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Located in the North-West side of England, Manchester is considered to be one of the principal cities of the United Kingdom. But it’s so much more than the rivalry between Manchester United and Manchester City. There’s a rich history here that needs to be explored and an atmospheric vibe that needs to be indulged. Plus, there’s a wide range of serviced apartments that are awaiting to deliver comfort and convenience in the city.

Those looking for the best-serviced accommodation in Manchester can book:

Manchetser’s serviced apartments promise to offer a variety of luxury spacious and stylish facilities for the guests that are well-equipped with bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom, inclusive of electronic appliances that make a perfect self-contained holiday. Besides, most of the serviced apartments are located in the prime spots that are just minutes away from the city’s main attractions.

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More about Manchester

Manchester, is not only home to its competitive and obsessive football teams, but it is widely known for its active and vibrant nightlife. But there’s also the myriad museums as well as beautiful parks that are just apt for morning walks and jogs. As such, there are quieter and busier areas in the city for visitors to pick. As always, there are the best of the best districts. Some of the ones that deserve a mention include:

  • City Centre.
  • Didsbury.
  • Castlefield.
  • Chorlton.
  • Salford Quays.
  • Northern Quarter.

Each one of the districts has its own unique feel and will make any short or long term stay in Manchester all the more perfect - for business or leisure.

Facts About Manchester

Every individual, irrespective of whether they are sports enthusiastic or not, is well aware of the fact that Manchester is home to the football clubs, Manchester United and Manchester City. However, there are more facts about this city that are worth mentioning, like the ones below:

  • The word Manchester is derived from the Latin word Mamucium.
  • The world's first inter-city passenger railway station is the Manchester Liverpool Road railway station.
  • Manchester is the World’s first industrialized city.
  • In 2002, Manchester hosted the Commonwealth Games.
  • Manchester is UK’s second-most populous city.
  • Manchester Airport has footfalls of over 26 million passengers every year.
  • It has the largest student population crossing over 100,000, compared to the other UK cities.
  • Chetham’s Library in Manchester is the oldest library in the UK and it has over 100,000 volumes of printed books.
  • Manchester is the setting and filming location for the world’s longest-running TV soap opera, Coronation Street.
  • Manchester is the birthplace of the world’s first football league, which took inception in the year 1888 in a meeting at the Royal Hotel. 

A few more trivial facts include:

  • The nickname of Manchester is Cottonpolis.
  • Area (city) - 44.6 sq mi (115.6 km2).
  • Area (urban) - 243.4 sq mi (630.3 km2).
  • Demonyms – Mancunian.

A couple of facts of its economy are:

  • In 2013, Manchester was rated 6th  when it came to the standard of living.
  • In 2019 Manchester took up 2nd place in the best places to invest property in the UK.
  • Greater Manchester has a total GDP of £62 billion.
  • Many companies have their headquarters located in Manchester.
  • In 2012, GVA per employee in Greater Manchester South was estimated to be £46,500.
  • It ranks as the 51st best city to live in the entire world.

This ever-growing city also has one of the busiest airports in the world, where it serves over 200 destinations, more than any other airport in the UK. 

Things to Do in Manchester

Tourists visiting Manchester will be spoilt for choice. The plethora of options that this city provides is incredible and will bring into question whether the guest can see everything they need to before they leave. To help out guests, here’s a list of answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

What are the most popular things to see in Manchester?

Some of the most popular things to see in Manchester are:

  • Manchester Cathedral.
  • Manchester Museum.
  • Old Trafford.
  • Heaton Park.
  • Clayton Hall.
  • Port Street Beer House.
  • People’s History Museum.
  • Manchester Art Gallery.
  • Castlefield.
  • National Football Museum.

What are some free things to do in Manchester?

Some of the free things to do in Manchester include:

  • Take a selfie at the National Football Museum.
  • Experience the Victorian gothic architecture at the John Rylands Library.
  • Experience nature at Fletcher Moss Park & Botanical Gardens.
  • Get inspired by the discoveries in the field of science and technology at the Museum of Science and Industry.
  • Go back to the Roman times by taking a stroll by the oldest canal and the Roman fort, Mancunium, in Castlefield.
  • Dance to the tunes of budding musicians from the Chetham’s School of Music during lunch hour at Carole Nash Hall.
  • Walk around Manchester Town Hall and its Neo-Gothic architecture. 
  • Hop on to Metro shuttle.
  • Get some divine blessings at the Manchester Cathedral 

Where should you spend your nights in Manchester?

Some places in Manchester offer various other entertainment that takes the nightlife to a new level. Here are the best places in Manchester to visit as the dusk falls.

  • Play mini-golf at Junkyard Golf.
  • Pick up a paddle to play ping-pong at the TwentyTwenty Two bar.
  • Take up the Quizimodo night, held every Wednesday night at the Northern Quarters Odd Bar.
  • Tease your brain at Breakout Manchester.
  • Head out to YES in Manchester - the best way to kickstart their night out.

Places to Visit in Manchester

Manchester is indeed a unique place. Not only has it retained the culture of the medieval and Victorian era, but it is also a hub where science, technology, and innovation were incepted. Here are the places that are a must-visit in Manchester:

  • Manchester Cathedral - the beauty of the Victorian structure and chapels on either side makes this cathedral and beautiful place.
  • Manchester Museum - learn about the history and geography of Manchester and also experience the all-new Digital Touch Replicas.   
  • Old Trafford - the home ground of Manchester United, this is a must for all sports fans.
  • Heaton Park - covering over 600 acres, this is less of a park and more of a cultural hub, and has various landmarks and features that are worth exploring.
  • Clayton Hall - built in the 15th century, this museum acts as a store for various historical British and local materials.
  • Port Street Beer House - this is an apt place to hang out with friends and business partners with its nice outdoor seating in the backyard and front of the building.
  • People’s History Museum - pay a visit to the People’s History Museum to get a first-hand feel of the lives of people, their work, leisure, home-décor and much more.
  • Manchester Art Gallery - home to numerous collections of paintings and drawings, this gallery is a temple for those who worship art in all its forms.
  • Castlefield - this heritage park is for those who like to spend their day in a peaceful retreat.
  • National Football Museum - football enthusiasts should take a tour to the National Football Museum in Manchester that has documented all the pictures, facts and information of the game.

Places to Eat in Manchester

Either we ‘eat to live’ or ‘live to eat’, the choice between the two phrases is very subjective. However, when it comes to travelling to a different place, these two phrases seem to go hand-in-hand. When visiting an English city, trying out its local cuisine will be more of a luxury for most of the tourists. 

What are the key English foods I should eat in Manchester?

These are the top English foods you need to try while in the city of Manchester;

  • Manchester Egg.
  • Manchester Tart.
  • Manchester Caviar.
  • Rag Pudding.
  • Vimto.
  • Pasty Bam.
  • Parched Peas.
  • Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls.
  • Eccles Cakes.
  • Butter Pie.

What are the best restaurants in Manchester?

Below are the top restaurants in Manchester:

  • Mana.
  • Yuzu.
  • Enxaneta.
  • The French at the Midland.
  • Umezushi.
  • Dishoom.
  • Hawksmoor.
  • Where the Lights Gets In.
  • Tattu.
  • 20 Stories.

What are the poshest restaurants in Manchester?

Those that want a lavish experience in Manchester should eat at:

  • Rosso
  • Vermilion and Cinnabar
  • Pier Eight
  • Cottonpolis Food and Liquor
  • Australasia
  • Alston Bar and Beef Manchester
  • Gaucho Manchester
  • 63 Degrees
  • Pier Eight
  • 20 Stories

What are Manchester’s cheaper dining options?

Those that want to save on their dining experiences should try:

  • Go Falafel.
  • Almost Famous.
  • Yuzu.
  • Thai Smiles.
  • Gorilla.
  • Grub Food Fair.
  • Sam’s Chop House.
  • Fat Loaf.
  • Teacup Kitchen.
  • Sugo Pasta.

Street Food in Manchester

No one can qualify to be a traveller if they don’t taste the street food of their destination. Street food not only offers the best local cuisine, but it also adds value to the pockets. Here are the best street food vendors to try in Manchester. The Curry Mile in Manchester deserves a special mention, a large number of restaurants, take-away and kebab corners from South Asia and the Middle East flourish at this stretch.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Mowgli Street Food.
  • The Old School BBQ Bus.
  • Tru Street.
  • Viet Shack Restaurant.
  • The Little Yeti.
  • Taste It.
  • Amma’s Canteen.
  • Indian Tiffin Room.
  • Mumbai to London Café.
  • Sugar Hut.

Shopping in Manchester

Carrying a physical memory lasts for a lifetime, and that’s where shopping comes into it. We’ve all wandered around huge cities and sidewalks finding something that’s both inexpensive and precious. Shopping in Manchester is no different, and delivers retail joy to those who love gifting, decorating their house or buying loved ones fabulous presents.

Some of the best places to shop in Manchester include:

  • Manchester Arndale. 
  • Trafford Centre.
  • Exchange Square.
  • Market Street.
  • John Lewis.
  • Selfridges.
  • Debenhams.
  • Jewellery Quarter.

Transport in Manchester

Tourists can consider themselves to be blessed if they choose Manchester as a destination for their vacation, as they have a plethora of transport options to choose from. Almost all the countries in the world have a direct flight to Manchester Airport, making it one of the busiest airports in the world. Trams and buses are in abundance, which makes it a popular choice among travellers and locals, they travel within the frequency of 6 to 12 minutes and covers the major points of Manchester.

Travelcards are available under the System One banner. This system offers multi-mode travel passes including bus, tram, and train. The passes are on the day, weekly, monthly and yearly basis - and can thus vary in price.

Weather in Manchester

The climate in Manchester brings mild summers and cool winters to the city. The daytime during summer is usually 20 to 25 degrees Celsius and remains that way until August. The city has a comparatively high humidity level and snowfalls are not common due to the urban warming effect. Winters, as expected are mostly cold with temperatures dropping to minus degrees. Overall, Manchester, be it summer or winter is the best city to experience what it feels like to be in an English City.