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Paris is one of the major centers of commerce, finance, diplomacy, and fashion. At Thesqua. re we make sure that you don’t have to think twice before planning on staying at our serviced apartment. Serviced apartment Canal Saint-Martin provide our guests with everything that they might need during their stay in Paris. Our serviced apartments provide city views and other amenities thus attracting tourists worldwide.


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Each of these serviced apartments Canal Saint-Martin is elegantly designed. They offer ample space, privacy, and flexibility along with the best amenities. These are large and spacious. Bedrooms with modular kitchens, high-speed wi-fi, and flat-screen televisions give a luxurious touch. these apartments also provide concierge services, private access, and room cleaning. The bathroom is pretty luxurious, fitted with smart appliances. It also provides laundry facilities and is equipped with all basic toiletries. We take care of everything. for example deposits, maintenance costs, agency fees, bills, bedding, furniture, appliances, and accessories. Thus our serviced apartments are perfect for business travel, leisure, and corporate stays.


Where to stay in Canal Saint-Martin 

Staying in these apartments could be one of the best options for Persians and Tourists. This is because it facilitates cruising on this canal in passenger boats. Some watch the barges while other boats navigate a series of locks. These boats pass under the cast-iron footbridges. Besides, there are many popular bars and restaurants along the side of the canal. One can access Stalingrad, Republique, Goncourt, Jacques Bonsergent metro stations from these vacation rental apartments in Paris.

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Facts about Canal Saint-Martin 

  • One of the major tourist attractions in Paris, the Canal Saint-Martin is 4.6 km long. This connects the Canal de L'Ourcq to the river Seine.
  • History says Gaspard de Chabrol proposed building this canal. The canal would supply fresh water to the city. This would support a growing population in avoiding diseases like cholera and dysentery.
  • In 1802, Napoleon I ordered the construction of this canal. In 1825 the construction took place funded by a new tax on wine.
  • This canal was also used to supply building materials, grains, and other goods to Paris. Canal boats carried these goods.
  • Today, passenger boats are there in the canal for site seeing. this makes it a popular destination for tourists and Persians.
  • This canal also inspired many painters such as Alfred Sisley(1839-1899).
  • The novel Maigret and the Headless Corpse by Georges Simenon is set in and around this canal.


Weather in Canal Saint-Martin 

In Canal Saint-Martin the climate is continental. The summers are partly cloudy, short, and comfortable. Temperature ranges from 13 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius. The winters are cloudy, cold, and windy with temperatures 1 degree Celsius to 7 degrees Celsius. Winter is also marked by heavy rainfall and sometimes snow.