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Facts about La Defense Paris

A major business city within 3 kilometers from Paris. Booking your vacation or business trip here with some exciting facts will enhance your thrill of visiting so some of them are: 

  • It is Europe's largest business district with coverage of 560 hectares, 180000 daily workers, 72 steel and glass buildings. 
  • Large shopping mall complex Les Quatre Temps is located here. The mall constitute of 220 stores, 24 movie theatres, and 48 restaurants. 
  • More than half of the tourists visit La Defense to enjoy the modern skyscrapers and often referred to as “Manhattan on the River Seine.”
  • It sits on the outskirts of Paris because authorities wanted to preserve the homogeneity of the center of Paris. 

Weather at La Defense Paris

The weather at La Defense Paris is influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. The temperature is quite cold but isn’t freezing. Summers are warm and sunny here but it has continental characteristics too. A self catering apartment in Paris La Defense got it all for you with multiple abodes options in multiple locations of La Defense Paris. June, May, and January are the busiest months to visit.