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Things to know before booking serviced apartments in Miami

The most popular places to stay in Miami are Downtown, South Beach, and Brickell. Mid Beach and North Beach are also popular among tourists.

Tourists can feel safe visiting well-known tourist destinations like South Beach and Downtown Miami. Some of the safest areas to live in Miami are Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, and Key Biscayne because of their low crime rates.

The best areas to stay in Miami without a car are South Beach, Coconut Grove, and Downtown Miami since these areas provide quick access to bars, restaurants, stores, and beaches through both foot and public transportation.

Best Locations to Stay in Miami

With its great diving sites, pristine beaches, and warm weather, Miami is one of the foremost leisure destinations and commercial hubs in the world. Every year, it attracts a large number of tourists from all parts of the world. has some of the best lodging options for you if you are wondering where to stay in the city. We bring to you a range of furnished apartments in Miami that come with all the luxury amenities that you demand. Our apartments are situated in prime locations in the city and the vicinity of business zones, public transport facilities, and tourist attractions. Your apartment in Miami promises convenience, hospitality, and comfort. guarantees reasonable rates at any time of the year.


The Best Area to Stay In Miami

The following are some of the best areas to stay in Miami:

Downtown Miami:

After some vital regeneration, Downtown Miami which endured a dip, is currently prospering once more. New eateries, bars, and condos have propelled Downtown's resurgence. People may easily get around Downtown, thanks to the free public transport. Even though the neighbourhood is still developing, it's a terrific place to stay while visiting Miami.

South Beach:

The majority of people envision South Beach when they think about Miami. Locals and visitors can be seen cruising down the street, riding bicycles, and walking throughout the neighbourhood. Long famed for its pubs and cafes where visitors might enter in sandals after walking off the beach for a refreshing beverage or snack.

Best Area in Miami for Sightseeing

If you are looking forward to staying in areas that are in proximity to the famous attractions of the city, consider the following:


Brickell has virtually lost all traces of old-style Miami in favour of gleaming new hotels and establishments, many of which are topped by rooftop cocktail bars and energetic nightclubs. Due to the combination, Brickell has unmatched nightlife, so you should expect to pay top dollar for a night out.

South Beach:

Without a question, South Beach is what most think of when they think of Miami: the art deco structures, neon lights, energetic nightclubs, posh cocktail bars, and upscale eateries. Plus the endless stretches of gorgeous beaches with sand.

Best Area in Miami for Shopping

On the east coast, Miami is, of course, an underappreciated shopping destination. Check out the following places known for shopping:

Lincoln Road:

One of Miami's most well-known shopping districts is Lincoln Road. Along with independent shops like Books & Books and Alchemist, Lincoln Road is home to well-known retailers like Macy's, Urban Outfitters and Zara.


In Downtown Miami, there is a sizable shopping mall called Bayside Marketplace that is situated right next to the water. It is a popular spot to wander around on a warm day and is wonderfully positioned near Bayfront Park. Numerous well-known companies are represented in the mall, including Victoria's Secret, Crocs, Skechers, and Sunglass Hut.

Best Places in Miami for Families

Consider the following areas if you are visiting Miami with your family:

North Beach:

If you are taking a trip with young children, North Beach is a fantastic choice. With playgrounds and, obviously, the beach for enjoying some time with the kids, the entire region is peaceful and secure.

Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove's charming neighbourhood stands in stark contrast to Miami's vibrant character. This tranquil neighbourhood on the outskirts of the city is well-known for its vibrant CocoWalk market, where pavement cafes, vintage bookshops, and lively gastropubs mix well.

Best Area in Miami for Food and Restaurants

Don’t miss out on the diverse culinary options while staying in Miami. These are some of the areas popular for food and restaurants:

Miami Beach:

Miami Beach provides premium and casual dining alternatives, as well as several hip eateries run by celebrity chefs. A mainstay of the Miami Beach culture is the hotel eateries. Indulge in churrasco steak served with chimichurri sauce at Los Fuegos at Faena Hotel Miami Beach in Mid Beach, where the fancy dining area is topped with a gilded chandelier, for over-the-top glitz.

Miami Design District:

A culinary revolution is taking place in the fashionable Miami Design District thanks to the introduction of trend-setting new eateries like Cote Miami. The 45-day dry-aged beef that is grilled at your table on smokeless barbecues makes the Michelin-starred Korean-influenced steakhouse one of the most popular reservations in town.

Best Area in Miami for Nightlife

The nightlife in Miami is full of excitement and life. Visit the following places to experience the most energetic nightlife in the city:

South Beach:

South Beach is crowded with bars, pubs, nightclubs and Michelin-starred restaurants.


There are many famous restaurants and bars in Downtown ranging from street food, and local cuisine options to rooftop bars.

Best Places in Miami for First Timers

If you are visiting Miami for the first time, check out the following places that are best for you:

South Beach:

It is preferable to stay in South Beach rather than Downtown Miami if you are visiting Miami for its coast and nightlife. Probably America's most well-known beach party town is SoBe. This area of Miami becomes crammed to the gills with hedonistic youngsters searching for the largest, craziest all-night party scene during college holidays, in particular.


As its name suggests, Downtown Miami is the most accessible and central area of the city to stay in. One of the greatest areas for first-time visitors to stay in Miami is Downtown, along with South Beach. If visiting Miami, Downtown is your best pick if you want to experience a variety of cultures and the beach isn't your main focus.

Best Places to Stay in Miami for Tourists

Miami is visited by a large number of tourists every year, and these are some of the places popular among tourists:


Mid-Beach is a portion of Miami Beach that is ideally situated between the energetic South Beach and the relaxed North Beach. Compared to South Beach, which is the world-famous party epicentre right across the street, Mid-Beach is much quieter. Similar to North Beach, Mid-Beach features chic nightclubs and excellent eating establishments but with a considerably more laid-back atmosphere.


The beaches of Miami's North Beach and South Beach are not far distant to the east, while Brickell is only a short distance south of downtown yet still close to all the attractions. Therefore, Brickell is a terrific option if you want to live in a central location that's a little more laid-back than those locations but still convenient.