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Sid Narang

Sid Narang

CEO and Founder

Moving between cities for business, I always felt that something was missing in the apartments where I stayed. Whether it was comfort, technology, decor or community events to help globally mobile citizens in a similar situation to myself settle into a new city: that is why we created thesqua.re.

At thesqua.re, we are constantly striving to execute innovative ideas to ensure we provide guests with more than just a serviced apartment- we offer guests with all the necessary tools to help them settle into their new city.

Our online and offline community, world-class services and practical advice about new surroundings ensure that our guests are able to acclimate to their new city. We are focused on providing outstanding guest experience that extends far beyond an apartment.


I have lived in various big cities throughout my career - After completing my Bachelors in Computer Science and Philosophy in Ohio, I did my Master's in Finance at London Business School. Being a geek, over the years I have attended several courses in real estate/tech/finance/marketing - including Structured Finance at New York University, Investment Management at London Business School and Value Investing at Columbia Business School.

Before launching thesqua.re, I worked at Morgan Stanley in NYC and later at Citigroup in London as a Vice President trading structured credit and mortgage backed securities.

Fun Fact

Tequila and I don't get along too well apparently. I once had some shots in a bar in Green Park and woke up the next day in Stratford tube station!

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