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Demand is always high for furnished apartments in Mountain View owing to the city’s status as a major technology and business hub along with drawing tourists in large numbers as well. Mountain View lies within California’s Santa Clara County and is named for the spectacular views of the Santa Cruz Mountains. It is the birthplace for the iconic Silicon Valley and home to numerous leading tech companies. Mountain View has headquarters of leading tech entities like Alphabet Inc. and Google, Mozilla Foundation and LinkedIn along with Samsung and Microsoft.

Our Top Furnished Apartments in Mountain View include:

Offering extra amenities like fully equipped kitchens and private access along with flat-screen televisions and high-speed Wi-Fi, these apartments are ideal stays for travelers in Mountain View, offering ample privacy and comfort. 

Benefits of Booking Mountain View Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments are swiftly becoming preferred accommodation options for travelers in Mountain View and why not? They offer better alternatives to rental units, providing more space, flexibility and privacy. They come with all aspects taken care of, namely maintenance and agency fees, bills, deposit, furnishings, bedding and other accessories. 

Some apartments even have provisions for gymnasiums and swimming pools while offering the best contemporary amenities. They are mostly located in close proximity to major public transportation facilities including metro and Underground stations, bus stops and major roads. 

Being serviced accommodation experts, we understand how guests need homes away from home when they visit Mountain View. To this end, we offer luxuriously furnished and plush accommodation with the best amenities and round the clock support and assistance. 

Corporate Housing Mountain View

Opting for corporate housing in Mountain View is a great option for corporate and business travelers looking for a plush and spacious place to stay in the city. These units offer strategic connectivity to major corporate and business destinations in Mountain View along with the best amenities and facilities like flat-screen televisions, high-speed Wi-Fi and fully equipped kitchens among others. 

Short Term Rentals in Mountain View

Short term rentals in Mountain View are ideal ways to stay comfortably in the city for a few days or even a week. Short term stays naturally become more enjoyable with the sheer space and privacy on offer at these apartments. These short term rental in Mountain View are well connected to key public transportation facilities and tourist destinations while offering the best amenities like flat-screen televisions and high-speed Wi-Fi among others.

Where to Stay in Mountain View

There are several good neighborhoods where you can stay in Mountain View. You can choose Old Mountain View for its family-friendly vibe while Cuesta Park is a plusher locality with detached homes. The Blossom Valley neighborhood is also preferred by tourists including its sub-localities like Blossom Valley Estates, Springer Meadows, Gest Ranch and Varsity Park. Cuernavaca is another popular locality for visitors to Mountain View.


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Things to know before booking serviced apartments in Mountain-view

There are over 3 serviced apartments in Mountain-View with more being added every day. In total, TheSqua.re has over 250,000 apartments across the globe that are waiting to be booked. Book Now .

The best 5 and 4 star serviced apartments in Mountain-View are High School Way. E El Camino Real. Church Street.

Prices start from £49 per night and increase from there. Bear in mind that the type of apartment and number of guest will affect the overall price. Book Now .

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Choose a part of Mountain-View you want to visit and search for the perfect stay for you using our easy search tool. Begin your search here .

Some of the apartment buildings in Mountain-View will offer bed and breakfast or gym membership, whereas others may provide them with an extra charge. The apartment listing will make that clear. Other services include airport pick-up, meet and greet and so much more. Book your stay here for the full TheSqua.re experience.

That depends on the policy of the apartment/building management. You may have to enquire first when making your booking in Mountain-View serviced apartments.

Serviced apartmentsMountain-View have all the features of home, are centrally located and have other astounding attributes that make them better than hotels, as covered here .

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More about Mountain view

Facts About Mountain View

Mountain View is a major city in Santa Clara County, California State. It is one of the key Silicon Valley cities and its birthplace. It houses several high-tech companies including headquarters of several global biggies.

Here are some more interesting facts about Mountain View:

  • William Shockley set up Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory at Mountain View in 1956, the first company to make silicon semiconductor devices in all of Silicon Valley. 
  • Mountain View is home to headquarters of numerous global technology majors like Alphabet Inc. and Google, Intuit, Mozilla Foundation, LinkedIn, Samsung, Microsoft, Synopsys and even the NASA Ames Research Center. 
  • The Mexican land grant was given in 1842 for Rancho Pastoria de las Borregas to Francisco Estrada by Juan Alvarado, Alta California Governor. This grant was passed on to Mariano Castro who sold half to Martin Murphy Jr. Ultimately, the previous land grant was developed into the cities of Sunnyvale and Mountain View. 
  • European-Americans settled in the San Francisco Bay’s southern shore after the acquisition of California by the United States. It became a key Fremont Township center prior to the first census for Santa Clara County in 1852. 
  • Notable resident Reverend Henry Merrill Henderson came here in 1852 with his family. He was the town’s first Baptist minister and later in the same year, Seligman Weilheimer and Samuel, his brother, came from Baden in Germany. They built the settlement’s first ever general merchandise store in 1856. William Bubb purchased 80 acres in 1851 for farming, becoming a town leader and dying here in the year 1864. 
  • The 1,000 acre Moffett Field Complex of the U.S. Navy was built post 1931, drawing numerous workers and economic growth. Post World War II, the population skyrocketed owing to regional electronics and aerospace industries flourishing in the area. 
  • The Moffett Field Naval Air Station functioned between 1929 and 1994 in Mountain View. This is now the NASA Ames Research Center. 
  • Mountain View was ranked at the 1st position in the U.S. in the list of Happiest Cities to Work in 2018 courtesy of CareerBliss rankings. 

Mountain View is one of the key economies and cities making up Silicon Valley with several leading companies headquartered here or with a sizable presence. As of 2018, leading entities like Mozilla and Google possessed headquarters in Mountain View itself. Along with aerospace and manufacturing, IT and technology are major economic growth drivers in Mountain View. 

Mountain View is near the San Jose International Airport and San Francisco International Airport along with the Oakland International Airport. The Moffett Federal Airfield lies northwards from Mountain View although it remains limited to military, Government and private usage. The general aviation airport that locals use nearby is the Palo Alto Airport of the Santa Clara County. 

Cost of Living in Mountain View 

Costs of meals at restaurants in Mountain View hover between $12-80 on average while one-way transportation tickets cost around $2.5-7. $100 is what a monthly transportation pass approximately costs while basic utility costs may stand at roughly $143.84 every month. Housing rentals range between $2,100-10,000 for units within and outside the City Center. 

Tips for Visiting Mountain View

Here are some fun tips for visiting Mountain View:

  • Do not miss out on taking selfies with the Google Android Lawn sculptures. The garden lies at 1981 Landings Drive. 
  • Taste the fabulous food and try restaurants at Castro Street, the biggest street food hub in Mountain View. 
  • You can also sign up for coffee tasting classes at the famous Red Rock Coffee which also has free Wi-Fi and ample power points alike. 
  • You should not miss shopping at the award-winning Farmer’s Market in Mountain View, particularly on Sunday mornings. Try the Bay Area for this purpose. 
  • Castro Street is also a hub for nightlife and clubbing into the wee hours. 

Things to Do in Mountain View

Mountain View has several things to do and other attractions. Here’s taking a look at some of them: 

1. What are popular things to do in Mountain View? 

Popular things to do in Mountain View include checking out the Computer History Museum, Mountain View Farmers Market, Google Android Lawn Statues, Stevens Creek Trail and the Moffett Field Historical Society Museum among other attractions.

2. What are some free things to do in Mountain View?

Free things to do in Mountain View include visiting the Stevens Creek Trail, Google Android Lawn Statues, NASA Ames Visitor Center, Mountain View Farmers Market, Bay Trail Hiking Trails, Shoreline Lake Boathouse and St. Stephens Green.

3. Does Mountain View have many romantic attractions?

Mountain View has numerous romantic attractions including the Cuesta Park, Stevens Creek Trail, Google Android Lawn Statues, Viandel Vineyard, Galloway Creek Nature Park, Alley Spring Grist Mill Historic Site and the Ozark Heritage Welcome Center.

4. What are family-friendly things to do in Mountain View?

Family-friendly things to do in Mountain View include the Google Android Lawn Statues, Cuesta Park, NASA Ames Visitor Center, Moffett Field Historical Society Museum and more.

5. What are unusual things to do in Mountain View? 

Unusual activities and attractions in Mountain View include Hangar One, the world’s biggest wind tunnel, Computer History Museum, Waymo Self-Driving Car Garage and more. 

Places to Visit in Mountain View

Here are some of the best places to visit in Mountain View:

  • Shoreline Park – Shoreline Park is the biggest park in Mountain View, originally built upon a landfill and running along the Bay northwards from the U.S. Route 101. It covers the Shoreline Amphitheater, Rengstorff House and Shoreline Golf Course that are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The San Francisco Bay Trail goes along the Shoreline Park. 
  • Stevens Creek – Stevens Creek goes through Mountain View towards the south while ending into the Bay at Shoreline Park. There are paved bicycle and pedestrian pathways and the trail goes alongside the creek for the whole stretch in Mountain View. It houses gray foxes, coyotes, butterflies, black-tailed deer, dragonflies and 150+ bird species as well. There are shorebirds here which feed in the mudflats and they can be viewed during low tide. 
  • Computer History Museum – The Computer History Museum is a fascinating attraction in Mountain View, housing the biggest and most iconic collection of computers and related artifacts worldwide. 
  • Moffett Field – This is a military-civil airfield lying between northern Sunnyvale and northern Mountain View in California. It houses the Air National Guard and has hangars for rigid airships and blimps alike. 
  • NASA Ames Research Center – The NASA Ames Research Center is a dedicated facility next to Moffett for research purpose and also has a visitor center cum gift store. 

Places to Eat in Mountain View

Mountain View visitors should not miss eating at Cascal, the local Spanish restaurant, that dishes out sumptuous food. It offers vibrant décor themes along with a fabulous ambiance. Enjoy the lip-smacking tapas and entrees here along with tasty cocktails. Steins Beer Garden & Restaurant is a classic American comfort food destination with lovely craft brews and cocktails alike. Try the Steins burger, fried chicken and waffles here. Off The Rails Brewing Co. is another top choice for tasty delights and locally crafted brew. Other top picks include Blue Line Pizza and Oren’s Hummus. 

Street Food in Mountain View 

Street food is abundantly available at Castro Street in Mountain View. Find some of the best options like Morocco’s restaurant, Sukoon for Indian treats, pan-Latin tapas delicacies at Cascal and also other Mongolian, Thai, Greek, fusion, Korean, French, Italian and Chinese delicacies galore! Bushido is the best bet for sushi while you will find fabulous ice creams and crepes at Castro Street as well. 

Shopping in Mountain View 

Top places to shop in Mountain View include the Foxworthy Shopping Center, Santa Clara Town Center, Bicycle Outfitter, Charleston Plaza, Midtown Shopping Center, Target, Marshalls, Kohl’s, Target, Costco, Walmart, Macy’s and others. 

Transportation in Mountain View

The Downtown Mountain View station is a key transit hub for the entire city, linking light rail, commuter rail, bus and private shuttle networks. The Caltrain commuter railway system runs here along with the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority transport network through several light rail and bus routes. The city has four stations upon the Orange Line VTA light rail network and there are employee shuttles run by several companies which stop at the Downtown Mountain View Station. The key airports nearby include the San Jose International Airport, Palo Alto Airport of Santa Clara County, San Francisco International Airport and the Oakland International Airport. 

Weather in Mountain View

Mountain has long and comfortable summers with short and cold winters. The best time to visit is between late June and late September.