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NYC Furnished Rentals

Are you seeking furnished rentals in New York City? These units can actually be great options for enhancing your comfort and convenience during your stay. Furnished rentals are the best choices for stays ranging between a few days to even several months or if you’re currently relocating to NYC and need a place to call home for an extended period. With high rise options available too, there are many ways to experience the Big Apple.

We have a comprehensive portfolio of furnished rentals in the city that are centrally located and in close proximity to all major places of business, public transit facilities, places of interest and tourist attractions galore. Our reservations team is at hand to help you find the right rental and to ensure a hassle free booking. Experience maximum comfort and premium living during your time in NYC with our portfolio of furnished rentals. 

Some of the top furnished rentals in New York in our portfolio include the following:

Perfect for corporates, these are only some of the options that we have in terms of furnished rentals in the city. Within our apartment portfolio, you will find that all amenities are provided and that each apartment has a stylish design and a great central location that will complete any stay with us. From modern short term rentals in New York to long term accommodation, you can stay as long as you want.

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Amenities in Our Furnished Rentals in New York

Our furnished rentals in come with numerous amenities and facilities for guests. We know that every stay is different, yet each one needs to have the required amenities in there to ensure a perfect stay. That’s why we have gone out of our way to ensure that all apartments have everything that corporate and leisure guests need.

Some of them include the following: 

  • Central heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Wooden floors
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi 
  • Flat screen televisions 
  • Fully equipped kitchens
  • Onsite security                
  • 24-hour support
  • Secure elevator-key fob access 
  • Intercom system           

Amenities may vary from one apartment to another although every rental unit has its own signature charm for travelers. Some units may also come with additional onsite amenities like gymnasiums and fitness facilities, swimming pools, bars, cafes, restaurants, terraces, outdoor and indoor lounges/recreational areas, sauna and Jacuzzi facilities and even concierge services. It all depends upon the type of property, location and various other parameters. 

Cost of Our Furnished Rentals

If you’ve been fretting about the cost of furnished rentals, we have you covered! You can expect premier rental accommodation at pocket-friendly rates in NYC courtesy our extensive portfolio of options. We strive to ensure reasonable and fair prices to our guests in spite of peak seasons and other industry phenomena. You can also expect 24 hour support and assistance from our team to ensure maximum convenience and security during your stay. 

Best Clubs Near Our Furnished Rentals

Clubs in New York City are another phenomenon altogether! Step outside into the night and you’ll be surprised by the sheer variety of offerings across various parts of the city spanning its Manhattan, Chelsea, Brooklyn, Midtown and other neighborhoods. 

Here’s a look at some of the top picks:

  • 1Oak - A favorite jaunt for celebrities worldwide, 1Oak is where all the action is! One of New York City’s most exclusive and happening clubs, you can expect stylish and contemporary interiors inside (that is if you make it!) along with a wide selection of drinks and tantalizing music. 1Oak has earned a reputation for its trending after-parties and celebrity guests after mega events like the MTV Music Awards or Fashion Week. Party with the likes of hip hop star Jay-Z, Beyonce or even movie stars like Leonardo Di Caprio if you’re lucky! The name translates to One of a Kind which is truly apt, considering its hallowed position in NYC’s nightlife pecking order. 
  • Marquee - Marquee originally shuttered down in the year 2012 and was deemed to finally be over, shocking the NYC club circuit considerably. Marquee was one of the biggest and best in the city and the closure impacted partygoers badly. However, it was then decided that Marquee would take a final shot at transforming itself by completing a whopping $3.5 million renovation exercise covering the latest audio and lighting technology installations. Reborn in 2013 itself, Marquee has stood firm ever since. Men without female companions are usually not permitted entry at this exclusive club in West Chelsea while the interiors are stunning to say the least. The music is a mixture of underground house and commercial house on most days. 
  • Lavo Nightclub - A Midtown New York marvel, Lavo doubles up as a popular nightclub and elegant restaurant simultaneously. Famous for its in-house Italian restaurant on the upper level, Lavo has guests heading downwards to the premier club which has the latest lighting and audio equipment along with globally famous DJs churning out electro and house music galore! This is one of NYC’s best clubs without a shred of doubt! 
  • PHD - If it is amazing views that you are after during your weekend party jaunt, then think no further and head out to PHD. Pulsating parties take place each day of the week at this popular party hub with a fabulous rooftop bar of its own. It is more in sync with the classic New York club vibe with panoramic views of the Empire State Building and other landmarks. A hit with the hard-working folks down at Wall Street, PHD has tables looking over the glorious skyline of Manhattan along with a décor theme that fuses 80s penthouse glamour with contemporary New York chutzpah. 
  • Output - One of NYC’s most popular clubs for underground music, you can expect a rather low-key vibe along with fabulous music. Drinks are pretty competitively priced and there is absolutely no dress code. The venue remains busy throughout the year, particularly during summers when the rooftop terrace opens for the public. Dance, electronic, house- you name it and they play it!  

Along with Output, Brooklyn has witnessed a mushrooming of several party hotspots, particularly in Williamsburg which has become a fashionable suburb for younger crowds. Artists, creative performers, musicians, students and entrepreneurs live in converted warehouses and industrial buildings along the Williamsburg stretch which has innumerable pubs, restaurants, bars and party places along with trendy shopping and fashion stops as well. If you’re more into intimate lounging, check out the bevy of rooftop bars and lounges here in Williamsburg. They offer just the right amount of solitude and gorgeous ambiences that you need. A trip over the Williamsburg Bridge can definitely be worth it on the weekends or simply any day you wish to roll up your sleeves and party hard! 

Top Bars Near Our Furnished Rentals in New York

New York City is home to an avalanche of bars and pubs, each offering distinct styles, themes, drinks and specialties of their own. 

If you’re a serious bar hopper, here are some of the top picks in New York City that you should not miss. 

  • The Rum House - Situated in Midtown West and in the heart of the iconic Times Square (all the more reason to go!), The Rum House is nestled at the bottom of the well-known Edison Hotel. A classic place transformed by the good folks behind the popular Ward III cocktail bar in Tribeca, this joint witnesses a rather cool and sophisticated crowd. It is one of the best spots in Manhattan to simply relax with a cocktail in an attractive setting. 
  • Lantern’s Keep - Another Midtown West favorite, Lantern’s Keep is situated right off the Iroquois Hotel’s lobby. It is a fantastic spot for a drink in immensely elegant and civilized settings with private tables and reservation facilities available. Planning a date? Land a table here to really impress him/her! 
  • Pocket Bar - A compact yet irresistible bar with wine generously served on tap. This is not an elegant date joint (far from it really!) on 48th Street even though it is rather cool otherwise!
  • Beer Culture - The name itself is apt and lends itself towards magnanimous interpretations! Before you go any further, it suffices to say that the brews are as eclectic as the ambience! 
  • Ardesia - A useful Midtown bar for multifarious purposes (read meeting the folks, a sudden date, bingeing with colleagues), small plates and lovely wine in a non-fussy environment is just what people want (most times). The pocket-friendly prices, friendly staff and outdoor seating options make up the icing on the cake. 
  • Bill’s Bar & Burger - For drinks after work and lip-smacking menus, Bill’s Bar & Burger is the best place near the acclaimed Rockefeller Center. Visit and you’ll find out why! 
  • Valhalla - This beer bar is loud, unpredictable and charming in that order! Comprising 40 taps in western Midtown NYC, Valhalla is a rather mature version of places that are most likely situated in the East Village. Bar food is quite tempting as well! 
  • On the Rocks - Simply named and specializing in whiskey, this one should do well for a casual Friday or Saturday after work. It has an extensive selection of whiskey which should impress even serious connoisseurs. 
  • Faces & Names - A cool, classic and somewhat charming bar that is strategically located in Midtown. You’ll find it pretty convenient for sudden plans. 
  • Bar Centrale - Don’t let the rather Italian name fool you or the brownstone housing this hidden gem. Venture inside and you’ll see a quaint bar which is a great spot for pre or post-theater drinks. If you’re lucky, you’ll probably spot many acclaimed Broadway actors here too.
  • The Stag’s Head - The Stag’s Head is straight out of a classic friendship story, particularly owing to its location in Turtle Bay. This is more of a beer lover’s paradise with delicious craft beer on tap and a welcoming ambience overall. 
  • Hudson Malone - A sports bar like no other, Hudson Malone stands out for its chilled-out ambience. Watch games here in relative comfort and the food is actually lip-smacking to say the least! 
  • The [email protected] The William - A hip, fun and cool joint to be at, this British themed gastro-pub is snugly located between 39th and Madison, offering a wide selection of beverages and grub alike. If you’ve heard of the Jones Wood Foundry, the popular restaurant on Upper East Side, then you should know that this gastro-pub is the brainchild of the same team. 
  • The Ginger Man - Beer lovers ahoy! The Ginger Man is the ultimate place to find the best selection of beer in the city! One of the most calming pit-stops near the serene Bryant Park, this is an after-work hub for lawyers, finance guys and pretty much everyone else! There’s a prime Happy Hour at this joint while the comfy couches at the back have their own fan following. 
  • Parker & Quinn - A quintessential happy hour favorite, this restaurant at the Refinery Hotel offers classic décor themes with a large bar zone, smaller plates and flatbreads that help create the right ambience. 
  • McGee’s Pub - As Irish as it gets, McGee’s Pub is for that sense of nostalgia, space and famed hospitality from the highlands. Visit this one for a different taste and flavor (quite literally indeed)! 
  • The Wayfarer - A large sized restaurant at the corner of 6th and 57th, the Wayfarer is an ultra-comfy lounge cum bar with generously sized couches and decent views of the street. 
  • Rattle N Hum - A solid proposition for bar hoppers, the Rattle N Hum is one of the best hangouts for buddies, particularly after catching a game at Madison Square Garden. Craft beer is the specialty here along with surprisingly enticing snacks and bar food. 

These are but some of the plethora of charming bars and pubs spread across New York City. If you’ve got nothing else to do on a weekday night or an entire weekend to live it up in NYC, we recommend you hit the bar trail without further ado!