Places to eat in Andheri West

Indigo Delicatessen:

Indigo Delicatessen is a charming restaurant with a casual, comfort food menu. Known for its burgers and pizzas, it is one of the best restaurants in Mumbai for a pleasant meal with friends or family. The restaurant’s low lighting and sleek design make for a sophisticated atmosphere, with satisfying main dishes and delightful desserts proving to be a local favourite.


This fine dining restaurant is known as one of the best restaurants in Mumbai, and so it is no surprise that the brand has opened a number of branches in multiple locations across Mumbai. The Andheri West restaurant is one of the best places to eat in the neighbourhood, with fine Indian dishes and flavorful desserts pleasing local and tourist customers time and time again.

Moti Mahal Restaurant:

This casual restaurant has become popular due to its proximity to Andheri Station and its simple but reliable dishes. The restaurant offers a relaxed dining atmosphere, perfect for meeting up with friends. A number of its dishes have become incredibly popular across the city, in particular the chicken tikka biryani.


This modern and stylish restaurant is one of the best places to eat in Andheri West for vegetarians, as well as non-vegetarians who are interested in trying something different. It is one of the best restaurants in Andheri West for an inventive dish, with every meal presented beautifully by the talented chefs. Vedge also often offers live music and other entertainment, so be sure to visit their website for details on upcoming events.

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