Attractions Near Bandra

When it comes to attractions in Bandra and around Bandra, you’re definitely not short of things to do. Explore the region’s history on a historical tour of the villages of Bandra, or instead take in the colorful street art that now lines the walls of this very special Mumbai neighbourhood. Bandra marries old Bombay and fast-moving new Mumbai. It has steadfastly held on to beautiful basilica but has also made room for countless cafes, galleries and cool cultural centres popping up everywhere for the region’s swelling artistic crowd.

Bandra Villages Tour

The Bandra region is made up of tiny villages. Once the preserve of a community of East Indian fishermen and their families, Bandra has rapidly bloomed into a destination for Mumbai’s hipsters and in-the-know tourists that want to dip into real Indian youth culture. Stroll through the villages of Chuim, Pali, Ranwarand Chimbai and look out for signs of old meets new - the ideal way to get to know your new neighbourhood.

Bombay Art Society

An impressive contemporary structure in Bandra is home to the Bombay Art Society and countless contemporary art exhibitions that showcase the work of artists from Mumbai and occasionally, elsewhere. Head here for a dip into Bandra’s lively art scene and to rub shoulders with the trendy set.

Graffiti Strolling

Get into the artistic scene in Bandra and make your way through its streets to take in the various expressions of colour throughout the popping art stamped all over the area’s walls. This is new Mumbai and totally instagrammable.

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