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Serviced Apartments in MiMo District

The MiMo District lies along Biscayne Boulevard in Miami and houses numerous restaurants, shops and independent art galleries. The Upper East Side is majorly residential and has famous family homes dating back to the 1920s, 30s and 40s while Biscayne Boulevard runs in the center of the area with several office towers, apartments and hotels. The MiMo Historic District also contains several MiMo hotels dating to the 1950s and 1960s which have been carefully restored. They have now turned into heritage and boutique hotels along with restaurants and stores. Travelers prefer furnished apartments in MiMo District for their connectivity and convenience.

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Each one of our MiMo District apartments offers the best amenities including free Wi-Fi, televisions, well-equipped kitchens, plush furnishings and more. We ensure comfortable and fulfilling stays for our guests in the MiMo District. 

Where to Stay in MiMo District

You can consider staying in several neighborhoods surrounding the MiMo District. Shorecrest is a good neighborhood to stay, surrounded by the Little River and Biscayne Boulevard. The area is characterized by its historic structures from the 1930s and bustling commercial hubs. Palm Grove is another famous neighborhood for the Upper East Side with historic buildings and a younger and more diverse community of residents. Miami Ironside is a specialized design and art district on the Upper Eastside, right off the MiMo District. There are numerous art galleries, showrooms, creative firms, eateries and a public piazza along this stretch.

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Facts About MiMo District

The MiMo District was earlier a wasteland that was fully deserted with immense potential. Several conservationists realized the innate potential of the neighborhood and several modern restaurants and motels sprung up here along with other developments. There are several boutiques and art deco structures that now characterize the locality. 

Here are some interesting facts about the MiMo District:

  • The Design and Art District of Miami offers a relaxed and laidback vibe. This is characterized by lazy afternoons, independent stores and lovely local bistros. 
  • The historically designated stretch from Route 1 is nestled northwards from midtown, bifurcating Biscayne Bay. 
  • MiMo District is easily identifiable by its 1950s mid-century motels on the Biscayne Boulevard and the original three-storied sign for the Coppertone Girl and her dog at 7300 Biscayne Blvd. 
  • The first franchise of Playboy Club came up here in the 1950s. 
  • The area lies eastwards from Little Haiti with Miami Shores Village situated nearby along with the Bayside Historic District and Belle Meade.
  • MiMo refers to the modernist and regional architectural style developed in the post-war era throughout South Florida.  It goes hand in hand with glamour and aesthetic appeal. 

Weather in MiMo District 

The summers are hot, cloudy and wet in the MiMo District. The winters offer greater comfort with a shorter span and some winds. The best time to visit is between early November and late April.