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Serviced Accommodation in New York City

Staying in New York is a treat for any traveller. With its astounding skyscrapers, hordes of attractions and indulgent restaurants, the city of New York will never disappoint. However, before the city’s many travellers start their exploration, they need somewhere to stay. Fortunately, there are many accommodation options to consider in New York, with every neighbourhood delivering living spaces in all sorts of sizes for varying lengths of stays. With so much choice, any traveller can find the right place to stay in the Big Apple.

Furnished Apartments in New York

Arriving at accommodation that has very little to offer is a nightmare that no one wants. For travellers to avoid this, they should book one of NYC’s furnished apartments. Coming with the likes of a fully equipped kitchen, cosy furniture, TVs and a few more bits and pieces, they can feel like a real home as soon as a guest walks in from the airport or after a long day seeing Empire State Building or watching the next big hit on Broadway.

Serviced Apartments in New York

For true comfort and convenience, there are serviced apartments - elegant and stylishly furnished living spaces that everyone can fall in love and appropriate as a cosy base away from the hectic nature of the city. What makes them unique is that guests have full control over their stay, with a fully equipped kitchen to make meals and even the possibility of a gym membership to work out in the morning before the daily adventures and excitement begin. With all this and more, serviced apartments in New York are the way to go.

Corporate Housing in New York

Not everyone comes to New York for fun and leisure. Some come for the all-important business meetings, networking events and corporate talks that take their careers and companies to the next level. For times of the utmost professionalism, there are all options available in New York corporate housing that cater for the modern business traveller. All corporate living spaces have the usual amenities that business travellers require from ambient living and eating spaces to bedrooms where the perfect night’s sleep can be guaranteed for the important day ahead.

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Short Stay Apartments in New York

New York can be enjoyed for any length of time. From a long weekend to 7 days or 6 months, the city holds many treasures that can last as long as needs be. But for those who are only here for a short period of time, they not only need sights to see in a few days, but they need a short stay apartment in NYC that they can call home. Luckily for such travellers, there’s a great selection of fully furnished short term apartments in NYC that will make that long weekend away all the more relaxing and exciting.

Long Term Apartments in New York

Sometimes, New York needs to be experienced for weeks or months at a time. This can happen frequently for those working on a project in the city or if taking that much-needed sabbatical from work (or if they’re just lucky enough to have the funds and opportunity). Whatever the reason may be for the visit, long term furnished apartments are all over NYC, so guests can have the perfect base which will never grow dull and be suitable for their trip.

Short Term Apartments & Sublet Apartments in NYC

Shorter trips to New York are always an option for those that have a few short meetings to attend to or just want a quick getaway to somewhere extra special. A few days or 1 week, it doesn’t matter, as all of the fully furnished short term apartments in NYC come fully loaded with amenities that deliver the homely atmosphere that is required for those smaller, yet grandiose trips away.

Extended Stays in NYC

There are short trips but then there are the longer trips that take up a few weeks or even a few months. For those extended stay trips to the Big Apple, guests need that special place that is a holiday apartment in itself but can become a home in more ways than one. Those that desire a living space that has a fully equipped kitchen, flat screen TV, cosy and stylish furnishings, long term rentals are the top choice.

Moving to New York

Out of all the great ways to experience New York, living there full time is arguably the best way. While subway commutes to work will lose their flavour in the end, the atmosphere of the city, its magic and all the many highlights will make guests fall in love. Who wouldn’t want to live near Central Park or the Empire State Building? All this and more is available for those moving to New York. Luckily for them, there are many options to consider when it comes to New York accommodation, from 1 bedroom apartments to studios and furnished, luxury townhouses.

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Residential Areas of New York City

Furnished Apartments Manhattan

Manhattan is the part of New York that most know about. Consisting mainly of Manhattan Island, this is where the infamous landmarks all are and where everyone wants to stay, with Hudson, East and Harlem rivers providing scenic views all round. Within Manhattan there are many furnished apartments awaiting occupancy from eager travellers looking for their next adventure. Whether it’s the trendy area of Chelsea, the posh Upper East Street, the business end of the Financial District or the convenience of Midtown, Manhattan’s fully furnished apartments are in all the right areas and full to the brim of the amenities that all of NYC’s guests require to feel right at home.

Furnished Apartments Brooklyn

Arguably one of the hippest boroughs of New York City, Brooklyn is one of the top boroughs, aside from Manhattan, that travellers have to experience. Once an independent city in its own right, it is now the heart of technology startups and postmodern art. Aside from the history and the art, its guests can relax and chill in furnished apartments in Brooklyn that come with a hassle-free layout and luxury amenities - perfect after the long commute to work or adventure in the heart of Brooklyn.

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More Attractive Areas in New York City

Upper East Side Luxury Apartments

If there’s one part of Manhattan that can be called “posh” or “wealthy” it would be Upper East  Side. Full of the mega-rich and socialites, this is the side of NYC that can be seen in old films about high society. So, for travellers that want something that oozes comfort, from the stylishly decorated rooms to additional perks only available to those with 6-digit salaries, then this part of the city is more than ideal.

Midtown East Luxury Apartments

Those that want the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building in easy distance should book one of Midtown East’s luxury apartments. With 5th Avenue not far away and Grand Central Terminal offering robust connections around the city and much further, luxury can be attained both inside and outside the apartments. Plus, business travellers that have meetings with the city’s biggest advertising firms will find the neighbourhood to be more than convenient.

Midtown West Luxury Apartments

Also known as Hell’s Kitchen, there is more glamour and excitement than what the name itself suggests. There’s not much Hell around here, only a horde of tasteful restaurants and gorgeous views of the Hudson River. So when travellers choose Midtown West for luxury accommodation in New York, they have enough splendour outside as well as inside that can make their stay complete.

Chelsea Luxury Apartments

With a reputation as one of New York’s most trendy neighbourhoods, this is where the young and young at heart choose to stay for art galleries and the ever-appealing Chelsea Market. And then there are the elegantly furnished luxury apartments, full of the high-end furnishings and style that one would expect as well as a few additional features that can make the stay even more wholesome and everlasting

Midtown Luxury Apartments

The central portion of Manhattan is home to the likes of the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, the Hudson Yards Redevelopment Project, the headquarters of the United Nations, Grand Central Terminal, and Rockefeller Center, as well as Broadway and Times Square. Amongst all this astounding architecture are Midtown’s luxury apartments and all their elegant features. Bask and kick back in true luxury with the best of New York only a matter of steps away.

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Studio, 1, 2 and 3 Bedroom Apartments in New York City

1 Bedroom Apartments in New York

Guests all have their own requirements. The size of the group will quite often dictate what is needed. The lonely traveller or couple will find that the 1 bedroom apartments in New York are more than convenient. Fully equipped with homely comforts and a space where 1 or 2 people can roll out at the end of a long day seeing all the delights of the city, they are not to be missed.

2 Bedroom Apartments in New York

Small families or a few friends require a bit more space to navigate their adventure in New York. An extra bedroom, and living areas with a bit more space are exactly what such groups require. Alongside all the other usual amenities, small groups can have all they require to make their short or long stay in the Big Apple one to remember. So, at the end of a long day of museums and great food, the 2 bedroom apartments are the ideal base for small groups and families to relax and chill with no worries.

3 Bedroom Apartments in New York

For the times where 1 or 2 bedrooms may not be enough, there are 3 bedroom apartments. If a family has fighting children that refuse to share a room or if the small friends group has an extra member then these bigger yet convenient apartments should be near the top of their list. And as if the space and extra bedroom weren’t enough, all the usual features like a fully equipped kitchen, flat screen TV, Wi-Fi and stylish furnishings are all included to really sell that dream stay in New York.

4 Bedroom Apartments in NYC

But when there’s a huge group, or indeed a big family, making its way to New York, they need even more space and bedrooms. Crowded adventures don’t need to be crowded anymore thanks to New York’s 4 bedroom apartments. Each one has the space and facilities to cater for big groups looking to tour and explore the city en mass as opposed to solitary figures. And to be honest, New York is far more enjoyable as a big group, so make these the port of call for your trip.

Studio Apartments in NYC

Some of New York’s guests though want something a little more compact and interconnected. And that’s where studios take a step up onto the podium. With the sleeping, living and dining areas all connected on one floor, guests that choose the smaller way to explore the Big Apple will have all they need to get their morning off to a great start and their evenings attuned to the perfect tempo.

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Places to visit in New York

Aside from the obvious attractions in Manhattan, there are still other places to visit in New York that guests frequently forget about. Rather than just walking across the Brooklyn Bridge and back again, why not go further and walk around Brooklyn itself? Explore the trendy hub and all its many hipster cafes and hidden boutique stores - plus there are some excellent angles of the Brooklyn Bridge and river views. Aside from Brooklyn, the boroughs of Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island are noteworthy places to visit, showcasing even more of New York’s eclectic, diverse and compelling character.

Things to do in New York

Most travellers are already familiar with the attractions of New York but it’s best to go over them so not one of the delightful features are missed off any list. For starters, there are the likes of the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, The Empire State Building, American Museum of Natural History, Times Square and Broadway - the ones that everybody has heard of or seen on the silver screen. However, more time should be given to the not so obvious like the Rockefeller Plaza, Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration, Intrepid Air and Space Museum, and the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art.

Shopping in New York

After seeing all the attractions and indulging in all the top restaurants, New York’s many visitors will head to the famous shopping streets and malls. The obvious suggestions are 5th Avenue, Madison Avenue and Union Square - boutique and huge brands can be found there. But for those that like their shopping malls, they should try out Times Warner Center, Manhattan Mall, Queens Center Mall, Staten Island Mall and Newport Centre. A final addition would be the Macy’s department store in Herald Square that covers an entire block. Get lost in all the goods and luxury items. Fans of London’s Harrods will find another home here.

Transportation in New York

Getting around the city is easier than most think. Its transit culture, perfectly embodied by the New York subway, has made it one of the most energy efficient cities in the US due to the high rate of public use. The metro is quite simple to navigate when the notion of Uptown and Downtown are fully grasped, along with the different lines that operate on the network. The best way to describe it is to call it a bigger version of the London Overground. But, when New York’s guests don’t want to be squashed up next to others during rush hour, the infamous yellow cabs and their world-wise drivers can get them from place to place, with a few jokes and long chats along the way. Naturally, there are also the ferries, but these are more for show and adventure, not for daily travel use - unless guests really want to be original.


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