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Milan is heaven for designers, business people, artists, and all kinds of travelers. To cut down on the overwhelm, TheSqua. re's has a collection of serviced apartments in Milan. Each abode offers an unparalleled experience with modern conveniences. Our properties are in all desirable locations to cut research and travel times. It is a whole new world of staying while you travel. An experience designed to offer you alternatives to cold and expensive hotel suites.


Some of the Best Furnished Apartments in Milan: 


All the serviced apartments in Milan offer chic modern amenities. Some include an updated kitchen and private access to terraces and gyms. A high-speed Wi-Fi connection is there to make your indoor stay fun and productive. Travelers looking for solutions to their hotel problems will find the abodes perfect. Each has a mix of modern and practical solutions to change the way you see travel accommodations. 


Benefits of Booking Furnished Apartments in Milan

One always looks for accommodations that make staying easier and more comfortable. Furnished stays are fast chosen because of the plush benefits of a ready-to-use home. 


No visitor finds lengthy procedures, securities, or contracts worth their time. Thus, the team here takes complete care of the procedure for you. We place our serviced apartments in Milan near various transport links. One can cover more in less travel time and money. 

We know that guests away for work miss their homes. To cheer them up, the apartments have a home-like ambiance. The proper blend of home vibe with luxurious and complete furniture is what we offer. The interiors have a human touch and adhere to the trends for your Instagram too. 


Corporate Housing in Milan

In the finance capital, one can start a business and expand it too. A corporate accommodation for work purposes can make all the difference. You will need a bespoke place with peace, security, and a docking station for your meetings. With spacious serviced apartments in Milan, you can cover everything right from the accommodation. 

Full-speed Wi-Fi is active in the open living room to make your meetings smooth. Equipped kitchens are a big bonus if you prefer eating at home or making your breakfast. 


Short Term Rentals in Milan

Short-term stays are enough to cheer up your mind and soul. With all the hustling in mind, a place that delivers peace is essential. Get a cozy bedroom to sleep to the fullest In our serviced apartments in Milan. Find the balcony attached to each abode for a peaceful morning coffee. Plan your next day in the living room while you reheat a pizza in the microwave. A wholesome stay that gives you freedom to choose your comforts.


Holiday Apartments in Milan

Milan is where one can enjoy art, music, and fashion at its finest. Some famous sites are Duomo Di Milano, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Sforzesco Castle. With all the exploring, families would love a space that warmly welcomes them and their kids.


Our serviced apartments in Milan have lavish bedrooms, relaxing bathrooms, and modern kitchens. Our teams regularly review and update the abode according to fine global standards. 


Where to Stay in Milan

Milan has many exquisite places that offer a great experience of the city. Duomo Di Milano, the massive artwork building, is one of the best places to spend time if you are in Milan. Saint Mary Nascent is the largest Cathedral in Italy and is carved with 135 stones. Other places that should be on the must-visit list: 


  • Santa Maria Delle Grazie 
  • Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II 
  • Quadrilatero D'Oro
  • La Scala

The city has an excellent transport system as well. With our serviced apartments in Milan already placed strategically, one can quickly cover itineraries.


Facts about Milan

Milan has a historical aura. It has extraordinary fashion and culinary scenes. Some of the other hidden facts about Milan include: 

  • The city was found in 600 BC. Celtic Tribe created Milan. 
  • The former name of Milan was Mediolanon, which means "in the middle of the plain." 
  • A massive church, Milan Cathedral, took 500 years to construct. 
  • Duomo Di Milano holds more than 3400 statues, 135 gargoyles, and 700 figures. 


Cost of Living in Milan

As one of the most famous cities in Italy, the cost of living is relatively high. Travelers must be careful about spending their money. Everything including the food, drinks, and shopping is costly here. A solo traveler's average stay for 7 day trip to Milan is $2279. If you are going as a couple, the cost will be around $4093, and for a family of 4, it will be about $7673. Keeping some extras with you is always recommended to enjoy to the fullest. 


Tips for Visiting Milan

Milan can be a new place for travelers. The crowds and restaurants can overwhelm you. Here are a few hidden tips to note for a memorable stay: 


  • Gratuities are not needed here if you are dining in restaurants. The hourly wage for the servers is higher here. 
  • Plan to visit Leonardo da Vinci's, The Last Supper.
  • Do not order Cappuccino after lunch. Italians are convinced that drinking milk after supper will hamper digestion. 
  • Walk where ever possible. 


Things to do in Milan

Nightlife is excellent in Milan. The iconic restaurants and bars here have a live band with mouth-watering food. It is also the most visited city in Italy because of the quality of food and the architecture. Museums and Cathedrals are the heart of Milan and are among the most visited places. Another must-visit is the famous San Siro Stadium. It is a colossal football shrine that can accommodate 80000 people. 


Places to Eat in Milan

Milan has some of the most elaborate list of dishes worth trying. Some of them are Costoletta alla Milanese, Panettone, Michetta, Minestrone. You can get the flavor of these renowned dishes in the following restaurants in Milan: 


  • Ratana
  • Trattoria Trippa
  • Langosteria
  • La Martina


Street Food in Milan

Milan is famous for its variety of food and many rich street foods. Some pop street food venues with many cuisines near our serviced apartments in Milan are: 


  • DOT Chianti Street Food 
  • Street Food Betlemme
  • Bao House Taiwanese Street Food Milano. 


Shopping in Milan

Milan is famous for its high-end shopping streets. The fashion Quadrilateral is the most elegant shopping street. Some spots near our serviced apartments in Milan are: 


  • Corso Vittorio Emanuele II
  • Via Torino
  • Corso Buenos Aires


Transport in Milan

The best way to travel within Milan is by Azienda Trasporti Milanesi (ATM). This is the most efficient and inexpensive public transportation system. The system includes subway, buses, and trams. You can also check out Metered Taxis if you want to use some form of transportation. 


Weather in Milan

Milan experiences a humid subtropical type of climate. It has hot, humid summers and cold, foggy winters. The coldest month is December in Milan where temperatures go up to -30 degrees. The ideal month to enjoy Milan in April, May, September, and October with our serviced apartments in Milan awaiting you. 

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