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South Miami is a city nestled within Florida’s Miami-Dade County and lies within the Miami metropolitan zone too. The CBD here is served by the efficient Miami Metrorail which covers the Sunset Drive South Miami station, linking to downtown Kendall along with Downtown Miami and the Intermodal Center at the Miami International Airport. Travelers usually prefer furnished apartments in South Miami for their connectivity and access to major business destinations. 

Some of Our Top Furnished Apartments in South Miami:

All our South Miami furnished apartments come packed with amenities for a comfortable stay ahead. From well-equipped kitchens and Wi-Fi to comfortable beds, you can expect the finest facilities backed by immaculate service at all times. 

Where to Stay in South Miami 

There are several places that you can consider for South Miami stays in the short and long term alike. South Beach is an affluent neighborhood offering ample sunshine, an outdoorsy atmosphere and charming art deco architecture. Miami Beach is hugely walkable with great music, stores, museums and galleries all around. Key Biscayne is a premier residential area with lavish homes, biking trails and a sense of tranquility. Coral Gables offers numerous residential homes and businesses alike. Boating lovers will appreciate the waterfront and canals. You can even consider Coconut Grove for its relaxed nightlife and ambiance.

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Facts About South Miami

South Miami borders the central campus of the University of Miami along with Pinecrest and Coral Gables. It offers a relaxing vibe with its leafy thoroughfares, parks and historic structures along with cafes, restaurants and unique stores. This is a walkable area with outdoor malls, fitness studios, jewelry stores and independent outlets galore. 

Here are some interesting facts about South Miami:

  • W.A. Forster became South Miami’s first Mayor on 25th June, 1927. 
  • The original area of South Miami came down to 5 kilometers in 1933. The size came down thereafter in 1937 as well. South Miami has irregular boundaries as a result. 
  • South Miami in the 1950s had a flourishing economy with ample construction, hospitals and more. The Holsum Baking Company was a key success story here. 
  • The present City Hall building was approved for development in the year 1955. 
  • South Miami has Metrobus networks all throughout along with the Miami Metrorail line. 
  • There are umpteen parks and famous restaurants.

Weather in South Miami

Summers are hot, discomforting and majorly cloud or wet in South Miami. The winters in South Miami are comfortable and shorter in terms of duration. There is a little bit of humidity and winds although the skies mostly remain clear. The temperatures usually range between 62-90 degrees Fahrenheit. The best time to visit South Miami is anytime between early November and late April. This gives tourists a chance to enjoy more outdoor activities and attractions.