Attractions in Murray Hill, New York

Empire State Building

Honestly, one of the biggest reasons why you should visit Murray Hill is to see The Empire State Building.

The Empire State Building is an Art Deco monument to symbolise New York City. The cinematic resume of the building has been shown in more than 250 movies. Needless to say, this monument is a fixture of popular imagination.

The 103-story limestone giant was built in the year 1931 after approximately 13 months of construction. The 86th-floor observatory is at a height of 1050 feet and is both a glass-enclosed area and an outdoor deck. The view of the city from the 86th-floor deck is stunning and for even more, head to the 102nd-floor and you will be totally smitten by the view.

Morgan Library and Museum

Gathered by John Pierpont Morgan, the treasures inside this museum are simply exceptional. It contains illuminated manuscripts, drawings and prints, rare books, and autographed manuscripts.

The library shop is located within an 1852 Italianate brownstone. This used to be the home of Morgan's son, J. P. Morgan Jr.

Curry Hill

Curry Hill is a sweet-smelling cluster of Indian restaurants. It is one of the most exciting dining destinations of the city. You can find approximately 25 Indian restaurants around Lexington Avenue between 26th and 28th streets. You will find a wide range of culinary delights such as curry, spinach dishes, potato-and-beet fritters and meat or veggie filling wrapped in flatbread.

  1. Atman Building and Koreatown are a few more sights in the area.
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