Attractions in Andheri East

Powai Lake:

Powai Lake is known as one of the top attractions in Mumbai, particularly for city-dwellers looking to escape the ‘concrete jungle’ and enjoy some time with nature. This well-maintained lake is the perfect place to enjoy some peaceful time on the weekend or even one evening after work. With a number of walking or jogging routes and places to eat nearby, this picturesque area is incredibly popular with both locals and tourists.

Clue Hunt:

For a day out with a twist, visit Clue Hunt and test your quick thinking skills. Ideal for a work team-building day, or a day out with friends and family, Clue Hunt is one of the best attractions near Andheri East. The first escape game to exist in India, the company has built an excellent reputation for a fun activity in Mumbai. Each group is given 60 minutes to escape a locked room – providing a challenging, stimulating experience where working together is the key to success.

World of Bollywood Tours and Travel:

Get ready to learn about the world of Bollywood during this exciting and informative tour. The World of Bollywood Tour gives visitors the opportunity to explore some of the city’s famous Bollywood film studios. The tour also passes some Bollywood stars’ homes and there is often the opportunity to meet some of the actors themselves. With incredibly friendly, polite and knowledgeable tour guides, these tours are the best way to explore Mumbai’s Bollywood culture and history. For long-time Bollywood enthusiasts or curious newcomers to the genre, this tour will offer new and interesting information.

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