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Milton Keynes Museum

With exhibitions and activities for every generation, you’ll be able to experience the history of Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas up close. From taking part in a WWII air raid, sitting in the prison docks or amongst other things, a pleasant day out is to be had by all. Be sure to check out what’s on before you arrive.

The Casino MK

Arguably the best casino in Milton Keynes, you’ll be able show off your poker face and kick back with a cocktail in the bar. This is a great night out with business colleagues and friends after a long week getting the deal put together. Not only can you roll the dice and try your luck, you can enjoy succulent food at the restaurant after getting a lucky seven. The perfect experience in Milton Keynes.

The National Museum of Computing

Just outside the city is Bletchley Park where the code breakers worked during WWII to break the codes sent by the enemy. Now it hosts the National Museum of Computing. Experience the history of how computers now dominate our world, with replicas of the first computer and old PCs from the 70s. A trip back in time and a fascinating day out, make some space in your busy schedule for this.

Emberton Country Park

With 200 acres of parkland and lakes for visitors to stroll and be enthralled by, this is perfect for a tranquil adventure after a long week. It is situated a short way from Milton Keynes and can be easily reached by public transport. Take appropriate footwear (for when the weather is wet) and the widest smile with you for when you arrive.

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