Places to Eat in Marais

Marais attractsa huge number of tourists every year not only for its stunning attractions but also for the excellent selection to dine in and shop. You will get to explore some outstanding food and wine options in the fashionable streets of Marais.

La Belle Hortense

A beautiful classic wine Bar, La Belle’s walls are decked up with bottles and books, including rare volumes, new releases, independent poetry and classic collections. Enjoy a peaceful and relaxed time here with your friends after a long day with a glass of the exotic selection of wine.


This cute little shop is a new spot for pastry lovers. Pastries or patisserie are very popular here, specifically the ones cooked by Lauren Koumetz, a former pupil of Christophe Michalak. Opened in 2011, Popelini offers patisseries in flavours like dark chocolate, lemon praline, salted butter caramel, Madagascar vanilla and raspberry.

Breizh Café

Try some of the exotic, seasonal specials in this cafe. You will surely like the meals with briny oysters and a salted butter caramel crêpe. To make your meals more interesting, sip artisanal hard ciders with the meal. This cafe is luxury yet affordable but make sure you remember to reserve your table in advance.


To explore some outstanding authentic Italian food in Le Marais, Baffo is the restaurant to visit. The food is cooked by Chef Fabien Zannier, who uses fresh produce that comes from Brittany and Aligre market in the adjoining Bastille district. The good thing about the restaurant is that the menu changes every few days but few favourites like black truffle risotto, mashed purple potato with Gorgonzola or Baffo’s tiramisu remain the same.

Pamela Popo

You will get a warm welcome by the friendly staff in this beautifully decorated restaurant. Inspired by vintage decor, the cafe has huge bookshelves of memorabilia, a set of velveteen-covered chairs and a vintage Peugeot 404. Try traditional and inventive cuisines like duck filets served with pears and mushroom ravioli. Finish your meal with delicious desserts like warm chocolate tart with white chocolate shavings.

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