Places to shop in Northampton

The Grosvenor Shopping Centre

With over 59 stores and famous brands like HMV, Burton, Disney and Vodafone, The Grosvenor Shopping Centre is the place to go for all your shopping needs. You’ll be spoilt for choice and won’t want to leave. Featuring retail shops and restaurants, a great day out is yours to be had after a hard week.

Weston Favell Shopping Centre

Similar to The Grosvenor, Weston Favell houses other great brands like Game, Tesco, EE, and independent stores. Despite its greater distance than The Grosvenor it is still a worthwhile trip if you can’t find everything you need or simply want to check out what you’re missing.

Saint James Retail Park

Specialising in homeware and clothing stores, this retail park has all the other additional features you may need on your trip away. It’s easy to get to and can be a quiet place for a coffee or for a casual walk round.

Market Square

Dating back to 1235, this is one of the UK’s oldest and largest market squares. With a range of goods and foods on sale, this a shopping experience like no other. Not only are you walking through a tight-knit community trading with each other but you’re also passing through history, all the way back to when Henry III forbade goods to be sold in the All Saints Church.

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