Attractions in Midtown East, New York

Midtown East is surrounded by iconic buildings and historic landmarks that will leave you spellbound. The popular attractions that you simply can’t miss in this district are as follows.

Times Square

Experience the immense energy & excitement of New York at Times Square, which is the heart of Midtown. Surrounded and decorated by bright neon lights, massive billboards, Broadway theatres, electronic ticker tape and television studios, the place looks amazingly chic at night.

Empire State Building

Empire State Building is an iconic skyscraper and a prominent landmark in New York. Built in 1931, this 102 storey stunning building provides panoramic 360° views of New York City from its 86th or 102nd floor observatory and the building witnesses 3.6 million visitors every year. The building is lit in different colours every night and gets special lights for special occasions such as red, pink and white for Valentine's Day; lavender for Pride Week; green for St. Patrick's Day.

Madison Square Garden

Located between 31st and 33rd streets on Seventh Avenue, Madison Square Garden is world known due to its family functions and theatrical shows, meetings, award ceremonies and religious conferences, to name a few. There’s something to enjoy here every day with regular performances from various famous artists.

Rockefeller Centre

Spread across a 22acre area, Rockfeller Centre has a complex of stores, open space and commercial offices. The area is popular for its astonishing Christmas tree lighting and ice-skating rink. Get up to the 70 storey observation deck to enjoy the amazing views of the city. At the NBC store, you can buy souvenirs and DVDs from hit TV shows.

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