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When it comes to attractions in Juhu and around Juhu, you’re definitely not short of things to do. Top on the attractions list is the beach, Juhu Chowpatty, which welcomes visitors for a sunbathe, fun and games on the weekend. Also in the area are the ISKCON Temple, which was home to the Hare Krishna movement. There’s plenty of attractions to lure you out of inner city Mumbai and into the Juhu neighbourhood, here’s just a couple of top attractions in Juhu to get you started.                      


Chanting emanates through the ISKCON temple on every day of the week, so come here if you’re needing to be lulled into a state of zen. Home to the Hare Krishna movement, this temple is decadent in its sprawling vastness. Roam the hallways and imagine a higher plane of spirituality on your weekend meanderings.

Juhu Beach

Take a walk on the sands at Juhu beach or take part in a cricket match. There’s always something going on in this pocket of Mumbai, so dive right into the action and ask to be introduced to the various happenings that pop up in and around Juhu Chowpatty.

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Right on the water, Juhu benefits from a number of 5* hotels that are incomparable for their levels Owing to its relaxed sea-side location, Juhu is home to some brilliant independent Indian boutiques and designer stores like Satya Paul, Millionaire, Masaba, Kimaya, and Ayamik. Window shopping along these areas is some of the best in Mumbai. If you’re looking for a more commercial shopping experience and are on the hunt for something in particular, then DB Mall or Amrapali Shopping Centre south of Juhu are your best options. Full of leading international retailers as well as a food court and entertainment  in each. of outstanding service. Sea Princess Hotel and Juhu Marriott both offer decadent surrounds and a pool to dip in when it gets a little too hot in the city. Enjoy.

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