lovers, with a host of both Australian and international restaurants. The Old Victoria, The Valley Restaurant By Chef Jordy and The Whistler all offer contemporary Australian cuisine in an upmarket setting, whilst Billabongs Family Restaurant and Shenanigans at The Imperial are better options for those looking for something a little more social. For something a little more exotic, there’s Chinh's Vietnamese Restaurant or Maneeya Thai Restaurant.


Maitland is a modern town with plenty of great places to shop. The Maitland Riverside Plaza is one of the most popular destinations, offering a broad collection of retailers and places to eat, whilst Pender Place Shopping Centre has 20 or so shops, many of which are independent retailers offering unique goods and services. Finally, the Bourke Street Link is known locally for its great selection of independent fashion stores.


Maitland Gaol is the city’s main historical attraction, documenting the area’s early history as a penal colony, whilst the Morpeth Museum and Maitland Regional Museum offer further education as to how the city has developed into the modern city it is today. Maitland Park offers the chance to enjoy the outdoors, with its ornate gardens and leisure areas - or for those looking to get further off the beaten path, there’s Werakata National Park.


Maitland benefits from an excellent and reliable public transport network. Hunter Valley buses operate within the city, as well as linking the suburbs Louth Park, Lorn, Rutherford and Raworth to the city centre. Train services run between Maitland and Newcastle, with a journey time of around thirty minutes, and there’s also a fast connection to Sydney - a journey taking under two hours. Finally, Maitland has plenty of taxi firms operating locally, which provide a convenient way to get to destinations not covered by public transport. 

Local Business

Maitland has benefitted from its huge amount of greenfield industrial land as well as recent commercial investment. Healthcare, retail and construction are the major sectors in the area, with firms like Bartlett Homes, Valley Homes, and Maitland Medical being among the biggest employers. Its location in the Hunter Valley also makes Maitland a centre for mining, wine and agriculture industries.

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